Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some Sensational Twitter Tips to Get Your Brand Noticed

Twitter has truly become one of the biggest and most influential social networks of the day. The micro-blogging platform plays host to all manner of tweeters from prominent politicians and celebrities to industry influencers and regular Joes - all participating in a vast and ongoing conversation. Many brands still regard Twitter as a tricky social network, it's a unique social network with its own lingo and users who are not afraid to tweet their mind. However, despite its intimidating fa├žade, Twitter can be a great place to interact with consumers and to establish a strong online brand presence. One of Twitter's biggest challenges is 'getting noticed' amidst the clamour of thousands of tweets on users' feeds. Here are a few tips to help your brand stand out in the Twitterverse.

Profile that looks professional

Your brand's profile page needs to look both professional and visually pleasing. Be sure to use a profile picture that clearly features your brand's logo and make sure that any other visual material such as a customized background correlates with your brand's visual identity. Your Twitter handle should also be easily recognizable -short and simple works best here.

Contrast and stand out

Standing out in a community as vast as Twitter can be a challenge, but small tweaks can help to get your tweets noticed. This could include playing with the lengths and styles of your tweets or even using a series of tweets to communicate rather just one.

Indirect mention

Being on Twitter is all about joining a global conversation, but it must be said that a lot of the traffic on Twitter is produced by those considered influencers; bloggers, journalists and the like. While many brands try to get noticed by these influencers by tweeting 'at' or retweeting them, a more subtle approach actually works better and will help you to stand out. Mention content created by an influencer and mention them indirectly rather than interacting with them. They will still be notified of your mention, but will not feel like they are being addressed by a brand - which for some can feel a little intrusive.

Ask for help and help others

Twoogling - the act of asking a question on Twitter in the same way that you would present a problem to search engine Google is not just a fad, it's a great way to get attention from a range of users. Don't be afraid to ask for the guidance or opinions of your community - social media is based on interaction while it also helps your followers to feel valued when they do help you solve a problem or grant insight. Return the favour by also making yourself available to answer questions that users 'Twoogle'.

Share the latest content

Twitter is a dynamic and fast paced platform where the hottest news and content take centre stage. Make sure that your brand is not only creating content that is relevant but also sharing that content as well as content from other sources that is fresh and hot off the press. In the internet age, stories and memes reach their expiration date quickly - always share hot new content.



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