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Friday, December 31, 2010

LaureLuxe: The Revolutionary

The inception of a fashion revolutionary is a stirring experience; one that rips away reality and then dissolves it. It is effusive and enlivening, equally powerful, and formidable. The fashion revolutionary brings upon an apocalypse that shatters the boundaries of the material world; a riveting cataclysm that extends and bends your imagination into tangible bliss. LaureLuxe is a fashion revolutionary.

LaureLuxe is a master creator. She awakens and unlocks the beautiful essence inside metals and transcends their properties far beyond their natural existence. She cleaves and hones metal by hand into breathtaking pieces like a fantastical wielder; one that knows the ancient secrets of physical transfiguration. Her pieces exude a gripping strength, yet manifest a finespun tenuity that is insatiable.

It is no wonder why her creations have adorned the pages of elite fashion magazines nor is it astounding that they have been harnessed by every artist from Lady Gaga to Nicki Minaj. LaureLuxe is a demiurgic entity that has evolved fashion. In this Darwinian world of fashion, she is at the top of the chain. -Corey Woods

For ingenious, innovational,  prolific fashion, and to learn more about the press, the brand, and designer, visit the exclusive LaureLuxe boutique at

Below is one of my favorite pieces. It is the silver 
Fantastical Fine Fashion. $700: