Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Positive Thinking And Its Effect On Your Health

The first situation to consider is the relationship between thoughts and conditions like depression and stress. A crucial question is whether the person's thoughts are creating the physical depression or the physical depression is creating the negative thinking. When it comes to how you can use your mind to help, this can be accomplished consciously and subconsciously. When someone has a habit of imagining things turning out very badly, rational thinking can show show them that they often exaggerate. However, the unconscious mind is much more powerful in shaping our habitual behavior, oftentimes beyond our conscious control. Visualization and hypnosis can be very effective in modifying beliefs and, if you do this, the long-lasting effects can be more powerful than using logic only.

It is likewise true that positive thinking can have an impact on our physical health, and you may be aware of the placebo effect on people who feel ill. This is when individuals are given a pill which in reality does not have any healing value, and yet they claim to notice an improvement in how they feel. This is evidence of the connection between mind and body, and there are many examples of men and women with a positive outlook being able to recover faster from malady and injury. You can also use the power of your mind to help you in achieving your fitness goals. A historic example of this is when the four minute barrier for running the mile was broken, which had been considered as unachievable up to that point. Once the "barrier" had been broken, other runners also began to break through what had really been a barrier of belief.

The effects of aging are likewise influenced by how we think about the process. As you get older, do you talk to your friends about your "aches and pains" and your weakened capabilities? It seems there's a great deal of truth to the saying, "You're only as old as you think you are," and our thoughts can be used to undo a lot of the so-called effects of aging. Unfortunately, numerous individuals will continue to hold on to old beliefs about the unavoidable "decline" of health in old age, and not pay attention to the benefits of a positive outlook.

Now that you are aware that your attitude can bring you a much better state of health, it's up to you to take advantage of this information and set your intention to think positive thoughts whenever you remember.

7 Self Improvement Tips That Will Make A Difference In Your Life

Self improvement comes with the fulfillment that comes from understanding oneself. It is through this understanding that you get to grasp your house within the universe and your role here. You can understand that not everything has got to be a struggle; you can achieve success, made and happy and fulfil your mission.

As I have studied self improvement and psychology over the years, I've got picked out 7 self improvement tips that are a should for you to implement so that you'll see yourself started on the journey of private growth. I'm going to share them with you in this article.

Daily Journaling Have you ever ever puzzled how come back the globe these days is aware of thus a lot of regarding past great achievers? True, individuals took day trip to check them, but a heap of the stories and details that we have a tendency to know regarding them could only have return from themselves. They are a translation of their thoughts on to paper. They kept journals and recorded their observations and their feelings. For you, a journal is more than a map of your journey. It helps to clarify thought, to think additional clearly and to truly see where your thinking could not be thus good. You then need to improve. Once you record one thing it becomes additional than a fleeting thought. Tomorrow, you may look back and see how you felt, and you'll compare with how you are feeling or suppose these days and you'll be able to go ahead and create adjustments.

Meditation This is often the one that's most unconsidered by most people, but it conjointly happens to be the foremost important of the 7 self improvement tips. Meditation is the most effective and handiest manner of reducing stress and clearing out your system. You dispose of junk thoughts and better of all, you leave area in there for clean, clear thinking. It additionally has direct health advantages; you'll weigh down your heart beat and improve digestion simply by meditating for a few minutes every day. You will sleep higher and heal faster. Essentially, mediation is that the pillar of the seven self improvement tips - it is the one that produces all the others effective.

Expecting to Win Of the seven self improvement tips, this one is the hardest to clarify because some folks just do not seem to listen to it. You wish to vary your thinking therefore that you tune yourself to expecting positive results. What's success alternative than what you're thinking that regarding? How will you get rich and be happy if every outcome you expect is negative? Some people are quick to argue now, however what they don't understand is that along with their positive thoughts are a ton of negative thoughts that have an effect on outcomes.

Expectations aren't regarding outcomes. They're concerning bold, right action and knowing that the results will be in your favour no matter what they can be.

Writing Goals and Plans of Action A written goal is sort of a map. Let me challenge you right currently to jot down down a tiny goal, one thing that is inconsequential and to who's outcome you are not attached and stick it where you'll be able to see it every day. The instant you see your goal, you see plans of action concerning it start to form. You discover yourself spurred into action to try and do the proper thing. Return after thirty days and see how far along your written goal you've come. Did it facilitate to write down it?

I can challenge you that every time you are feeling in a very rut and like things are not working out for you, pull out your goal book and begin by ticking off how many of the last heap you have got achieved and then adding on new ones. You always come out with a clearer mind.

Be well Rounded All areas of your life contribute to your self improvement. Your relationships, your health, your finances, will all affect any kind of private growth you are attempting to attain if they're out of balance. Simply one in all them going dangerous can lead to any or all of them going bad. As you seek to begin on personal development, work on all areas. - work on maintaining physical stamina, emotional fortitude, financial security and a smart social support system to realize personal growth.

Positive Affirmations
This has the power to vary your inner dialogue, and it is a powerful tool considering that much of the discontent in our lives is caused by inner dialogue. What does one advice yourself? Start to write down down an affirmation daily on all key areas of your life and rehearse it aloud twice daily. You are teaching you subconscious positive dialogue.

Teach to Learn Of the 7 self improvement tips, this one is the one that will help you master self improvement the most. You learn one thing better after you teach it. As you teach, your inner mind opens therefore that you'll be in a position to digest and transmit information. Whatever you were trying to teach will be sitting there in your mind forever. Teaching is also a manner of holding yourself accountable - there are specific standards expected of academics so that students will follow in their steps. If you've got no one to teach, write!

Monday, January 30, 2012

How to Take Charge of Your Life

How do you live your life? At cause or at effect? It is important to be aware of this distinction. It is the rare individual who always lives his or her life at cause; however, far too many of us live a large portion of our lives at effect - responding to the whims, desires or emotional states of others.
Being at cause means that you are decisive in creating what you want in life and take responsibility for whatever you achieve. You see the world as a place of opportunity and you move toward achieving what you desire. If things are not unfolding as you would like, you take action and explore other possibilities. Above all, you know you have choice in what you do and how you react to people and events.
If you are at effect, you may blame others or circumstances for your bad moods, for what you have not achieved or for the disarray of your life in general. You may feel powerless or depend on others in order for you to feel good about yourself or about life. You may think, "If only my spouse, my boss, my co-workers, my parents, my children understood me and helped me achieve my dreams or did what I wanted or what is best for me, then life would be great." If you wait and hope for things to be different or for others to provide you with results or happiness, you are at effect, or a victim of circumstances. And really, how satisfying is that? How satisfying do you think it is for others to be around you? Believing that someone else is responsible for your happiness or your different moods is very limiting and gives this person mystical powers over you, which can cause both you and the other person a great deal of anguish.
Being at cause means you have choices in your life - you can choose what is best for you while ensuring the choice is ecological for those around you, in your community and your society. That is, you consider the consequences of your actions on others, while not taking responsibility for their emotional well-being. Believing you are responsible for the emotional well-being of someone else places a heavy burden upon you and can cause a great deal of stress.
Those who live their lives at effect often see themselves as victims with no choices whatsoever. The truth is that they do have choices but have chosen not to take action. They are simply reactive to whatever is thrust upon them.
Emotions such as guilt, fear, anxiety and resentment are the result of being at effect. People at effect tend to blame others and do not take responsibility for their actions. Emotions such as these can wear heavily on a person's body and life, and can be the root cause of many physical and personal issues.

