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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday YEROC

I am absolutely humbled to announce that today is 's 3rd birthday. I am astounded by the groundbreaking success that my luxury eyewear company has achieved in such a slice of time. To celebrate, I am giving away 300 pieces out of the entire YEROC fashion house to all of my lovely supporters, there is also a special opportunity for !

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cuote #3

Cuote #3

People don't leave because things are hard. They leave because it's no longer worth it...

Monday, March 18, 2013

#Cuote 1

LOVE IS NOT THE DESTINY BUT A JOURNEY OF LIFETIME. It is not how much love we have in the beginning, but how much love we build until the end.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

VONBOOZIER your life with my sensuos and sexy giveaway with the fabulous @vonbooziertwins

Thank you to all of my lovely readers who continue to support all my brands. This is exactly why I like to give back to you whenever I can hail the available chance. I am elated to present to you with a giveaway from the fabulous and 2 pairs of my luxury YEROC eyewear.

Here is a little bit about these exceptional twins:

The - are New York City’s newest sensation! Antoine’ and Andre’ are multi-talented bursting with style and charisma and have a great passion for the entertainment industry. The twins’ professional career began with their sultry voice singing on platforms with A-list Gospel and R&B recording artists. The Von Boozier Twins’ resume credits stem from television, film, and print modeling in which they achieved national success.

The Von Boozier Twins have appeared on numerous television shows, and movies such as “Law & Order”, “Without A Trace”, “CSI NY”, “Ugly Betty” “Lip Stick Jungle”, “SALT”, “Life On Mars” “Castle”, “Kings”, “Rebound”, “HBO’s Royal Pains” “The Good Wife” and “Cupid”. The Von Boozier Twins’ successful career led them to perform with recording artists such as, Cissy Houston, Lil Mo, EnVouge, Kelly Price, Hezekiah Walker, Vickie Winans, Smokie Norful, Kenton Rogers and more…

Lead by the “dual” The Von Boozier Twins have worked with notable celebrities such as Ice T & Coco, recording artist Faith Evans, Celebrity Vocal Guru Ankh Ra of MTVs Making The Band, and Fashion Designer Epperson Rod of Lifetime's Project Runway. The firm also represented actors Bern Nadette Stanis of Good Times and Gary Sturgis of Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls and Diary of a Mad Black Women as well as recording artists Lil Mo, Lil Mama, and more...

In 2010, The Von Boozier Twins, launched their image as fashion and entertainment celebrity publicists, which added shine to NYC’s Public Relations Industry. The dynamic identical twins, specialize in marketing and public relations support services including media relations, image management, media kit development, and private and corporate events planning.

In 2012, The Von Boozier Twins reached another milestone - as entrepreneurs. They introduced their {LIMITED EDITION} Premium Signature Lux Candle Collection worldwide. The collection has gained an inconceivable reputation among A-list celebrities.

The are always in search of a collaboration to introduce their successful flavor and style. The Von Boozier Twins motto is: Whatever you do, be unique, put your personality into it...and make it work!

 Win all four of these fabulous items now and if you don't, don't FRET, the VonBoozier Twins are hosting a March Madness sale on their website, stock up on your candles today:

And now without further ado, you have over 50 chances to win:

Monday, October 29, 2012

My new YEROC "Corey Corey Collection" has launched!

Luxury Eyewear Company Yeroc Unveils Their Spring 2013 “Corey Corey” Collection

Contact: Anje Collins
Phone: 786.566.2870

(October 29, 2012- New York, NY) Luxury eyewear company Yeroc unveils their 2013 Corey Corey Collection.  This  finely crafted exclusive collection puts emphasis on intricate temple details unusual color combinations, confirming the creativity and boldness of the Yeroc brand.

The Corey Corey collection breathes life into its smart, dynamic sunglasses collection by its authentic luxury.

Yeroc eyewear is quickly becoming an industry leader in the fashion optical world due to their consistent commitment to high quality, on-trend designs and unprecedented price points.

The Corey Corey collection is a synergy of fashion and creates a solid foundation for Yeroc’s success.

About Yeroc:

Under the direction of Founder Corey Woods, Yeroc is known to create exciting fresh new eyeglass and sunglass styles and colors. Yeroc eyewear has graced the faces of such celebrities as Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Christina Milian, Soulja Boy,  BeyoncĂ© and more.

