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Monday, May 6, 2013

My new YEROC Equatorial Collection has now launched WORLDWIDE!

Luxury Eyewear Company YEROC Undrapes Their 2013 “Equatorial” Collection


Contact: Stephanie Carnegie
Phone: 718.954.2697 

(May 6, 2013- New York, NY) Luxury eyewear company YEROC undrapes their 2013 Equatorial Collection. This luxuriant and elite collection showcases YEROC’s international reign around the globe, taking the crème de la crème of fashion on a world tour around the equator. The Equatorial collection expresses an entrancing and glamorous life through the lenses of opulent, exquisite sunglasses.

YEROC eyewear is quickly becoming the eminent industry leader in the fashion optical world due to their consistent commitment to fine quality, exotic designs, mass celebrity appeal and unprecedented price points.

The Equatorial Collection – “Worldwide”

About YEROC:

Under the direction of Founder and Celebrity Designer Corey Woods, YEROC is known to create exciting fresh new eyeglass and sunglass styles and colors. YEROC eyewear has graced the faces of such celebrities as Kim Kardashian, Kimora Lee Simmons, Amber Rose, Loren Ridinger, P.Diddy, Lori Greiner, Kanye West, Pitbull, Jamie Foxx, Christina Milian, Soulja Boy, Beyoncé and much more.

For more information about YEROC 
To view the Equatorial collection

Carnegie PR is a full service public relations and consulting firm. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the highest quality of visibility through innovative, niche driven, target specific public relations and marketing campaigns. Carnegie PR is a full service public relations agency that maintains practice areas in consumer, technology, corporate communications, health and wellness, lifestyle, fashion, social media, and entertainment.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

VONBOOZIER your life with my sensuos and sexy giveaway with the fabulous @vonbooziertwins

Thank you to all of my lovely readers who continue to support all my brands. This is exactly why I like to give back to you whenever I can hail the available chance. I am elated to present to you with a giveaway from the fabulous and 2 pairs of my luxury YEROC eyewear.

Here is a little bit about these exceptional twins:

The - are New York City’s newest sensation! Antoine’ and Andre’ are multi-talented bursting with style and charisma and have a great passion for the entertainment industry. The twins’ professional career began with their sultry voice singing on platforms with A-list Gospel and R&B recording artists. The Von Boozier Twins’ resume credits stem from television, film, and print modeling in which they achieved national success.

The Von Boozier Twins have appeared on numerous television shows, and movies such as “Law & Order”, “Without A Trace”, “CSI NY”, “Ugly Betty” “Lip Stick Jungle”, “SALT”, “Life On Mars” “Castle”, “Kings”, “Rebound”, “HBO’s Royal Pains” “The Good Wife” and “Cupid”. The Von Boozier Twins’ successful career led them to perform with recording artists such as, Cissy Houston, Lil Mo, EnVouge, Kelly Price, Hezekiah Walker, Vickie Winans, Smokie Norful, Kenton Rogers and more…

Lead by the “dual” The Von Boozier Twins have worked with notable celebrities such as Ice T & Coco, recording artist Faith Evans, Celebrity Vocal Guru Ankh Ra of MTVs Making The Band, and Fashion Designer Epperson Rod of Lifetime's Project Runway. The firm also represented actors Bern Nadette Stanis of Good Times and Gary Sturgis of Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls and Diary of a Mad Black Women as well as recording artists Lil Mo, Lil Mama, and more...

In 2010, The Von Boozier Twins, launched their image as fashion and entertainment celebrity publicists, which added shine to NYC’s Public Relations Industry. The dynamic identical twins, specialize in marketing and public relations support services including media relations, image management, media kit development, and private and corporate events planning.

In 2012, The Von Boozier Twins reached another milestone - as entrepreneurs. They introduced their {LIMITED EDITION} Premium Signature Lux Candle Collection worldwide. The collection has gained an inconceivable reputation among A-list celebrities.

The are always in search of a collaboration to introduce their successful flavor and style. The Von Boozier Twins motto is: Whatever you do, be unique, put your personality into it...and make it work!

