Sunday, December 25, 2011

My $1 million dollar YEROC Christmas surprise for all of you!

To all of my lovely and fashion terrific supporters:

I know you have been communicating with my assistant for the past 6 months. I decided it was my turn to step behind the office desktop and talk to you directly. For without you, there is no me. There is no Corey Woods. I want you all to know that I immensely appreciate your continued support and patronage of my luxury brand YEROC. Our Brand. 

To show my appreciation, I have decided to give away $1 million dollars of YEROC to all of you. To claim your $100.00 card, please e-mail with your physical and preferred electronic address. My workers and assistants are on standby to fulfill your request.

Please act swiftly. I want you all to get a card.

Thank you for everything

I love you all.

Corey Woods
Founder and CEO, YEROC fashion corp

Saturday, December 17, 2011

5 Mega Tips Toward Better Sleep by Corey Woods

Getting a good night's sleep is one of the most basic of human needs, yet so many of us struggle to get the rest we need. There are various reasons for this struggle with sleep. Many people have trouble sleeping for medical reasons, others are too busy to allow adequate time for sleep, leading to sleep deprivation. Still others are living a lifestyle not conducive to proper and productive sleep. And finally, there are those whose jobs deny them a regular sleep schedule.  Whatever the case may be, it is possible to alter some key habits and behaviors in order to enjoy the level of sleep you deserve. The following five tips can ease your sleep needs in an achievable goal.

#1 - Take a technology break before bed.

Limit your exposure to a computer screen or television before bedtime. The body produces sleep by altering its hormonal balance, which allows you to fall asleep more easily. Focusing on a computer screen or television tricks your body into thinking it's still daytime. Your body would then fail to create the proper hormones to help you fall asleep faster. It really is a good idea to turn off the computer a television at least thirty minutes before you go to bed and participate is some effortless activity during this time, like some light reading or writing in a journal. 

#2 - Make a note of your ideas and thoughts.

Many people have their best ideas and thoughts right before bed. Leave a notebook beside your bed and make a note of your ideas and thoughts. Jotting down your ideas and thoughts saves you from having to process them during the night, giving you less worries. Fewer worries means better sleep-time and you may have additional ideas in the morning after a good night's slumber on how to implement some of your ideas and thoughts.

#3 - Lower the temperature in your shower or bath.

This tip is simple. Lower the temperature for your last minute in the shower. The water temperature doesn't need to be freezing cold, just cool enough to allow you to step out feeling refreshed rather than fatigued. The idea sounds absurd, but when we feel tired after showering or bathing, we still have trouble falling asleep. The fact is that the high water temperature tricks our bodies into wanting sleep, and when we remove ourselves from the heat, we gradually gain awareness until we are more awake than prior to taking a shower. 

#4 - Power nap during the early afternoon.

Taking a quick 20-30 minute nap in the afternoon gives you two benefits: an increase in your work productivity and a deeper, more sound sleep at night. By napping in the early afternoon, you can increase your awareness throughout the day and give your body the optimal benefit for sleeping a full eight hours during the night. As a truck driver, I utilize some of my dock time for taking a nap, it gives me the energy I need for the drive after I leave the dock.

#5 - Limit caffeine and carbohydrate intake before bedtime.

Caffeine intake is obvious, but the adverse effects that carbohydrates make on sound, productive sleep eludes many sleep preparation strategies. With the intake of large amounts of simple sugars before bed, the body has two choices: The first is to burn the sugar for excess energy; thus, not allowing you to sleep well, and the second is to store the simple sugars as fat, causing you to gain weight. Keep your sleep-time for sleep, and your weight down, by avoiding, or at least limiting your carbohydrate intake before bed.

By incorporating these five tips into your lifestyle, you can help your body get the sleep it so desperately requires. Sleep is not a choice, we all need to sleep—God has wired the need for sleep into each of us. While the need for sleep is not fully understood, the effects of sleep deprivation are clear: diminished energy, alertness, awareness and work productivity. Make an effort to alter some key habits and behaviors in order ton obtain a full night's sleep, and your body will reward you with a distinguishable increase in your energy, awareness, alertness and productivity.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

5 Tips to Save Money on Gas and Improve Gas Mileage on Any Car

With the cost of gas going up, a lot of drivers are beginning to feel like their gas pedal is connected directly to their wallets. Many auto owners see cutting down on driving as the only way they can save. But look around at the total cost of driving a car vehicle and you'll see there are actually several areas where you can save on expenses. The following 5 tips will cut the cost of owning and operating a car.

With the cost of gas going up, a lot of drivers are beginning to feel like their gas pedal is connected directly to their wallets. Many auto owners see cutting down on driving as the only way they can save. But look around at the total cost of driving a car vehicle and you'll see there are actually several areas where you can save on expenses. The following 5 tips won't help you find cheaper gas, but they will cut the cost of owning and operating a car. Using any or all of them will go a long way toward keeping your wallet from running on empty.

1. Reduce Fuel Consumption.....

Begin by making sure your car is well tuned, the air filter is clean and your tires are inflated according to their manufacturer's recommendations. Such simply measures have been shown to reduce fuel consumption by a whopping 20%! When you're on the road, avoid quick starts and stops and drive slower. Your car burns less fuel at slow speed. Lastly, consolidate trips whenever possible. Plan shopping and errands to make the most of trip out of your driveway.