For more information about Yeroc 

The Luxe PR Group is a boutique fashion, beauty and lifestyle PR agency specializing in strategic PR solutions that guarantee increased visibility about a brand, product, event or person. Because every imitative has a exclusive goal, we work closely with our clients to create signified packages that ensure fantastic results.

# # #

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to Build An Attractive Muscular Body

You need to have a solid commitment and knowledge to get nice muscle tone and build an attractive muscular body. Here are some muscle building tips. Before you commence weight training, remember to warm up and as well as doing some stretching exercises.

•Train Muscle With Free Weights

Machines will have its uses, but for a start, concentrate on free weights. That means work almost exclusively with barbells and dumb bells. Free weights recruit many stabilizing muscles for balance and control. That means you will work a lot more muscle parts other than the intended ones. That will give rise to little bumps, striations and definitions all over your body instead of one huge lump of muscle on your intended muscle. Because of the extra stimulant created, your muscles grow faster too. Why else do you think all professional body builders almost exclusively use free weights?

•Train With Compound Exercises

Incorporate as many compound exercises as possible to your routines. Compound exercises are exercises that involve 2 or more joint movements. Because they utilize more joints, which means greater muscle mass are involved. Greater muscle mass means heavier weights. Heavier weights mean encouragement of greater muscle growth. More muscle growth means more tone to your muscles.
Some excellent compound exercises are the Squat, Deadlift, Chin ups, Dips, Bench press, Barbell Press, Lunges, Bent-Over Barbell Row...etc.

•Train Intensively But Do Not Over train

You must train intensively for your muscle to grow. Try to do more reps or add more weight than the previous session or else your muscles will think (actually muscles don't think, they adapt), "Ah... we've done that. Nothing new, so no need to grow bigger and stronger." That being the case, you will wreck your chances of attaining an attractive muscular body.
Because of this, it is important that every time you train hard, you give your body time to recover as it has suffered strains and actually sustained many small scarring. Contrary to popular belief, your muscles grow when you rest, especially when you sleep and not in the gym. So sleep at least 8 hours a day. Also, do not train everyday or work the same muscle group more than once or twice a week. If your training was vigorous enough, do no more than an hour per session.

Try not to do cardio work on the same day as your weight lifting work. In fact, during the muscle building phase, you should do less cardio work as aerobic exercises burn muscles. You can increase your cardio work at cutting body fat phase, so as to lose body fat in order for your muscle tone to show up nicely.

•Technique And Form

This is the most neglected fundamental of bodybuilding. Everywhere, everyday, you will see people using wrong forms and techniques. This not only compromises your growth, it will also make you susceptible to injuries... sometimes even permanently putting you out of the gym.

Wrong form occurs usually when people try to lift weights that are too heavy, whether out of vanity or ignorance. As a guide, always lift with strict focus on the muscle you intend to build for that exercise. Feel it contract and extend. Lift the weights deliberately and slowly. Never ever swing your weights up especially when doing bicep curls or the military press.

•To Build Muscles Fast You Must Perform Lower Body Exercises!

This is what most people don't realize. Your lower body makes up 60-70% of your musculature. If you don't train them, not only will you look spider-legged, your entire body will not grow as quickly and as large.

Don't think that you can hide those skinny limbs in pants! Most people do not train their legs because squats, dead lifts and lunges can be very grueling exercises. But it is precisely because of such intensity that you will produce more growth hormones when you sleep and overall muscular development is stimulated. Your body shape will also be more balanced and therefore more attractive.

Do read up more to understand how your muscles work and then work on it so that in no time you will be a proud owner of a well tone attractive muscular body.

Friday, October 19, 2012

10 Easy Ways to Get Money Fast

Everyone wants to get money fast, but there are a lot of scams out there that take advantage of that fact. Obviously, you should investigate any "get rich quick claims" about any plan. However, there are several safe ways that you can get money fast.

1. Rent out a room in your home. People are always looking for affordable accommodations, and you don't need to invest much more money than you already have in your house. This option can be especially lucrative if there is a college nearby, as students always needs housing.

2. Clean out your house. You may be able to get money fast by selling items you never use. Sell stuff on EBay or Craigslist and/or sell items for your neighbors who don't have the knowledge or time to sell online. For example, you could find a neighbor who is looking to get rid of their car and offer to list this car for sale on websites, for a fee. Many people don't know how to do this.