 Win all four of these fabulous items now and if you don't, don't FRET, the VonBoozier Twins are hosting a March Madness sale on their website, stock up on your candles today:

And now without further ado, you have over 50 chances to win:

Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Black Friday and Cyber Monday Flyer!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I am excited to offer My Outstanding Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals to you

I love giving you guys outstanding values and deals. My exclusive Black Friday and Cyber Monday events on all of my sites will offer this:

Black Friday

-Selected pairs of YEROC by Corey Woods eyewear will be 50% off .
-ALL YEROC by Corey Woods eyewear (including the new collection) will be 50% off during the last 5 minutes of Black Friday.
-ALL YER by YEROC eyewear will be buy two, get two free during Black Friday.
-Free Shipping
-No Taxes

Cyber Monday
-Selected pairs of YEROC by Corey Woods eyewear will be 50% off .
-A free piece of YEROC by Corey Woods Jewelry Co. will be included in all YEROC orders.
- A free piece of YER by YEROC Jewelry Co. will be included in all YER by YEROC orders
-Free Shipping
-No Taxes

Monday, November 5, 2012

Enter to win my $2500 YEROC Giveaway with Clothing Designer GUAPSKE: Meet Mr. & Mrs. GUAPSKE YEROC

As you all know, I love offering FREE fabulous things to my readers and supporters. I am pleased to offer you my riveting $2500 giveaway with one of my favorites: Mike aka Mr. Culture of GUAPSKE Clothing Co.

You have 20 chances to win 1 of 6 fabulous prizes. Enter below: 

Monday, October 29, 2012

My new YEROC "Corey Corey Collection" has launched!

Luxury Eyewear Company Yeroc Unveils Their Spring 2013 “Corey Corey” Collection

Contact: Anje Collins
Phone: 786.566.2870

(October 29, 2012- New York, NY) Luxury eyewear company Yeroc unveils their 2013 Corey Corey Collection.  This  finely crafted exclusive collection puts emphasis on intricate temple details unusual color combinations, confirming the creativity and boldness of the Yeroc brand.

The Corey Corey collection breathes life into its smart, dynamic sunglasses collection by its authentic luxury.

Yeroc eyewear is quickly becoming an industry leader in the fashion optical world due to their consistent commitment to high quality, on-trend designs and unprecedented price points.

The Corey Corey collection is a synergy of fashion and creates a solid foundation for Yeroc’s success.

About Yeroc:

Under the direction of Founder Corey Woods, Yeroc is known to create exciting fresh new eyeglass and sunglass styles and colors. Yeroc eyewear has graced the faces of such celebrities as Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Christina Milian, Soulja Boy,  Beyoncé and more.

For more information about Yeroc 

The Luxe PR Group is a boutique fashion, beauty and lifestyle PR agency specializing in strategic PR solutions that guarantee increased visibility about a brand, product, event or person. Because every imitative has a exclusive goal, we work closely with our clients to create signified packages that ensure fantastic results.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

5 Bombastic Ways to Brand Yourself

In today's business community there's a relatively new term for entrepreneurs who are sole practitioners, it's "solepreneur". There seems to be a struggle for many solopreneurs around whether or not to brand themselves, their businesses or both. If you are in business and you are a solo practitioner meaning it's just you managing your enterprise and providing a product or service to your clientele single-handedly, then you will want to read on to find solutions about how you can brand yourself and your business at the same time.

My perspective on branding as it relates to sole entrepreneurship is this: first and foremost what you are marketing above all is you. You are the brand. Whether it is a product that you have personally created or service that you personally offer, your clients are buying you first. When you offer a consultation, you are the facilitator. When you offer a product you are the creator. It all starts with you. Therefore, you have to get very comfortable with putting yourself out there in a bigger way. Check out my list of 5 easy steps to brand both you and your business in a very effective magnetic way.

1. Sell Yourself. I know, you're thinking, "I don't want to sell myself... that's sleazy!" Allow me to put your mind at ease. You can sell yourself and your company by selling your brand story. How did your company get started? People want to know your personal story as well. What have you accomplished? Quite simply, what's your story? Your target market or unique niche, must feel the power of the know-like-trust factor before they buy from you. People want to do business with someone they feel genuinely cares about them and their situation. Most importantly, people have to be convinced that they will be better off after hiring you or buying whatever it is you are selling. So the most important way that you can sell yourself is to position yourself as the solution to the problem or challenge that your ideal prospects or clients are facing. If you educate the people in your target market about a subject that matters to them, you have instantly created value. This value will place you above others in your industry as long as you are consistent.