Learn to Forgive Yourself and Others

At some point in our lives, all of us have been wronged by another person and felt hurt, angry or resentful. This is a natural reaction and part of being human. However, if we do not resolve or come to terms with these hurts, they drive our actions and create a negative way of life. By harboring past hurts, we have the potential to do far more harm to ourselves than anyone else can possibly do.

All illness is caused by not forgiving.

Forgiving others or yourself does not mean forgetting or condoning what happened, or giving up the values that were violated or assuming you are at fault; nor is it condemning the other person or seeking justice or compensation. Forgiveness can be viewed as foregoing the resentment or revenge when the wrongdoer�s action deserves it and giving the gifts of mercy, generosity and love when the wrongdoer does not seem to deserve them. To release the shackles of the past, we must be willing to forgive.

Forgiveness is about creating a state "for giving"  both to self and others and excusing a mistake or an offense and letting go of the associated hurt, anger or resentment. Because forgiveness has the greatest benefit to the person doing the forgiving, it is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself.

Forgiving allows us to get on with our lives and to open up our minds and hearts to new ways of seeing others, the world and ourselves. It releases energy that can be used for other, more productive thoughts and actions.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The 3 Barriers That Prevent Your Success

So if it's not a lack of skill sets what is it that holds people back?

Not Motivated
Having a lack of inspiration is a major and common obstacle many encounter but make no mistake achieving goals requires motivation! If you find it difficult to motivate yourself perhaps what you have targeted is NOT something that truly inspires you! To become a success at just about anything you really need to 'want' it and if you don't have that feeling it's likely the goal is not right for you! The long and short of it is simply this, without the proper motivation you have little chance of achieving what you set out to do!

Not Encouraged
Never overlook or underestimate the positive impact 'supporters' in your inner circles can have on your ability to become a success! Everybody needs and flourishes with a little encouragement and this is the case no matter what level of skill sets you have! Life always brings twists, turns and other 'little' obstacles we can't plan on that can easily discourage the most motivated and/or skilled amongst us! Having the support of others helps keep you encouraged and motivated to continue moving forward towards achieving goals you have established for yourself! It is therefore always wise to surround yourself with like minded and positive people that can supply you with the energy and encouragement you need to succeed!

Not Confident
Approaching anything new can always make people question their abilities to learn what they need, become more proficient and therefore succeed! There is one word that describes this process and that is experience and of course experience breeds confidence! The sad part for many about lacking confidence is that it can actually keep them from even trying which is crazy if you think about it! As we already mentioned to become a success at just about anything there is always a process of learning that comes first! This same process is something we all have been doing since birth! How do you think you learned to walk, talk, ride a bike or anything else for that matter? So why do some feel they can no longer learn something new? I hope that doesn't include you!

It is not at all uncommon for people to find it difficult in becoming successful at achieving goals they  have even if they possess the proper skill sets to do so! Our environment and mindset play a huge role in what we are able to accomplish as our discussion above points out! The result is if neither or both aren't 'supportive' of our efforts the chances to become a success tend to dwindle! As it turns out even superior skill sets will find frustration and even failure when trying to achieve goals if the proper mindset or support is not involved as well!

Monday, January 23, 2012

9 Effective Ways To Cure Low Energy, Fatigue

Fatigue is a common occurrence in today's jet paced, hectic life. Fatigue may be defined as a state of exhaustion or a drop in energy level. Fatigued people do not feel any urge to do work. They prefer resting all the time. Fatigue falls in 2 categories: physical fatigue and mental fatigue. Physical fatigue is characterized by weakness of muscles making the person incapable of acting at the level of his or her normal capacity. A person with physical fatigue cannot exert his or her muscles forcefully because the muscles are overworked or tired.

Mental fatigue, in simple terms, is the tiredness of the mind. It may not be associated with any muscle weakness. A mentally fatigued person either experiences somnolence or sleepiness or a reduced consciousness level. This can be risky especially when one is doing some activity that demands alertness and concentration, such as driving a car. Fatigue is not a disease in itself but could be a manifestation of some disease. Depending upon its duration, fatigue can be prolonged fatigue and chronic fatigue. Prolonged fatigue continues for a span of 1 month whereas chronic fatigue persists for at least 6 months. The causes of fatigue or low energy may be listed below:

1. Strenuous activities
2. Stress
3. Depression
4. Jetlag
5. Over-stimulation
6. Under-stimulation
7. Monotony
8. Insomnia
9. Poisoning
10. Drug abuse
11. Fructose mal-absorption
12. Nutritional deficiency
13. Excessive blood loss
14. reatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy
15. Medication side-effect
16. Medical conditions like anemia, hemochromatosis, celiac disease, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, leukemia, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, hypothyroidism, heart disease, infectious diseases, uremia, liver failure, chronic fatigue syndrome, common cold, cancer etc.

Ways to cure fatigue, low energy:

1. If you are experiencing fatigue, snatch some time from your schedule to take an ultra quick power nap. All you have to do is to shut your eyes for few minutes, free your mind and breathe deeply. You can return to your after this. You will feel a great difference in your focus and alertness.

2. Loneliness generates boredom which in turn generates fatigue. The best thing you can do to manage it is to tune in to your FM or pull out your ipod and start listening to your favorite music. This will refresh your mind and will brush aside your feelings of being tired.

3. Deep breathing is a good cure for fatigue for it accelerates the oxygen supply to your body cells. When your cells are nourished through ample oxygen supply, their vitality increases, making you feel quite energetic.

4. Drinking ample water can dispel your fatigue. Dearth of water in your body lessens blood volume and cause fatigue. Check this by drinking 8-10 glasses of water each day.

5. If you are sitting at a desk for prolonged hours, this may make you feel fatigued. Get up and move. Take few rounds, twist and turn your body and then get back to work. This will improve your blood circulation, thereby increasing your energy levels.

6. Laughter drives away fatigue by triggering the production of endorphins in your body. So try to find some source of amusement and laugh a little. You can read jokes or watch a comedy show on the TV for the purpose.

7. Speaking helps to boost energy. So try not to be quite. Converse with others to forget tiredness.

8. Regular body massages or spas can also eliminate fatigue from your life.

9. Another easy way to increase energy level is to take herbal energy booster such as Sfoorti capsules, Revival capsules, Shilajit or Musli Strong capsules.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Surviving Infidelity In Marriage – 3 Important Things You Absolutely Must Not Do

The writer John LeCarre once stated, “Betrayal can only happen if you love.” This is exactly what tends to make infidelity in marriage incredibly destructive for most people. All of the talk involving eternal love honor not to mention cherish were disposed of because one partner came to the conclusion cheating in a relationship is definitely what they desired and nothing else was of importance to them. Risk the actual marriage? Who cares? Let them do what they want regardless of the consequences. Besides it isn’t like they are going to get discovered.

But to their surprise you do catch them. At first your spouse starts giving you all kinds of alibis. They’ll even take a crack at a little blame shifting. Nonetheless you stand firm until finally they confess. Now the final decision is yours in regards to the outcome of this marriage. At this point you have a number of choices available and yet you have various possibilities you must certainly keep away from without exception when it comes to handling infidelity in marriage.

1. Commit Violence

You are in a blind rage for what they have put you through. No one disagrees with your right to be ticked but at no time do you have the right to actually try to injure your spouse. Violence of any kind isn’t going to solve anything and the only conclusion will likely be you standing in front of a magister trying to describe the reason why you permitted your temper get the better of the situation.