3. Consider taking up dog-walking and/or babysitting. These are simple services, and it's easy to find someone who needs them simply by talking to your circle of friends. A lot of people are working longer hours now and have less time to take care of their dogs or need someone to watch their kids until they get off work. If you like children or pets, this is the perfect way for you to get money fast.

4. Offer handyman help for neighbors, especially elderly ones. Many people have small fix-it jobs and would rather deal with a neighbor than go through the effort of finding a reliable contractor. Elderly neighbors often have tasks that it is hard for them to do themselves, such as mowing the lawn, or, in colder climates, shoveling the driveway.

5. Check if someone in your neighborhood has sold their house and is moving. Offer to help pack or move boxes. Ask for a moving day and be home; if they don't think they need help initially, but change their mind, they can ask you on the day.

6. To make money - save money. Start using coupons and shopping online before you go to the store. Online coupons can save you hundreds of dollars and get you free shipping on items that are cheaper online than in the store. It won't matter if you get money if you don't spend it wisely afterward.

7. Open a credit card with real cash back rewards. Some credit cards offer 5% cash back for gasoline. Don't forget to check the rewards on your current card. And, of course, be careful how you use the card.

8. Be a tutor. There are many ways to do it, including Skype. If you don't have skills in a particular subject, see if somebody wants to learn your language and needs conversation to practice. With many businesses operating internationally, it is increasingly important to know multiple languages, and there's no better way of practicing than conversation with a native speaker.

9. Check job websites for summer jobs. Many types of businesses need additional help over the summer months. There are also employment agencies that specialize in a type of arrangement where you can get paid at the end of the workday, so you can really get money fast rather than waiting weeks for a paycheck.

10. Post your profile on an online employment platform. There are platforms out there for any type of employment skills you have, and it can often be easier than submitting your portfolio to many businesses individually. If you are discerning in the platform you pick and highlight your best qualities, you often have a better chance of being hired than you would only submitting to local companies. Many jobs now can be done via telecommuting, so by using an online employment platform, you are able to apply to jobs that would be too far away to commute to.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

10 Car Maintenance Tips That Save You Money

To save money on the maintenance of your car, you need to do the following regularly without fail. That way, you could save 20%-30% on your cost of car maintenance annually.

1. Ensure your car is road worthy.

Many people drive cars that are not expected to be on the road again, either because of the ages of the cars or their poor maintenance records. A car is a machine, and just like any other machine, it has an economic life span depending on its maintenance records. It is always advisable to rest any car that has become too expensive to maintain. The bottom line is cost. You can always trade in your old beat-up car for a newer model if the cost of maintaining it has become prohibitive.

2. Tune up your car regularly.

This should be done at least once a month. A poorly tuned-up car uses up to 30% more gasoline each year. It is cheaper to pay for and regularly tune-up your car than to let it be. This you can do at your regular car maintenance garage if you can not do it yourself. Your regular car maintenance Engineer or Mechanic may even at times tune-up your car for you free of charge.

3. Regularly change the oil and oil filter in your car.

It is not enough to just change the oil, you must ensure you use high grade oil as recommended by your car maintenance Engineer. Follow the owner's manual religiously and change your oil at 2000-4000 kilometers of regular driving depending on the make of your car. More frequent oil changes play a very significant role in extending the life span of your engine. Any time you change oil, ensure the oil filter in changed too. These oil change expenses will more often than not pay for themselves in savings on repairs and engine wear.

4. Check your tire pressure regularly.

Tire pressures should be checked at least once a month. Low pressure tires cause "drag" in your car which makes it to require more gasoline to maintain speed. You can lose up to 4%-6% in gasoline mileage for every pound of under-inflation. Compared to the cheap cost of keeping your tire pressures inflated to recommended standards, gasoline loss through low pressure tires is considerable.

5. Check your engine air filter every month.

A dirty air filter shortens the engine's life and reduces gasoline mileage up to 10%. You can clean up the filter by removing it and blowing accumulated dust particles off it with an air hose, or you can replace it when you notice significant damages to it.