2. Create a Niche. Identifying a specific segment of your target market is going to help you brand yourself and your business. This segment will become your niche and your focus. Figure out who your unique audience is... these are the people in your tribe who you are best suited to help. What are their characteristics? What do they want or need more than anything? In order to attract your target market or niche, you have to be able to relate to them - to their needs, concerns, challenges, goals and frustrations. Make certain that you communicate using key words of the language that they understand. Quite simply, talk their talk. Draw them to you by using compelling marketing messages that engage them and intrigue them. You must connect on du0 dimensional basis both intellectually and emotionally. Remember people buy based on their emotions and then justify the expense with their intellect.

3. Solve Problems. The people in your unique tribe have problems and challenges. These are the people in your target market that you are the most gifted to serve. They are looking for answers. They are looking for you. Once you have identified a central problem or area of concern held by most people in your niche or tribe, it's up to you to come up with a solution for them. You must brand yourself as the expert or problem solver for a specific area of need. Branding yourself and your business as the champion of this particular area of concern will set you above the pack and help you to stand out. Not only will you stand out, but your audience will have no choice but to sit up and take notice.

4. Provide value. After you have identified your unique tribe or niche within your target market, you must consistently offer them value that they are not getting anywhere else. In marketing to your unique tribe you must provide loads of content. You must teach them what they don't know, that they don't know. You will need to constantly provide a lot of content and information relevant to that niche. Can you imagine spending a lot of time marketing something you're not passionate about? How authentic do you think you will be if you can't relate to your niche and don't have real knowledge of that niche? To brand yourself authentically, you have to be able to genuinely connect with your unique tribe and have something valuable to contribute to them.

5. Promote a Polished Image. An important part of building your brand is your image. Your brand image is comprised of several different components including your business, your logo, your business cards and your tag-line, etc. It's important to use the same message across all platforms to communicate to your unique niche. It's important to keep in mind that each platform piece has a slightly different design element that needs to be addressed in order to maximize the professional brand image you're creating. Make sure that your image is consistent in design, color and overall appearance.

Finally, if you will address all five simple steps outlined above, you will have completed the most critical components of how to successfully brand yourself and your business at the same time. Remember the most effective branding should resonate with your unique niche as authentic, brilliant and memorable.

The 10 Electric Elements of a Comprehensive Brand Identity, and How to Use Them to Your Business Advantage

The use of brand identities have evolved over the years with corporate organizations adorning their various office complexes, products packaging and other marketing collateral with aesthetic logos and designs.

The proliferation of brand identities is nothing new. Their use stems from the need to help existing and potential customers differentiate a particular organization's brand from that of another. Wikipedia notes that, "Branding began as a way to tell one person's cattle from another by means of a hot iron stamp... with origins in ancient times." What then is new about corporate identities? What's new is the sophistication that today's brand managers have incorporate into their identities; and how many organizations are positioning their brands in order to remain relevant in today's competitive marketplace.

Brand identities have increasingly grown in importance and relevance that marketing professionals cannot afford to overlook its potential. An effective brand identity possesses two unique powers - recognition and differentiation. First and foremost, brand identities help an organization's target audience "recognize" a brand among several competing brands. The recognition attribute activates our sensory organs to identify with a particular brand.

General observation shows that customers are usually favorably disposed to a brand whose identity can be easily recognized. Hence, more and more organizations continue to strategize on improving their brand identities in order to help their target audience recognize them quicker and easier too than others.

Second, brands have the power to "differentiate" themselves from those of similar competing ones. 
What differentiates various mobile phone manufacturers is their brand identity - Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, Blackberry, Apple, and Techno. Brand identities help customers to distinguish a particular product, service or business from that of another.
It is a paradox and alarming the fact that brand managers have largely failed to realize that the brand identity contest is more than just having compelling logos and designs on some packaging, stationery, company vehicle and signage! The author believes that there are at least ten unique elements that constitute a comprehensive and top-notch identity system. An understanding and correct application of these elements will help you beat corporate obscurity pants down and position your brand for long-term success.

Brand Identity and the Logo
Just as a person's personality goes beyond his/her name, a brand identity extends beyond the corporate logo which most graphic designers and company executives have erroneously and solely ascribe as their corporate or brand identity. This failure, however, permeates through and rubs off on the entire organization; and limits the prosperity of such brands.

Successful brands are compelling, well-positioned, marketable and above all, comprehensive. They extend beyond just their brand names and logos. Without sentiments, just a few Nigerian brands come to mind in this category - GTB, Cadbury, Glo (and the rest of the GSM network providers), Unilever, Indomie, Vitafoam, Fan Milk, and UAC (you may complete the list).