Your significant other cheating in the relationship is definitely awful enough without having both of you shelling out the extreme price for their transgression. If you are that enraged then it is best to walk away and start the divorce proceedings.

2. Run Away

You choose to avoid dealing with their unfaithfulness in every way which means you bolt out of the relationship. Should you choose to remain you make it your top priority to never broach the subject. Anytime there’s a chance the discussion to come up you put a lid on it or run to another room and lock the door. Whatever it takes not to deal with it is alright by you. That is not going to help anybody. You must get the healing process going and taking flight whenever there is a possibility the topic will come up only delays that healing.

3. Blame You And Only You

You still love your mate regardless of what they did and so you begin telling yourself the reason they were cheating in the relationship is because of you. Why oh why were you not more attentive to their needs? What could you have done differently that would have stopped them from being unfaithful?
The answer is you may have done everything right and they still strayed. And even if you didn’t do everything right that really is still no excuse for infidelity in marriage. You simply can’t take the burden for their deliberate wrongdoing. That just clears a path to not only declaring your spouse innocent of any wrongdoing but in addition gives him the means to not accept any responsibility at all. This could be all your mate needs to cheat again since they fully comprehend when push comes to shove you will gladly consent to the responsibility.

T.O. will play for Indoor League team

Get your popcorn ready. Former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens announced on Twitter Wednesday night he’s going to play and become co-owner for the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League.

“It’s official, it just went down, I’m headed back to Dallas. That’s right IFL, here I come. Allen, Texas, here
I come. I’m going to be me,” Owens said in a 22-second .

Wranglers co-owner Jon Frankel said Owens agreed to terms Wednesday night and he was in talks with the former NFL superstar player for several weeks.

“(Owens) has an ownership stake. This is a business decision. I’m glad everybody looks at the players’ aspects. I can’t believe T.O. will come out of that tunnel for the Allen Wranglers. He’s a great player, a winner and I’m a big fan. I want to make the Allen Wranglers the No. 1 attraction in Collin County,” said Frankel.

Wow. T.O. going from the No. 1 WR on the Bengals to the No. 1 attraction in Collin County.
Whether you dislike him for personal reasons, financial reasons, or professional reasons, you have to accept that Owens was one of the statistically best receivers to play the game. He’s second all-time in receiving yards (15,934), fourth in touchdowns (156) and sixth in catches (1,078) for five teams over his 15-year career.

The NFL is a shrewd business with tons of younger talent to take your job. The 38-year-old Owens has been good as of late, but is notorious for poisioning locker rooms and is coming off of a torn ACL that he suffered while filming his VH1 show. It is no surprise that not a single NFL team showed up for his well-publicized workout late in 2011.

However sad this might seem, the IFL could actually be good for Owens. It might finally give Owens some humility and help him straighten his life out. On the plus side, he now can sign an commercial endorsement deal with Wrangler Jeans, right? Favre needs to throw someone those passes in the mud.

-Courtesy of DIEHARD Sports

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

20 Power Marketing Tips

20 Power Marketing Tips

1. Create and grant an annual award.

2. Send hand written congratulations and thank you notes.

3. Send greeting cards for some occasion other than Christmas.

4.Send postcards when you travel and even when you are at home.

5.Give a good book to special clients. Always sign it with a positive message.

6.Build relationships with the media before you need them.

7. Associate with winners - attend awards functions.

8. Build and maintain a database of clients, prospects, and key influencers.

9. Earn certifications and win awards from your associations - and tell everyone.

10. Ask happy customers to write testimonial letters for you.

11. Recruit your suppliers as marketing agents. They work for free.
12. Join and be active in your chamber of commerce.

13. Write tips sheets for your customers.

14. Write and send articles to magazines and newspapers.

15. Send a news release to the media every three months.

16. Do something crazy and newsworthy at least once a year.

17.Send photocopies of your news coverage to your clients.

18. Build and maintain an informative and interesting web site.

19. Sponsor a cause, event, charity or community group.

20. Volunteer for your association, charity or community group.

It's Your Right to Be Happy

Are you unhappy? I firmly believe that everyone is this life has a right to be happy! Everyone should be able to look back on this life and be happy with what they did and how they lived it. But there are many people out there that are not happy, not even close. If only those people knew that being happy is a choice that they have to make.
Some Steps to Claim Your Right to Be Happy

Don't Give Misery Company

If you are part of a click that focuses on misery - complaining, worry, anxiety, or any other negative emotion like that then remove yourself from that group. You are never going to be a bright light in that group because misery doesn't want a bright light, it wants more misery.

After doing this at work I had the strength to do it in other areas of my life. I cut out negative friends who could never see the good in anything. I cut out friends who complained, whined, and spent all of their time in misery. I didn't lose anything because they didn't care about my happiness and success, like a true friend should. Instead I gained even more happiness because I was no longer spending my time participating in misery!

Do Things That Make You Happy

If you want to be happy then you have to do things that make you happy. I once heard Jack Canfield saying that he only does things that make him happy, and that's when I decided that it was a pretty good idea.
 If you don't know what's making you unhappy sit down and take the time to really be honest with yourself. You will find your answers if you are honest, and then you can begin to work on them.

What makes you happy? Start doing more of it! Start only doing it! If you think you can't then think of this - there is a couple on a peace tour who sold their house, bought a cheap RV and have been travelling the United States spreading peace. They don't have much because they don't need much, they are joyful because they are doing what makes them happy.

Push Past Your Fears

Growth in life comes from getting over obstacles, and happiness comes from growth and knowing what you want. If you are scared to go after things that will make you happy then you are denying yourself the right to be happy! You are standing still, being the person you are now, and not moving forward in your life.

When you overcome a fear you will find that you will feel stronger and more assured about who you are as a person. This will always cause you to be happy, because the more you know about yourself, the more you know about what really makes you happy.

Surround Yourself with Happiness

Once you know what makes you happy and stop doing what makes you unhappy then you will find that you naturally surround yourself with things that make you happy. This will include everything from people to the TV shows you watch. You will stop letting negative things slip into you life that make you unhappy.
Go out and find people or things that make you happy and make them a part of your permanent life. The more you surround yourself with happiness, the more you will be happy - it's just common sense.

Be Grateful

One way to ramp up your happiness is to be grateful for what you have and for what you see. There are so many things to be grateful in life and once you start finding things to be grateful for you will naturally start to be happy. Gratitude is the opposite of complaining, and being grateful in the opposite of being miserable.
I personally try to feel grateful for every situation in my life - whether seemingly bad or good. I find that always finding something to be grateful for keeps me in a place that allows me to be happy constantly.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10 simple steps to selling yourself

Every day of your life you are selling yourself, nothing
will happen until you're successful at doing that.
We're all in the selling business whether we like it or not.

It doesn't matter whether you're a lawyer or an accountant,
a manager or a politician, an engineer or a doctor. We all
spend a great deal of our time trying to persuade people to
buy our product or service, accept our proposals or merely
accept what we say.

Before you get better at persuading or influencing other
people - you need to get better at selling yourself.

Here are 10 simple steps to selling yourself:

#1 - You must believe in the product

Selling yourself is pretty much like selling anything.
Firstly, you need to believe in what you're selling. That
means believing in "you."

It's about lots of positive self-talk and the right

The first thing people notice about you is your attitude.
If you're like most people then you'll suffer from lack of
confidence from time to time.