6. Use only recommended tires.

Ensure you use the right type of tires for your car as recommended by the manufacturers. Alternatively, steel-belted radial tires have a wide acclaim for safety so you can use them but you must make sure such tires are not expired. Using good tires with the right tread and radial size can increase your gasoline mileage from 5%-10% per year. This amounts to plenty of savings.

7. Check fluid levels regularly.

These should be checked every morning if the car is old and once a week if fairly new. Low battery water shortens your battery's life. Radiator coolants, automatic transmission fluid, brake and clutch fluids are fluids that must be available and in the right viscosity and gauge to enable your car function properly. Any one of these fluids that is short or empty can lead to improper functioning of your vehicle. That can expose it to brakes failures and other problems which could lead to engine damage or even crashes. Engine damage is by far more expensive to repair than these routine maintenance checks.

8. Use only recommended gasoline for your type of car.

Unless your car is so old and completely beat-up, it is proper to use unleaded gasoline. Even though in many advanced countries, there are various grades and prices of gasoline, a costlier gasoline adds no specific advantage except it is your car manufacturers' preference. Take the advice of your car maintenance Engineer because for most cars, premium gasoline offers no significant benefit. Unless your car has a high-performance engine or your car manufacturers recommend high-octane gasoline, use the less expensive one. You can save 5%-10% on fuel costs annually if you use the right fuel that is of lower cost.

9. Ensure your car tires are balanced.

You can add thousands of kilometers to the life of your tires by having them balanced twice a year or even more often if you drive regularly on rough roads. In addition to destroying the tread, improperly balanced tires can wear out your shock absorbers and damage your suspension system, leading to higher expenses or even accidents.

10. Ensure your car tires are properly aligned.

Check your tire alignment regularly say about four times a year depending on the type of roads you drive on. Poor alignment leads to uneven wear on such tires particularly the front tires. It can reduce the life span of tires and may expose them to other more dangerous damages. Compared to the cost of buying new tires regularly, the cost of regular tire alignment is insignificant.

Budget stretching is inevitably everyone's concern these days. Saving costs therefore particularly on essential and regular expenses is a smart thing to do particularly in these hard times. You can save plenty of money on your car maintenance expenses if you take these tips to heart. That aside, it is good to think safety all the time even while lowering costs.

8 Terrific Tips for Using Pinterest for Business

Decide If It's Right for Your Business-

 Before you invest time and effort into creating a Pinterest account and formatting pins, you have to make sure your business is compatible with this new social media craze. Pinterest is all about visuals and things that look good; can your business be promoted through pictures alone? Is your product visually appealing so that you can connect with the proper demographic? Before you put manpower into building your presence on Pinterest, asses how well your product will be viewed by users, and if it will in fact make you money.

Spend the Time

 Before you jump right into pinning and hoping for re-pins, you should really focus on planning and taking the time to set up your account properly. Think about what you will be using Pinterest for, and create the name and logo that fits with what you're trying to accomplish. Include keywords in your description, and include links to your website, as well as other social media sites, on your profile. If you have an online blog, or other social media profiles, install a "Pin It" and "Follow Me" button to engage customers.

Create Simple Content

 Pinterest is great because of its incredibly easy interface that pretty much anyone can use. The aesthetics of the website are clean and simple, with pictures that are all mostly the same size. Make sure you are creating content that is unique to Pinterst, so customers can't find the same exact thing on Twitter or Facebook, and be sure to use interesting, recognizable and clear images with a simple description, and link back to your website. Eye popping photos and dynamic shapes will spark interest in Pinterest users and potential customers.

Know What Your Customers Want

If you have done research and have asses the type of customers you want to attract with your Pinterest account, you must then create pins and boards that will appeal to them. A lot of Pinterest users go on the site to either find ways to spend less money on certain products, or find interesting things that appeal to them. Create content, and re-pin other content that will appeal to the lifestyle and general needs of your customers. Tell a story in each board, and promote your product subtly through your content. Rather than just promoting your brand by pinning your own products, show your customers that you understand them and can reach them by categorizing certain pins and boards into categories that they would like and can use.

Be a Social Member of the Pinterest Community

 Avoid posting pins that only have to with your own product or brand. Don't come off as a self-serving Pinterest user, but rather re-pin other pins, comment and like other pins, track re-pins from your site, say thank-you for re-pins of your own items, follow other users, and continue to engage in the social media community you build. You can also take a look at the most re-pinned and visited Pinterest members, and learn what they're doing right. Showcase the lifestyle behind your business by pinning things that interest you, as well as pinning things from other businesses in your industry.