1. THE BRAND NAME - the brand name is what your brand is called. It identifies a product or service and the organization behind it. The name is the commonest element and starting point of a brand identity system. Customers spontaneously relate with a brand name easily more than any of the other brand identity elements. Smart companies give their brand names the most professional attention it deserves.

2. THE LOGO - a symbol, sign or an emblem that depicts the visual image of your business. It identifies your business in its simplest form. In a world where visuals are more appealing, it pays to have a visual frame of reference.

3. THE BRAND COLORS - brand colours are an effective way to connect with your audience in an emotional way. The most prominent brands are defined by their colour. Think of GTB's dominant Orange; MTN's yellow; Facebook's blue; and GLO's green.

4. TYPEFACE (OR FONT) - a typeface is a set of characters that share common design features. Compelling brands are consistent in the use of typeface on every business stationery, and in every business communication including advertising. There are hundreds of typefaces to choose from - Arial, Garamond, Calibri, etc.

5. THE OFFICE AMBIENCE - Grossly ignored by many, the office ambience tells more of the type of organization a client or customer is dealing with. It is very important to have a lively and at the same time professional work environment. Did you know that office setting and furniture like chairs and desks have a lot to do with the kind of environment prevailing in the office?

6. THE CORPORATE TONE - the corporate tone is very important in molding your audience's perception of the kind of brand that you are. A tone is an attitude or emotion towards the subject and the reader or listener. Successful brands know that the corporate tone must be courteous and professional at all times; and must convey strength and confidence at all times.

7. THE POSITIONING STATEMENT - a positioning statement is a very short descriptive summary of how an organization or individual wants to be perceived, usually in about 6 to 15 words. Brand positioning is about recognizing a niche for your business and constantly communicating it.

8. THE BRAND PACKAGING - the saying, "how you look will have a lot to do with how people perceive you," also come to play in brand packaging. Most of us have bought products at one time or the other for just the reason of a compelling packaging. Packaging is designed to capture a customer's attention and it can directly effect whether they buy the product or not. Innovation and creativity come into play when it comes to packaging.

9. THE CORPORATE DRESS CODE - Businesses of all sizes typically adopt a dress code to help guide employee decisions related to proper appearance and attire for the workplace. The corporate dress code could be something from corporate dress, business casuals, to uniforms. Some organizations may allow employees to wear casual clothes on Fridays or during special occasions, while enforcing the corporate dress code during the majority of workdays.

10. THE BRAND'S INTERNAL SYSTEMS (Substance) - to succeed, a product and service need both positioning and substance. Media firms have brilliantly positioned products and services only to see them die because they didn't align with consumer expectation. If you are a First Bank, and you position yourself as "Truly the first", your bank products and services should reflect commitment to excellence and innovation. If your substance and positioning are not in sync, you will eventually get out of business or you will have to change your content, positioning or both.

Some Sensational Twitter Tips to Get Your Brand Noticed

Twitter has truly become one of the biggest and most influential social networks of the day. The micro-blogging platform plays host to all manner of tweeters from prominent politicians and celebrities to industry influencers and regular Joes - all participating in a vast and ongoing conversation. Many brands still regard Twitter as a tricky social network, it's a unique social network with its own lingo and users who are not afraid to tweet their mind. However, despite its intimidating façade, Twitter can be a great place to interact with consumers and to establish a strong online brand presence. One of Twitter's biggest challenges is 'getting noticed' amidst the clamour of thousands of tweets on users' feeds. Here are a few tips to help your brand stand out in the Twitterverse.

Profile that looks professional

Your brand's profile page needs to look both professional and visually pleasing. Be sure to use a profile picture that clearly features your brand's logo and make sure that any other visual material such as a customized background correlates with your brand's visual identity. Your Twitter handle should also be easily recognizable -short and simple works best here.

Contrast and stand out

Standing out in a community as vast as Twitter can be a challenge, but small tweaks can help to get your tweets noticed. This could include playing with the lengths and styles of your tweets or even using a series of tweets to communicate rather just one.

Indirect mention

Being on Twitter is all about joining a global conversation, but it must be said that a lot of the traffic on Twitter is produced by those considered influencers; bloggers, journalists and the like. While many brands try to get noticed by these influencers by tweeting 'at' or retweeting them, a more subtle approach actually works better and will help you to stand out. Mention content created by an influencer and mention them indirectly rather than interacting with them. They will still be notified of your mention, but will not feel like they are being addressed by a brand - which for some can feel a little intrusive.