It really all comes down to how you talk to yourself.
The majority of people are more likely to talk to themselves
negatively than positively - this is what holds them back
in life.

It isn't just about a positive attitude; it's about the
right attitude - the quality of your thinking.

Successful business people have a constructive and
optimistic way of looking at themselves and their work. They
have an attitude of calm, confident, positive self-
expectation. They feel good about themselves and believe
that everything they do will lead to their inevitable

If you are in a sales job or a business owner or a manager
then you need to continually work on your attitude. You need
to listen to that little voice inside your head. Is it
saying you're on top, going for it and confident, or is it
holding you back.

If you're hearing - "I can't do this or that" or "They won't
want to buy at the moment" or "We're too expensive" then
you'd better change your self-talk or change your job.

Start to believe in yourself and don't let things that are
out with your control effect your attitude.
Avoid criticising, condemning and complaining and start
spreading a little happiness.

Remember the saying of Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor
Company -

"If you believe you can do a thing, or if you believe you
can't, in either case you're probably right."

#2 - The packaging must grab attention

Like any other product we buy, the way the product is
packaged and presented will influence the customer's
decision to buy.

Everything about you needs to look good and you must dress
appropriately for the occasion. And don't think that just
because your customer dresses casually, that they expect
you to dress the same way.

The style and color of the clothes you wear, your
spectacles, shoes, briefcase, watch, the pen you use, all
make a statement about you.

Another little tip -- when the person in reception at your
customer's office says "have a seat" -- DON'T! You don't
want to be the crumpled heap in the corner reading the
newspaper when your potential customer comes to greet you.

You'll be the one standing in reception looking smart,
sharp, poised, confident and ready to conduct business.

#3 - Smile

No need to get carried away, you don't need a big cheesy
grin, just a pleasant open face that doesn't frighten people

I meet so many people at different business functions
and some of them look so unfriendly, they scare me to death.

#4 - Use names 

Use the customers name as soon as you can but don't over do
it. Business is less formal nowadays however be careful of
using first names initially.

Make sure your customer knows yours and remembers it.

You can do the old repeat trick -

"My name is Bond, James Bond" or "My name is James, James

#5 - Watch the other person 

What does their body language tell you? Are they comfortable
with you or are they a bit nervous? Are they listening to
you or are their eyes darting around the room. If they're
not comfortable and not listening then there's no point
telling them something important about your business.

Far better to make some small talk and more importantly -
get then to talk about themselves. It's best to go on the
assumption that in the first few minutes of meeting someone
new, they won't take in much of what you say. They're too
busy analysing all the visual data they're taking in.

#6 - Listen and look like you're listening.

Many people, particularly men, listen but don't show that
they're listening. The other person can only go on what they
see, not what's going on inside your head.

If they see a blank expression then they'll assume you're
"out to lunch."

The trick is to do all the active listening things such as
nodding your head, the occasional "UH-HUH" and the
occasional question.

#7 - Be interested. 

If you want to be INTERESTING then be INTERESTED. This
really is the most important thing you can do to be
successful at selling yourself.

The majority of people are very concerned about their self-

If they sense that you value them, that you feel that
they're important and worth listening to, then you
effectively raise their self-image.

If you can help people to like themselves then they'll
LOVE you.

Don't fall into the trap of flattering the customer, because
most people will see right through you and they won't fall
for it. Just show some genuine interest in the customer and
their business and they'll be much more receptive to what
you say.

#8 - Talk positively. 

Don't say - "Isn't it a horrible day" or "Business is pretty
tough at present" or any thing else that pulls the
conversation down.

Say things like (and only the truth) - "I like the design of
this office" or "I've heard some good reports about your
new product."

#9 - Mirror the customer

This doesn't mean mimicking the other person, it just means
you speaking and behaving in a manner that is similar to the

For example, if your customer speaks slowly or quietly, then
you speak slowly or quietly. Remember people like people who
are like themselves.

#10 - Warm and friendly

If you look or sound stressed or aggressive then don't be
surprised if the other person gets defensive and less than
willing to co-operate.

If you look and sound warm and friendly, then you're more
likely to get a positive response.

This isn't about being all nicey-nicey. It's about
a pleasant open face or a warm tone over the telephone.

Before we can get down to the process of selling our
product, our service or our ideas then we need to be
as sure as we can be - that the customer has bought
us and that we have their full attention.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Why is it that 95% of people who set themselves goals fail to reach them?

Why is it that 95% of people who set themselves goals fail to reach them? In one word: impatience.

The most important and difficult stage of goal-building is the immediate stage after you set your goals. In the first stage, there’s a brief blip of euphoria. But this soon passes and then you hit the arid plateau of learning. It’s in this phase that most people lose their way and give up.

But this is the phase when you have to hang in there despite appearances. Otherwise, it’s like digging up the seeds a week after sowing them. So, here, for those who need a roadmap through the arid plains of goal-building, is a 6-step guide to managing your impatience and keeping your plans on track.

1. Have Plenty of Motivation Reminders. One of the cruel tricks that life plays on us is to make goal-setting easy and goal-building hard. This is no more true than in the opening phases of working towards a new goal. When we choose a new goal that seems within our reach, we are full of excitement and anticipation. It’s like the start of a marathon when everyone cheers us over the start line. But the cheers soon become a distant memory when we move into the second phase, the hard slog. It’s in this phase that we need to have a ready supply of motivation reminders to keep us going. Here’s one I often use. It’s from Ray Kroc, founder of the global restaurant chain McDonald’s. Kroc was an amazing entrepreneur. He says that it is in the early stages of working towards a new goal that you learn the most: “When you’re green, you grow. When you’re ripe, you rot.”

2. Be A Fly, Not A Bee. The chief problem with the early stages of goal-building is that you can never be sure of the right way forward, particularly if you are breaking new ground. You try something and it doesn’t work. You try again and it doesn’t work again. And again. And again. That’s tough. But it’s essential. Because you’re learning. Karl Weick says that in this situation it is much better to be a fly than a bee. When you place a fly and a bee in an upturned jam jar, the bee will head straight for the light and repeatedly buzz against the bottom of the glass. The fly on the other hand will dive frantically around the jar exploring every corner until he finds a way out. That’s the example to follow when you want to succeed: be a fly, not a bee.

3. Accept The Struggle. Those who are eager to succeed often treat the second phase of goal-building as an unnecessary waste of time. They would prefer to skip it and jump to the next phase of success. But this is to misunderstand the whole point of the second phase. It’s there to toughen you up. You may have heard the story of “The Man and the Butterfly” about the man who saw a butterfly struggling to emerge from its cocoon. To help it out, the man cut a bigger hole in the cocoon and pulled the butterfly through. However, instead of flying away, the butterfly was unable to fly. Its body was too swollen. What the man did not understand was that the butterfly’s struggle to emerge through the hole forces fluid from its body to its wings and thus makes them strong and ready to carry its weight. Like the butterfly, we need to struggle to succeed.

4. Be Objective. In stage two of goal-building, it’s valuable to stand back and distance ourselves from what’s going on. We need to be tripeds not bipeds. Bipeds are people who see only themselves and others. Risk-taking is a do-or-die undertaking. Progress is either a triumph or disaster. Life is black and white, winning or losing. Tripeds, on the other hand, can distance themselves from their situation by finding a third position where they can observe things with objectivity. Life isn’t either-or any more. It has depth, colour, and many angles.