Promote Creatively

 Aside from choosing interesting images, and writing informational and amusing content, there are plenty of ways that you can use Pinterest to be creative in promoting your business. You can use a call to action or even promote a competition to engage users and customers. You can then encourage others on Pinterest to write back on your pins or post about your products and calls to action. Being different and unique on Pinterest will gain enthusiastic customers as well as allow you to become a well known user.

Increase Traffic and SEO

You will want to make sure you are getting a good amount of traffic to your sites through Pinterest. Including URL links on your pins and boards, will allow interested users and potential customers to stay in contact with your business. Make sure you set up pins so that you are using good keywords, searchable phrases, informational captions and categories. You will want to get a good amount of traffic to your site through using Pinterest, as well as promoting a certain action for them one they get there. 

Use Tools and Measure Activity

 There are so many ways that you can promote your business in a variety of ways, including smartphone apps, content manager sites and design templates. Research these resources that can generate added customers and content. Utilize everything at your disposal, so that you can conduct business and supervise your Pinterest site in a variety of different ways. You will certainly want to keep track of what your effort on Pinterest is doing for your business so you can make changes, or keep doing the things you are doing right. To do this, track recent activity, check your website Google analytics, and research the different accounts, boards and pins that do well on the site.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Win my Exclusive GLAM giveaway with super mogul Loren Ridinger!

It is my absolute pleasure to offer you one of the most glamorous and fabulous giveaways that I have ever done. I've teamed up with business titan and glamorous super mogul, Loren Ridinger, to offer you a luxury package infused with splendor. We will be giving away 1 pair of YEROC by Corey Woods Horak sunglasses and 1 Yours by Loren Jewelry piece. I'm terribly excited! Enter below:

Contest Rules: •Applicants must reside in one of the 50 United States and must be 18 years of age or older at the time of entry. •Applicants must be a Facebook Fan of YEROC by Corey Woods and YOURS by Loren/or be following @lorenridinger, @CoreyWoods_ , @yer0c or @lorenjewels on Twitter. •Winner will be announced on and •This sweepstakes is void where prohibited by law. •,, YEROC, Loren Ridinger and persons and companies associated with it disclaim all liability for injury or damage to persons and/or property that might result from Sweepstakes entry acceptance of the Prize, or the use of the Prize. •Acceptance of Prize constitutes permission to use winner's name and/or likeness without compensation (except where prohibited by law). •Your contest entry indicates your agreement to all contest rules and qualifications.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I am now hiring affiliates for my company!

Would you like to work for me as your own boss? If you would like to become an affiliate of my Company and all of its associated brands, e-mail your resume to my senior assistant, Jonathon Yoss, at

Yerockingly Yours,


Friday, September 21, 2012

Win my MIGHTY Exclusive YEROC by Corey Woods and #ush clothing luxury GOLDEN PARACHUTE package

I am excited to offer to you this EPIC giveaway that I am doing with one of my favorite emerging brands, #Ush clothing. My golden parachute package is a GOLDMINE. The winner of this package ($1000+ value) will receive a pair of JR luxury shades from my new YEROC by Corey Woods collection, a pair of Lepree shades from my YER by YEROC collection, a piece of 24k jewelry from my next brand, YEROC Jewelry Co, AND two HOT gold-foiled tee-shirt coutoure items from #USH clothing.

Enter now:

Contest Rules:
  • Applicants must reside in one of the 50 United States and must be 18 years of age or older at the time of entry.
  • Applicants must be a Facebook Fan of and/or be following ,  , or on Twitter.
  • Winner will be announced on and will receive a personal email from me.
  • This sweepstakes is void where prohibited by law.
  •, YEROC and persons and companies associated with it disclaim all liability for injury or damage to persons and/or property that might result from Sweepstakes entry acceptance of the Prize, or the use of the Prize.
  • Acceptance of Prize constitutes permission to use winner's name and/or likeness without compensation (except where prohibited by law).
  • Your contest entry indicates your agreement to all contest rules and qualifications.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