Ask for help and help others

Twoogling - the act of asking a question on Twitter in the same way that you would present a problem to search engine Google is not just a fad, it's a great way to get attention from a range of users. Don't be afraid to ask for the guidance or opinions of your community - social media is based on interaction while it also helps your followers to feel valued when they do help you solve a problem or grant insight. Return the favour by also making yourself available to answer questions that users 'Twoogle'.

Share the latest content

Twitter is a dynamic and fast paced platform where the hottest news and content take centre stage. Make sure that your brand is not only creating content that is relevant but also sharing that content as well as content from other sources that is fresh and hot off the press. In the internet age, stories and memes reach their expiration date quickly - always share hot new content.

8 Terrific Tips for Using Pinterest for Business

Decide If It's Right for Your Business-

 Before you invest time and effort into creating a Pinterest account and formatting pins, you have to make sure your business is compatible with this new social media craze. Pinterest is all about visuals and things that look good; can your business be promoted through pictures alone? Is your product visually appealing so that you can connect with the proper demographic? Before you put manpower into building your presence on Pinterest, asses how well your product will be viewed by users, and if it will in fact make you money.

Spend the Time

 Before you jump right into pinning and hoping for re-pins, you should really focus on planning and taking the time to set up your account properly. Think about what you will be using Pinterest for, and create the name and logo that fits with what you're trying to accomplish. Include keywords in your description, and include links to your website, as well as other social media sites, on your profile. If you have an online blog, or other social media profiles, install a "Pin It" and "Follow Me" button to engage customers.

Create Simple Content

 Pinterest is great because of its incredibly easy interface that pretty much anyone can use. The aesthetics of the website are clean and simple, with pictures that are all mostly the same size. Make sure you are creating content that is unique to Pinterst, so customers can't find the same exact thing on Twitter or Facebook, and be sure to use interesting, recognizable and clear images with a simple description, and link back to your website. Eye popping photos and dynamic shapes will spark interest in Pinterest users and potential customers.

Know What Your Customers Want

If you have done research and have asses the type of customers you want to attract with your Pinterest account, you must then create pins and boards that will appeal to them. A lot of Pinterest users go on the site to either find ways to spend less money on certain products, or find interesting things that appeal to them. Create content, and re-pin other content that will appeal to the lifestyle and general needs of your customers. Tell a story in each board, and promote your product subtly through your content. Rather than just promoting your brand by pinning your own products, show your customers that you understand them and can reach them by categorizing certain pins and boards into categories that they would like and can use.

Be a Social Member of the Pinterest Community

 Avoid posting pins that only have to with your own product or brand. Don't come off as a self-serving Pinterest user, but rather re-pin other pins, comment and like other pins, track re-pins from your site, say thank-you for re-pins of your own items, follow other users, and continue to engage in the social media community you build. You can also take a look at the most re-pinned and visited Pinterest members, and learn what they're doing right. Showcase the lifestyle behind your business by pinning things that interest you, as well as pinning things from other businesses in your industry.

Promote Creatively

 Aside from choosing interesting images, and writing informational and amusing content, there are plenty of ways that you can use Pinterest to be creative in promoting your business. You can use a call to action or even promote a competition to engage users and customers. You can then encourage others on Pinterest to write back on your pins or post about your products and calls to action. Being different and unique on Pinterest will gain enthusiastic customers as well as allow you to become a well known user.

Increase Traffic and SEO

You will want to make sure you are getting a good amount of traffic to your sites through Pinterest. Including URL links on your pins and boards, will allow interested users and potential customers to stay in contact with your business. Make sure you set up pins so that you are using good keywords, searchable phrases, informational captions and categories. You will want to get a good amount of traffic to your site through using Pinterest, as well as promoting a certain action for them one they get there. 

Use Tools and Measure Activity

 There are so many ways that you can promote your business in a variety of ways, including smartphone apps, content manager sites and design templates. Research these resources that can generate added customers and content. Utilize everything at your disposal, so that you can conduct business and supervise your Pinterest site in a variety of different ways. You will certainly want to keep track of what your effort on Pinterest is doing for your business so you can make changes, or keep doing the things you are doing right. To do this, track recent activity, check your website Google analytics, and research the different accounts, boards and pins that do well on the site.