5. Don’t Judge Yourself. Our win-lose culture puts great pressure on us to consider ourselves at any moment in life as either winners or losers. This means that failure is a bad thing and winning is everything. One of the most quoted expressions in our modern culture is: “Failure is not an option”. But this is to misunderstand the real nature of success. We need to fail in order to succeed. And we need to fail big-time in order to succeed big-time. Practically every successful entrepreneur, from Thomas Edison to Walt Disney, experienced failure many times over. But they didn’t judge themselves. They interpreted failure as “not succeeding yet” and saw it as just one more step on the road to success.

6. Manage Your Morale. Of course, it’s not always much fun to be stuck in the hard slog phase of goal-building. Nobody’s cheering any more. You have nothing to show for your efforts. And the dream still feels as far away as ever. That’s when you have to manage your morale. That means managing your stress, keeping things light, and working on the things you can’t see: your thinking patterns, your emotions, and your spirit. And, like the fluid in the butterfly, these may just be the things that will make you fly. “I can say: “I am terribly frightened and fear is terrible and it makes me uncomfortable, so I won’t do it.” Or I could say: “Get used to being uncomfortable.” It is uncomfortable doing something risky. But so what? Do you want to stagnate and just be comfortable?” (Barbra Streisand)

We human beings are very similar to the plant world. We grow best when we work with Nature and time. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to achieve your goals. If you hold on with faith, certainty, and determination, you’ll get there in due course when the time is right.

The reason people find it too hard to achieve their goals

The reason people find it too hard to achieve their goals is simple because they've set their Long-Term goals before setting Short-Term ones, or they just didn't plan their goals out carefully.

Goal setting strategies are VERY important, especially for those who want to achieve Long-Term goals.Well, your in luck because I'm going to share five 'Goal Setting' techniques to help you realize your TRUE goals today. Your only requirement is to keep an open mind.

So, with that said, lets go to Technique #1.

Technique #1. Start with Short-Term goals.

Sometimes, people start with short-term goals unconsciously. Why unconsciously? Some of them may have considered the goals to be long-term at the time they planned them; and after achieving a goal, they realize that they are in fact, looking forward to a longer one.

Some are contented with their short-term goals, but after a while will realize that they also need to attain long-term ones. Short-term goals seem to be our starting point for our Long Term ones. They also motivate the person to plan for longer goals, which will usually take some time before achieving them in full.

Technique #2. Make sure you really want the goal.

By this, you have to ask yourself: "Do I really want this goal and will this goal give me a better life?" Answering this ONE question will give you more passion and motivation to achieve your goal. Some people often recall their past to find out Why and How they came up with such goal.

Technique #3. Speak up.

What I mean by this is you shouldn't keep your goals to yourself only. By sharing your goals with other people it'll help you get the support you may need in order to fulfill them.

The problem that usually occurs though is some people are just too shy to tell others about their goals for reasons like they are afraid they cannot achieve them in the end, or they lack the courage to speak their minds.

This is not a good habit to get into because when the time comes that you really need their support, you will have a difficult time getting it. You'll then be left to achieve your goals all by yourself.

Don't make this mistake.

Technique #4. Write down your goals.

This strategy is critical and more advisable for those who have a long list of goals. After writing them down in as much detail, it is advisable that you review them on a daily to weekly basis because this will encourage and motivate you to achieving them, plus, this will also keep that vision of your goal alive.

Technique #5. Stay on track and never give up.

Reviewing notes will help open your mind to see if you are on the right track. While on track, you may have to face challenges that might change your personality. A person who is overconfident might suddenly feel depressed after finding out that he is going the wrong way in achieving his goal. Thus this might lead to abandoning the goal.

Never be discouraged.

Facing obstacles is a test on how passionate one is to realizing his or her goals. There you have it. Give those a try and keep a visual picture in your mind everyday of you fulfilling that goal you desire so much.

3 Steps to Developing Passion & Taking Action

Passion for anything occurs at the moment you get a glimpse of the potential for the project, yourself, your mission, and so on. How do you develop passion? The following steps take a look at how you develop passion:

1. Take steps toward your goals. As your plans unfold, each step that you take toward your goals has a direct bearing on your excitement, enthusiasm, and confidence. As you enjoy little successes, your imagination explodes, and passion enters the picture. And when passion is full-blown, it's unlikely that you will abandon your objectives.

2. Use your head to direct the passion that develops. Effective passion is a directed emotion that synergizes all your qualities to make a total you that is considerably greater than the sum of all those qualities. Some identify passion as "heart," because people with passion accomplish things that go beyond their physical and mental abilities.
3. Analyze what you want in life and come up with a plan for reaching those goals. Though passion can be brought on almost instantly by a life-changing event, it usually begins with a careful analysis of what you want in life. What is your direction? In short, what are your goals? After you clearly identify your goals, you develop a plan of action to reach those goals.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Top Five Money Saving Myths

Here are the top five money saving myths that we fall for:

1. Savings accounts save us money

Having money in a savings account for emergencies is a good idea. It's easy to get to, but not too easy. But if you are looking to save money or make your money work for you, an old-fashioned savings account isn't necessarily the best way to go. First, you have to look at what you are paying out in interest rates. For example, if you have a student loan with a 5% interest rate and a savings account making 3% interest rate, your savings are costing you approximately 2%. You would be better off paying off that student loan with your savings account.

It goes the other way around too. If your debt has less of an interest rate than your savings, your money is working better in the savings. But with today's interest rates being so low, your debt is probably higher than the amount of interest you are earning on your savings account. That means you are actually losing money.

2. Sales shopping saves money

I used to be a shopaholic, and sales were my drug of choice. Let me tell you that you aren't always saving money. Yes, if you really needed the item, then you are saving money. But sales often lead to the purchase of items that normally wouldn't be purchased. And you usually buy twice as much because it's on sale. So you haven't saved any money.

Then if you never use the item, you've actually wasted money. This can also apply to bargain shopping and shopping in bulk. It doesn't matter if you bought your daughter 35 pairs of shoes at garage sales for $1 each. If she only wore two pairs of them, you just wasted $33.

3. Refinancing your home pays off

When you refinance your home, you aren't necessarily saving that much money in the long run. Yes, your monthly payments are smaller, but you have refinanced for another 30-year term. This means that if you have already paid 10 years of mortgage, then refinance for another 30, you have basically extended your loan to a 40-year mortgage. Sit and do the math and you'll see if you are really saving anything.
If you really want to save money, refinance for a lower rate and a shorter term. Your monthly payment may not go down, but your overall repayment may.

4. Zero percent interest saves money

When you take out a card with a zero percent repayment term, you aren't saving money. You are just delaying paying for items. You don't save and you don't spend more. But if you don't pay the money back within the zero percent period, you'll be paying interest on those items. That costs you money.

5. Savings is dependent on income

No matter how much you make, you can save money. You simply have to spend less than you make. If you make more money and spend more money, you aren't saving anything. In fact, you could even be spending more. Don't wait until you have more money to start saving. You have to start now.

The 10 Smartest Animals in the World

10th place:

Small Toothed Whale. This warm blooded small whale is known for its mysterious journeys across the ocean. It is still unknown how it can find others in the group several hundred miles away.

9th place:

Squid and octopus. They are considered to be some of the smartest sea creatures. An octopus can build its shelter from the ocean debris and is equal to none in camouflage. It can change its color and pattern in less than a second, sending the brain signal to its entire body.