#corelife entry 5- Relax your muscles the natural way

5. Sure, muscle relaxants are good when you're in severe  pain, but who wants to walk around like a zombie all the time? (Don't answer that!) But there is  a natural way to gently relax muscles. Quinine, generally given to combat malaria, also relaxes muscles. And the best part? It's available in tonic water (regular and diet) and bitter lemon, both of which you might have left over as mixers from your last party. A glass of tonic water before bed can help you relax into your sleep.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

#corelife entry 4- Cultivate Happiness

Whatever makes you happy, do it (unless grisly murders make you grin-then consider your unhappiness a sacrifice for society's sake). Why? Because Happiness has a strong correlation to health. No one seems to know quite why this is so, but studies show over and over that it is.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

#corelife entry 2- Meditate to Elevate

2. take a 5-minute respite from the daily grind by meditating. Here's how: Put on some soothing music or a CD of nature sounds (ocean waves, gentle rain). Sit in a comfortable chair, shut your eyes, and visualize a peaceful place where you'd love to be, or think about a favorite inspirational verse. Inhale slowly and deeply for two counts. If your mind drifts, follow your thoughts and gently redirect them to your peaceful place or verse.

Another option: With eyes closed, sit quietly and hold a small stone or seashell in one palm. Run your fingers slowly over the object, feeling its texture and shape. As you do this, picture the object in your mind's eye. Empty your mind of any other thoughts until you are concentrating only on what's in your hand.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

#corelife entry 1.- The most important thing about personal finance

 1. In the end, this is a fundamental rule of personal finance: Spend less than you earn. It's the one point that comes up time and time again in almost every personal finance book you read or presentation that you hear. Why? Because it's true.
There are two avenues to achieving this goal: spending less and earning more. By working on either (or both) of these areas, you can increase the gap between these two numbers- and that gap is your ticket to freedom. The harder you work on either spending less or earning more, the bigger the gap will become and the quicker that train to your dreams will arrive at the station.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Introducing CoreLife to the Corey Wood Blog

I am pleased to introduce you to an all new section of my blog called CoreLife.- "Live your Core Life"

In this sector of my blog, I will share some terrific tips, tricks, and tidbits that will help you live your core life.

Stay tuned for some stirring updates.

- Corey

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MY exclusive YEROC Benefit Fashion Presentation

I am having an exclusive YEROC and YER by YEROC Fashion Presentation on August 31st in New York to benefit St. Judes' Children's Research hospital.  Regular Tickets are $25 and VIP Tickets are $35.

All VIP Tickets will include an extra gift from me personally.

All Tickets will include an exclusive gift bag with a pair of eyewear, a signed copy of my Mother's new Book, Love and Kindness Know No Color, a drink ticket, exclusive access to the Fashion Presentation, preferred seating, and access to the after party. The value is YERRIFIC!

Donate now if you cannot attend using the yellow button below.

 You can purchase regular, VIP, and super VIP tickets also below. Proceeds go to St. Judes Children's Research Hospital. The secret location of the show will be e-mailed to you after ticket is purchased.

YEROC Ticket for St. Judes Children's Research Ticket
Thank you for your support.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Introducing my stellar 123 sale!! All YER by YEROC shades are now $11 each! UNBEATABLE

I absolutely love giving back to all of my supporters.

I have extended my YEROC Customer Appreciation week by launching my epic 123 sale. This week all of my YER by YEROC shades will be only $11 each. Buy 1 for $11, 2 for $22, and if you buy 3 for $33 you'll get shipping absolutely free.  This is my BEST deal of the summer.

Which of my glasses belong on YER face?


Monday, July 2, 2012

Full Video: Stunning Whitney Houston Tribute At the BET Awards

Everyone who knows me knows that Whitney Houston is my favorite singer. I've been a Whitney fan ever since I was a young boy. Her death still stings me to this day. Yesterday, I felt that the tribute to Whitney Houston fulfilled her essence. This is how you execute a Whitney Houston tribute. The caliber of voices meshed magnificently. Monica channeled Whitney's passion and power through her rendition of Whitney's stirring gospel classic. I particularly like Brandy's lower vocal register and her channeling of Whitney Houston's formidable vocal riffs. Cissy Houston sung directly to the Heavens and poured a stirring depth and soul into the awards. Chaka closed the tribute on a high note, literally. :)