2. Shop Around For Auto Insurance....

The Internet is making it easier than ever to find the best price for auto insurance. If you've haven't shopped around for insurance in a while, now is the time to get on the web and start making comparisons. Many sites will show you charts of what they would charge you right along side estimates from their competitors. If you've been with the same agency for a long time, be sure to let your agent know you're price shopping and are open to discounts or other suggestions for ways to lower your auto insurance expenses.

3. Reconsider How You Finance Your Vehicle...

Once upon a time, the only way to drive a car was to own it. Today, leasing is a popular option. But whether you lease or own, you're likely tied into monthly payments. Take a good look at what you're paying and how, and consider ways to save, either by refinancing your car loan or restructuring your lease agreement. When you refinance, your old loan is paid off in full and replaced with a new loan. Since your new load will be for a lesser amount and -hopefully-a lower interest rate, you can wind up saving a considerable amount of money on interest.

4. Consider An Extended Warranty.....

Maintaining your vehicle is one of the biggest expenses of driving, and a well-maintained vehicle is actually cheaper to drive. Having an extended warranty is one way to make sure your vehicle is always in top condition. Consider that one major repair can easily cost more than a year of extended warranty and you begin to see the potential savings. You'll get the best price on an extended warranty if you purchase it before the original manufacturer's warranty expires. The typical manufacturer's warrant last for 3 years or 36,000 miles, so be sure to take action before you approach those limits.

5. Form A Carpool With Friends And Neighbors...

it's likely you have family, friends and neighbors who visit many of the same shops you do every week. If two or three of you visit the same pharmacy every week Articles, why not pair up and share the driving chores and expenses? You'll get to spend some extra time with people you like and you'll all save money.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

5 Reasons For Adultery - And Their Antidotes

Adultery is assumed to belong to a realm of casual contact. Adultery is devastating to any marriage, regardless of the circumstances. Adultery is a reaction to abuse, and it is a tool of abuse.

Recent surveys have revealed that 45% of women and 55% of men have been guilty of committing adultery.

Of course these are just the ones who have admitted to it or have been caught so the real numbers must be considerably higher.

There are different areas in their marriages that those surveyed found lacking. 65% of those who admitted to committing adultery said that they lacked sexual intimacy so they chose to look for it elsewhere. 20% claimed that the emotional side of their relationship was lacking, whilst the rest cited physiological needs as the reasons for their dishonesty.

So with these staggering adultery statistics don't you think it's in your best interests to know what the main reasons for it are? You should never be complacent in your own marriage because these figures demonstrate that adultery is not just something that happens to someone else.

Whether it's one night stands or long term affairs it's quite clear from these alarming figures that everyone has the capability to cheat on their partner.

Research reveals that there are 5 main reasons for adultery. These are:

1. Loneliness.

Yes, lonely and in a relationship. It's not a contradiction in terms. Do you spend a lot of time away from home? Do you concentrate more on your career than on your loved one? Perhaps you simply prefer to spend more time with your friends than with your partner.

If these are symptomatic of your behaviour, then perhaps you owe it to yourself to ask what's wrong with your relationship. The problem with committing adultery is that it can make you both feel bad. And it doesn't solve the relationship problems. It adds another. A huge one!

The truth is, if that's happening, you're probably both lonely.

Here's the way out of this.

Imagine how your partner would be if he or she were perfect for you. Write it down.
Now tell him or her what you're doing, and ask her/him to do the same.

Here's the game: over the next week you're both to secretly pick a day when you'll behave as if you were perfect for the other - but you're going to be subtle about it. Neither of you is to discuss the game for seven days.

But you are going to secretly note down when you thought your partner was trying to please you.

Exactly seven days later - to the hour - you are to compare notes.
What you'll discover is that you noticed lots of times when you thought it might be happening because you forced each other to focus on positives again!

2. Communication barriers.

Poor communication invariably causes problems in a marriage or relationship. Problems and arguments left unresolved can compound and fester when partners are either unwilling or unable to discuss these with each other.

The antidote? Well, of course, talk to each other, but that's not going to help if you're both certain that you're right and all you want to do is prove it. You'll just build up even more resentment!

If you really want to save your relationship - and steer clear of adultery - you need to let go of the idea of being right. No one has the final say on how anything should be done. Check out the world's politicians and religious leaders if you're not sure about that!

The goal is to be kind. Be allowing. Get interested in the notion that there's always another way to do something, to think about something and simply to be.

If you can do that, your partner becomes an object of fascination - a joy and a wonder, not an obstacle.

3. Lack of love and affection.

Lack of affection or love is one of the most common reasons for adultery. People will look to others when these needs are not being met by their spouse or partner.

Find out what constitutes affection - even simple acknowledgement - by your partner. I recall hearing a story where a wife was hugely insulted because her dripping wet husband did not thank her for handing him a towel in the shower.

He was actually very grateful, but he just didn't say the words out loud.
Again, communication is at the root of this.

4. A poor sexual relationship

Boredom in the bedroom will often lead to one or even both partners going off and seeking excitement and variety elsewhere.

This means quality and actually - equality. Take turns to call the shots, and get clear about what your likes and limits are - for both of you.

5. Lack of intimacy
Marriages need intimacy to survive. Without this in your marriage you may well feel unloved, rejected and unwanted.

Intimacy is of course physical, but there are many other ways to be intimate. Share laughter. Share private code words and signals like a hand gesture or an eyebrow flash that just have meaning to the two of you.

Cook together. (Give up the takeaways!) Get a joint project - like growing your own vegetables. One couple I know built a car - a real one - from a kit.

Whatever turns you on!

If you are aware of any of these issues in your own marriage read through my antidotes and address them before it's too late!