8th place:

Sheep. British scientists believe that we underestimate sheep on its intuition and intelligence. During several years of research they have concluded that sheep possess exceptional memory and could identify the faces of people or animals without a mistake. They even claim that sheep's intellectual ability is closer to humans than we thought. The main downside of their study is that the animals tend to scare easy!

7th place:

Cacadu Parrot. In Great Britain a local parrot has become recognized as the country's smartest animal. A cacadu named Badjo can sew holding a needle and thread with his beak! Badjo's owner, a professional tailor, confirms that the bird's skills are 90% accurate.

6th place:

Crows. Officially, most scientists consider crows as the smartest birds in the world, especially the ones living in big cities. Tokyo, Japan, is known for the largest number of crows in the world.

5th place:

Monkeys. Macacas are not only the famous inhabitants of local safari parks or Indian temples. These smart animals above everything else can recognize themselves in the mirror while other animals, including cats, cannot.

4th place:

Rats. You will be surprised to learn that old experienced rats can get away with any mouse trap: they shake it until the spring is off and also shied less younger rats from the poisonous meals.

3rd place:

Dolphins. It's a known fact that British Special Forces used dolphins as informants during the war to carry messages to and from various ships. Many scientists confirm that dolphins possess amazing intellectual abilities. Also, dolphins never sleep with their systems totally shut down - their brain is taking turns on keeping one half in a sleep mode while the other stays alert.

2nd place:

Elephants. Elephants are extremely skillful with their trunks and are even known to paint with it! They also have an exceptional memory important to distinguish friends from enemies. If you ever hurt an elephant, he will remember it his entire life and if your paths ever cross, beware!

1st place:

Primates: Until now gorillas and chimpanzees were considered the smartest animals on the planet. However, the scientists are spending a lot of time researching orangutans and think that their abilities could be even more astonishing. So for their closest proximity to human nature of improvising and using tools to get food, primates remain as number one in our countdown.

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81 Ways to Save Money

I challenged my readers to pick their top way to save money. I have compiled them into an explosive list for you! Enjoy.

Debt Solutions Tip 1. Slow Down Your Internet Service. Move to the slower internet service option with your cable company. You may never see a difference in speed.

Debt Solutions Tip 2. Combine your cable, internet and telephone service. Companies now offer combined services that not only cost less, but offer the convenience of a single bill.

Debt Solutions Tip 3. Brown bag it to work. Be sure to include snack foods like muffins, fruit and cookies for morning and afternoon breaks as well as a lunch. If you also drink the office brew or bring a thermos of coffee, you can save $5 a day. If there's no lunchroom at work, eat and read the paper at your desk or take your lunch to the park. You'll be healthier as well as richer.

Debt Solutions Tip 4. Take public transit or car pool instead of driving to work. Depending on where you live and how far you commute, you'll save money on gas, parking, insurance and wear-and-tear on your car. And cutting out the daily drive to work and back will cause less stress on the environment – and you.

Debt Solutions Tip 5. Go out for dinner just once a month and eliminate take-out foods from your menu. Cook roasts, casseroles and stews that will last a couple of evenings, and keep some frozen dinners, canned soups and pasta sauce on hand for evenings when you are tired and short of time. Cutting back on eating out and ordering in can save you as much as $200 per month. Try BBQ's they are fun and in-expensive.

Debt Solutions Tip 6. Get rid of your cell phone or your home phone. Switch to a pay-as-you-go plan and use the phone only when absolutely necessary. By eliminating or severely restricting your use of your cell phone, you can save about $35 a month, depending on your current plan and use patterns. (Or get rid of your home phone)

Debt Solutions Tip 7. Cancel subscriptions to magazines you don't read and cable or satellite TV services you don't watch regularly. Cutting back to the magazines and channels that are essential to you can save you $100 or more per year. You can save even more by cutting your newspaper subscription back to weekends only and getting your news at work, on TV or online during the week.

Debt Solutions Tip 8. Convert to a gas water heater. They are more efficient and will save you money in the long run.

Debt Solutions Tip 9. Send away for and follow up on rebates. After you buy a product with a rebate, send in the form that day. Then mark your calendar to remind yourself to follow up with the rebate company if the check hasn't show up.

Debt Solutions Tip 10. Request a reduction in the interest rate for your home equity line of credit.

Debt Solutions Tip 11. Request a reduction in the interest rate on your credit cards. As with home equity loans, credit card companies sometimes are willing to reduce the interest rate. It can't hurt to ask.

Debt Solutions Tip 12. Get rid of Private Mortgage Insurance. If your down payment was less than 20%, you are probably paying PMI. Once you have a 20% cushion through reducing your debt and home appreciation (yes, prices do go up from time to time), contact your mortgage company to start the process of removing the PMI.

Debt Solutions Tip 13. Get your books from the library. I love books and read every day. While I buy some of the books I read, most come from the library. Simply put, it's hard to beat free.

Debt Solutions Tip 14. Get DVDs from the library. Many libraries now have movies on DVD that can be checked out. If your library offers this service, it sure beats paying Blockbuster or Netflix.

Debt Solutions Tip 15. Get DVDs from Red Box. If your library doesn't offer DVDs, get your moves from Red Box. It costs just one dollar per night.

Debt Solutions Tip 16. Read magazines at the library or online. Too many magazines can cost a fortune. And how many times have you bought a magazine based on the cover and been disappointed by the lack of substance. At the library you can read magazines for free. And many magazines now offer their content for free online.

Debt Solutions Tip 17. Subscribe only to magazines you just can not live without. If you must have a certain magazine each month, subscribe. Subscriptions offer substantial savings over the cost at the newsstand.

Debt Solutions Tip 18. Request a discount on trash service. For some reason this is a highly competitive business. If you get a better offer in the mail for trash service, call your current trash company and ask them to beat the offer. My trash service has reduced its rates twice in six months to match competing offers.

Debt Solutions Tip 19. Never pay checking account fees. I hate bank fees. With so many free checking account plans available, there's no reason to pay a fee. And if the bank happens to charge you one, ask them to reverse the fee or take your business to another bank.

Debt Solutions Tip 20. Get a rewards card. There are many reward cards that pay our in cash or points that can be redeemed for travel or products. Many of these cards don't have an annual fee. I recently traveled to my college reunion for free using points earned from a credit card. Some favorite reward cards are Best Buy and American Express Gold Card.

Debt Solutions Tip 21. Don't pay interest on credit cards. This is obvious, but I soon as you fail to pay off the credit card in full, the high interest payments start to eat away at your monthly budget. If the temptation to spend more than you can pay on a credit card is to great, get rid of the credit card (and ignore the previous tip!).

Debt Solutions Tip 22. Take advantage of 0% credit card offers. Again, as long as the cards won't cause you to spend more, they can offer substantial savings. Make sure, however, that you keep an eye on the balance transfer fee, which can wipe out your savings. Remember bank fees are deductible interest is not.

Debt Solutions Tip 23. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light (CFLs) bulbs. These bulbs use 75% less energy and last 10 times longer. They do take some getting used to, and they won't work in every light fixture. But use them where it makes sense and save energy and money.

Debt Solutions Tip 24. Drive your car longer. The buy new versus used debate often overlooks the most important factor–how long you own your car. Drive it as long as you safely can for substantial savings. Buy a new or used car when your old car begins costing to much in repairs.

Debt Solutions Tip 25. Pay your life insurance annually. Insurance companies charge you more if you pay monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. Pay once a year and you'll pay less.

Debt Solutions Tip 26. Pay car insurance semi-annually. At least with my car insurance, they offer quarterly and semi-annual payment options. It costs more to pay quarterly, and twice a year is more convenient anyway.

Debt Solutions Tip 27. Increase insurance deductibles. Most of us don't need to be insured for all losses over $100 on our car, for example. Although we wouldn't want to pay a $250 or even $500 deductible, we could. If that's you, find out how much you'd save from raising your deductible. I've raised my deductibles on my auto insurance and home owner's insurance and saved a considerable amount. Shop, shop, shop for the best price.

Debt Solutions Tip 28. Think before submitting an insurance claim. My rule of thumb is that I won't submit a claim on a loss that is less than twice my deductible. So for a $250 deductible on an auto loss, I'll pay out of pocket any loss up to $500. Why? The $250 I'd receive from my insurance company is not worth the increased premiums I'm likely to pay. You may want to call your insurance agent to find out how a claim will impact your premiums before filing the claim.

Debt Solutions Tip 29. Shut vents in unused rooms. This isn't advisable if you have forced air heating, but shutting vents in unused rooms can save on your heating and cooling bill.

Debt Solutions Tip 30. Check the insulation in your home. Extra insulation can easily pay for itself in one or two years, and it helps save the environment, too. Take a smoke pencil and place it next to your cooling and/or heating systems and vents to detect leaks. Seal leaks immediately.

Debt Solutions Tip 31. Buy Energy Efficient Appliances. Look for the Energy Star on appliances and consider the annual energy cost before buying. More efficient appliances cost more, but you make up the extra cost and then some over the life of the product.

Debt Solutions Tip 32. Agree to limit gift giving. At Christmas our extended family and we go overboard when it comes to gift giving. Agree in advance to limit the gifts and save everybody some money.

Debt Solutions Tip 33. Cancel the health club membership. Less expensive options may include a gym at your work or a gym at your local parks and recreation center. Some offer pay as you go options rather than monthly fees, which can be great for those of us who aren't as consistent in our routines as we'd like to be.

Debt Solutions Tip 34. Do not purchase extended warranties unless the item is over $500 Even then you may want to pass on this option.

Debt Solutions Tip 35. Take advantage of employer 401(k) matches. If your employer matches 401(k) contributions, do everything you can to take full advantage of that match.

Debt Solutions Tip 36. Use flexible spending accounts. FSAs allow you to pay certain medical, dental and child care expenses using pre-tax dollars. If your not taking advantage of these accounts, you're wasting money. Enrollment at many companies is occurring now, so check with your HR department if you have any questions about FSAs.

Debt Solutions Tip 37. Get tires from Costco or other wholesale clubs. Simply put, they cost a lot less than buying them at the dealer or even a chain tire store.

Debt Solutions Tip 38. Keep tires properly inflated. It keeps you safe and costs less on gas.

Debt Solutions Tip 39. Stop smoking. Bad for your health. Bad for your wallet.

Debt Solutions Tip 40. Drink less alcohol. It costs money, adds calories and causes acid reflux.

Debt Solutions Tip 41. Buy term life insurance. Any other life insurance product is just not worth the extra cost.

Debt Solutions Tip 42. Buy generic over-the-counter medicines. They are similar as their branded counterparts and cost less. Be aware that some generic fillers can make you feel sick.

Debt Solutions Tip 43. Get organized and avoid missed payments. I've missed a payment or two because the bill got buried beneath a stack of papers. Get organized and avoid those late payment penalties. If you do miss a payment, call your creditor and ask to have the penalty removed. They'll usually accommodate the request, at least the first time.

Debt Solutions Tip 44. Buy online when it saves you money. I've used Amazon to buy many items. Plus in most cases there is no tax.

Debt Solutions Tip 45. Use Open Source software when possible. Use GIMP instead of Photoshop. GIMP is free; Photoshop is not free.

Debt Solutions Tip 46. Stay married. I know that some marriages end because of abuse and other extreme circumstances. If you are in a fairly healthy relationship work on staying together. Divorce can wreck yours and your spouse's finances.

Debt Solutions Tip 47. Buy In Bulk The cost of food has risen considerably in the past few years and buying in bulk can see you reduce your food bills dramatically. Although these warehouses were generally developed to serve business, families can take advantage of their lower prices as well. An ideal solution to maximizing the benefit of buying in bulk is to join a local buying group. That way not only do you save by buying large quantities but the cost is split according to your share of the bulk purchases.

Debt Solutions Tip 48. Farmers Markets Buying direct from the provider can prove to be less expensive than from a supermarket as you are cutting out the middle man. Many stall holders will even be prepared to negotiate discounts with you, especially if you buy large quantities. Best of all you are guaranteed fresh produce and you are supporting your local community.

Debt Solutions Tip 49. Wise Supermarket Shopping Even if you prefer the convenience of doing your weekly shopping at the local supermarket, there are still ways to save money. Swapping your favorite brand for the supermarket's own brand can save you valuable pounds and often the quality is just as good. Look out for special deals and use the promotional coupons often found in magazines. The best way to avoid spending money unnecessarily is to make a shopping list before you go to the shops, and then stick to it.

Debt Solutions Tip 50. Avoid Main Street Prices Instead of shopping on the main street, try factory outlets which offer the same types of clothes but at far better prices. Better still; try shopping at a charity shop. It may conjure up images of old, poor quality second hand clothes but generally the quality is very good and you can find some really unique items in these shops.

Debt Solutions Tip 51. Dining Out Cheaply You can still entertain business colleagues or treat your loved one to a nice dinner out even if you are watching the pennies. Most restaurants run promotions to entice diners to their establishments, keep a look out for advertisements in newspapers promoting restaurant deals. There are also several websites which offer special deals at popular restaurants. Just make sure you read the fine print on the voucher as some of these deals are only available on certain days, or between certain hours.

Debt Solutions Tip 52. Saving Money On Gas A good way to save money is to ensure that you fill up at the cheapest gas stations. Also you can purchase the Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Booster. This little device can add 20% to your gas mileage. If you drive a lot this is a must have. get it at www.hammacher.com

Debt Solutions Tip 53. Drive smoothly. Accelerate smoothly and at a reasonable rate, try to coast to a stop as often as possible. Also use cruise control on the highway.

Debt Solutions Tip 54. Ink Print Cartridges Instead of buying new try using refill cartridges or generic replacement cartridges. Companies in particular will benefit from buying in bulk as the more you buy, the less it costs per cartridge.

Debt Solutions Tip 55. Switch Utility Companies Residents in the UK and US enjoy a free market in gas and electricity suppliers, it is highly competitive and deals are constantly being offered to the public. Shop around for the best deals and switch. Some may even offer you a cash-back deal which means you could end up with money in your pocket just by changing providers.

Debt Solutions Tip 56. Replace Your Light Bulbs Replacing your old light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs can save you money on long term replacement and helps to lower your energy bills. These light bulbs can last up to ten times longer than regular light bulbs and as they are energy-efficient, they also help you reduce your carbon footprint while decreasing your energy consumption. Install CFLs to save energy. Compact fluorescent lights use about a quarter of the electricity of normal incandescent bulbs. They also need replaced much less often.

Debt Solutions Tip 57. Transfer Credit card Balances If you have a credit card with a relatively large balance, it may be a good idea to transfer the balance to a new provider and save on interest repayments. Many credit card companies offer an interest free period if you bring transfer your debt from your current provider to them. This will give you a chance to pay off the balance, however check to see if there are any fees to pay for the initial transfer before signing any agreements. Try not to use more than 50% of your available credit per account.

Debt Solutions Tip 58. Pay Bills By Direct Debits Or Online If you are still paying your bills by checks or bank transfers, consider switching to direct debits. Most companies actually prefer you to pay by direct debit and offer discounts as an incentive to change your payment method. Not only this but you will also save by avoiding late payment penalty fees and you may even find yourself eligible for additional early payment discounts. Online payments insure that payments are made on time.

Debt Solutions Tip 59. Use a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats save you an estimated 10-20% on your heating and cooling bills. When we aren't home, or we are sleeping, our house is quite a bit warmer or cooler, depending on the season. Save a substantial amount on your utilities.

Debt Solutions Tip 60. Use NEW ceiling fans, floor fans, and space heaters. Old appliances suck energy. Try to put your TV, VCR ect on energy strips that can be turned off when the device is not in use.

Debt Solutions Tip 61. Plan and research major purchases. A little planning can save you thousands of dollars.

Debt Solutions Tip 62. Buy Quality Products. Quality items may cost more up front, but they last longer and generally provide better results than cheaper, inferior products.

Debt Solutions Tip 63. Use Coupons And Rebates. We use coupons for oil changes, groceries, books, on-line purchases, and just about anything else we can find. A great on-line resource is www.Ebates.com, which is an on-line rebate company. Ebates is free to join, and you can get great savings on on-line purchases.

Debt Solutions Tip 64. Use store rewards cards. Many stores will send you cash certificates to use

Debt Solutions Tip 65. Eat Leftovers. You can save a minimum of $20 a week by eating leftovers.

Debt Solutions Tip 66. Take Care Of Things. I treat things I own with respect and take good care of them. This includes doing things such as cleaning our house, washing our cars, ect, ect. Things last much longer when you take good care of them.

Debt Solutions Tip 67. Avoid credit card debt. If you do not have the money to pay for what you are buying, DON"T buy it.

Debt Solutions Tip 68. Fill Your Fridge. Lower your electricity bills by stocking your fridge. The less empty space you have in your fridge, the less cold air will escape whenever you open it.

Debt Solutions Tip 69. Cover windows in the winter. Have 1/4″ sheets of Plexiglas cut to the size of your windows; during the winter install on the inside of your windows with an air gap (created by using foam insulation strips) in between. Use wood strips to hold in place. It minimizes loss of heat and it is a great sound barrier!

Debt Solutions Tip 70. Wait before purchasing. Wait at least 30 days before making major purchasing decisions. It will help you truly think about if you need it or should buy something.

Debt Solutions Tip 71. Install an energy system. Install a Climate Energy free watt System installed. It's a combined heat and power system for the home and it saves a bundle on electricity.

Debt Solutions Tip 72. Save your coins. We empty our pockets every day and put any and all change in a jar. Have a "spend no coins" rule in your household. Roll your own coins at the end of 6 months and buy yourself a present :)

Debt Solutions Tip 73. Hang Clothes Out To Dry. You can totally offset your electric bill by choosing not to use your dryer. Not only will it save you money, but you can enjoy being out in the fresh air! Also doing your laundry at night can save money on your air conditioning bill.

Debt Solutions Tip 74. Have garage sales or use Craigslist to sell things

Debt Solutions Tip 75. Buy Groceries On Sale And Stockpile Them Doing this one simple thing can save you hundreds throughout the year.

Debt Solutions Tip 76. Use 1/2 Detergent Use less detergent. You can often use half the amount of detergent that's "recommended" and still get your clothes clean.

Debt Solutions Tip 77. Make Your Own Foam Soap Use 1/4 regular liquid soap to 3/4 water. Use foam pump.

Debt Solutions Tip 78. Skip The Theater Instead get a movie at redbox.

Debt Solutions Tip 79. Water down juices. When you open a new apple juice for your kids pour up half in the glass and add about 1/4 – 1/2 container of water. This makes each new bottle last twice as longer, and dilutes the grams of sugar your kids are drinking. Maximum sugar intake per day is 50 grams.

Debt Solutions Tip 80. Don't run water when shaving or brushing teeth. This practice can save up to 5 gallons per visit to the sink.

Debt Solutions Tip 81. Sign up for budget billing with utility company. This won't necessarily save you money, but it certainly helps the budgeting process by smoothing out highs and lows in your utility bills. Most companies offer this "level billing" service after you have 12 months of history to compute an average.

How to Be Happy With What You Have in Life

What will it take for you to be happy in life? Will it take success, lots of money, and that car you have been wanting? What will it take to really allow you to just sit back and enjoy the moment? If you have an answer to that question then you may be missing the point of pure happiness, and you may never truly be happy with what you have. Allow me to explain.

The truth is that most people do not become happy once they receive the things they thought would make them happy. This is because pure happiness is a mental state; it's not something that you receive when you get something in your life. You have a choice to be happy, and if you haven't chosen to be happy yet then you probably won't be happy when you get something you want. It's just that simple.

How to Be Happy With What You Have

Only Accept Things in Your Life That Make You Happy

First of all, don't accept things in your life that make you unhappy! Jack Canfield once said that he only does things that make him happy, and he's a pretty happy guy! This is so obvious but many of us don't follow this simple rule. We work at jobs we hate, we live in a house we hate, and we do things we don't want to do because we think we have to. But the truth is we don't have to, we always have a choice.

If you find that you are unhappy with what you have then start taking action to change. For example, if you are unhappy with your job then take action towards finding a job you love. Get the education you need to get the job you want or just go ahead and apply for it. Do whatever you have to do to make that change and be happy.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a way of being in the moment and really seeing it for what it is. Have you ever heard of the raisin exercise? This is an exercise where you mindfully eat a raisin by noticing the taste, texture, and the way you feel while you eat it. In the exercise you are aware of the process of eating the raisin from beginning to end. This is an example of being mindful of what you are doing. You are not passing judgement, you are just observing.

Mindfulness can help you to be happy with what you have by allowing you to really appreciate what you have. Take the time to really notice the things or people in your life that you may otherwise take for granted. Notice those things or people and really be mindful of how they benefit your life and what they do for you.

This can be about something as simple as your shower and being mindful of the great job it does getting you clean. You will find that it will be hard not to be happy with your shower after you allow yourself to see and feel how great your shower really is for you!

Live in the Moment

Ever notice how you are really happy when you are on vacation? That's because you are living in the moment. Can you imagine having that feeling at home, everyday? Doesn't that make you want to live in the moment?

When you live in the future you may find yourself worrying about things. This includes waiting for something to come into your life in order to be happy. For instance, if you are waiting for a soul mate to come into your life in order to be happy then you are probably focused on what the feeling will be like when you meet your soul mate and how your life will be different then it is right now. But you are probably worried about the how and when of it all as well, and that is causing you stress - not happiness.

Living in the moment allows you to stop stressing about what is going to come and when it is going to come.

You can have dreams, you can have wants and desires, but if you spend your whole life stressing out about when those dreams and desires are going to manifest then you are missing out on the now and the happiness you could be feeling.

Bottom line: Don't let go of your dreams and desires, but don't spend all of your time in the future. If you want to be with what you have then you have to be living in the present. You can't be happy with what you have now if you are always living in the future that you think will make you happy.