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What Color Makes You the Most Sexually Attractive?

According to Stephen Juan, Ph.D., an anthropologist at the University of Sydney, there is much behavioral science research showing the most popular skin color, eye color, or hair color in terms of sexual attractiveness. But there is little on what is the most sexually attractive color per se.

Different cultures have different attitudes and preferences in the attribution of qualities of color and behaviour. For example, “black” is associated with death in European countries. But “white” is associated with death in China and “purple” is associated with death in Brazil.

As for sexual attractiveness, there is an enormous cultural component in this as well. Gender is another confounding variable. What might be perceived as a highly sexually attractive color on a woman may not be perceived as such on a man. And what might be a highly sexually attractive color to a woman may not be so to a man.

Nevertheless, drawing upon various studies from the fields of color psychology and color therapy, a not-too-scientific ranking of “more” or “less” sexually attractive colors could be constructed from the list below of colors and there supposed attributes.

Black: Sophistication, elegance, seduction, mystery, sex, banishment, binding, protection, evil

Blue: Trust, reliability, belonging, coolness, tranquility, peace, calm, wisdom, justice, depression, understanding, patience, loyalty, sincerity, honour

Brown: Earthy, conservative, protective, constructive, hard-working, solid

Copper/Bronze: Love, passion, friendship, sex

Gold: Prestige, expensive, elite, authority

Green: Nature, fresh, cool, growth, abundance, rejuvenation, recovery, healing, harmony, balance, peace, hope, jealousy, envy

Grey: Neutrality, staleness, depression

Magenta: power, magnetism, spiritual power

Orange: Playfulness, warmth, vibrant, encouragement, luck, kindness, stimulation, optimism, abundance, success, independence, sensual

Pink: Soft, sweet, nurturance, security, tenderness, peace

Purple: Royal, spirituality, dignity, divination, inspiration, meditation, compassion

Red: Passion, energy, excitement, danger, speed, impulsive action, stimulation, assertiveness, aggression, strength, sex, revolt, war

Silver: Prestige, cold, scientific, stability

Turquoise: Intuitive, insightful, inventive, original, renewal, change

White: Pure, virginal, clean, youthful, mild, peace, truthfulness, enlightenment

Yellow: Warmth, cheer, happiness, vitality, change, progress, clarity, communicativeness, affirmation.

Given the above, red, black, and copper/bronze would seem to head the list of the most sexually attractive colours.

Research shows that color affects shopping habits. Red-orange, black, and royal blue attracts impulse buyers. Pink, light green, light and navy blue attract tight budget shoppers. Pink, rose, and sky blue attract conformists

How To Assert Yourself And Avoid Conflict

Being assertive is good. It allows you to get your point across in a way that is better remembered by the other party because of the intensity of the emotion that is associated with it. However, assertiveness can also be a pitfall when overdone. While it can seal deals, it also has the power to destroy relationships and potential business opportunities. How, then, can you assert yourself without being too pushy or annoying?

Here are some tips you might want to keep in mind the next time you try to calmly convince someone to see your side of the story.

Don't Bulldoze Your Listener

What is bulldozing? In sales, it is referred to as the act of drowning the prospective clients in figures and facts in order to confuse them to eventual submission. Keep in mind that the only way the other party will accept your idea is when they have decided that they want it. People who have given in to your bulldozing will do so only at first, but will eventually try to get out of the situation, be it after a few minutes or after a few days. You must be able to know how to read body language in order to decipher if a certain action is appropriate for the situation.

Nevertheless, if you want to be an effective and truly successful persuader, you want others to willingly agree with you, not because you almost forced them unwillingly to do something or left them with no other choice. If you are at a debate, this is fine. You are trained to tear the other person's statements apart. However, in a normal conversation, this is a major blunder.

"A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still," as the saying goes. This means that while you may have succeeded in getting others person to give their agreement forcibly, they will still maintain their original ideas. If you try to make them cooperate with you thereafter, expect that it is going to be difficult.

What should you do then? Try to make your idea attractive to the other party so that they would be more willing to submit to it. You can do so by first acknowledging the merits of their points and then outlining your merits. Do not make a comparison that is based on just the negative aspects. You will appear to be discrediting the other person; this is not good.

Be Patient And Try To Avoid Clashes

The professional persuader is never overeager; he always moves steadily and carefully towards his goal, and avoids getting into situations that would result in idea collisions. He is sensitive enough to watch out for emotional or psychological taboos and avoids them at all costs.

How can you do this? First, do not take sides. Try to be open to all ideas that are placed on the table and consider each one's merits meticulously before you move on to pursuing your selection. Actually, you don't really need to focus on one concept alone. When you study everything that's suggested, you will find that you can make appropriate changes and combine all their positive aspects to arrive at something that is agreeable to everyone involved.

The key to being effectively assertive is to keep an open mind. If you simply stick to what is in your head and work endlessly at seeing it through in 100% state to the end, do not expect to enjoy the ride. You will lose friendships, you will lose confidence, and you will lose the drive, eventually. Assertiveness is good when used the right way, which is the professional and balanced way. If you try to use your assertive skills to force people to your side, there is no way you will truly succeed.

5 Ways to Start a Good Day

I can bet that every single person on this planet has had a day in which everything happening seemed to be wrong. After having both very bad and very good days, I asked myself: ‘What are actually those things that make your day bad?’ After doing some research I figured out that this was the wrong question. You should never be a pessimist! So I tried to find another way to put this kind of questions: ‘What are the steps to avoid having a bad day?’ or, much better, ‘What are the steps to start a good day?’.

1. Sleep well

A good day always starts with a good night, so make sure that you have a peaceful, restful sleep. For doing that you should also consider some advice: don’t stay awake until it’s getting too late, but also, don’t go to sleep if you are not in the mood to nod (11 PM is a resonable hour); you should never eat much before dropping asleep, because it could bring about some nightmares; you should also have a confortable bed and a confortable pillow, avoiding any morning pain.

2. Start with something you like

The perfect moment for you to get up is when the sun rises. After doing this, try not to rush. Try to find some entertaining activities, like listening to radio (or you may want to play with your lovely pet! Try to make its day as good as yours :D ). You might not reckon the benefits of doing this, but it really counts! Nevertheless, you shouldn’t get into very consumptive activities, because of that whole day laying in front of your eyes.

3. Don’t forget your breakfast

Scientists say that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. You should never overlook its benefits, even if you were in a big hurry, even if that wasn’t meant to be your ‘perfect’ day. Take your time! A good menu usually consists of food that’s providing lots of vitamins and energy (milk, cereals, eggs, toast etc.). You should avoid eating junk food in the morning (things like fats and calories are not your friends).

4. Be confident

When wake up and look in the mirror, the only thing you should see is the good-looking ‘you’. Nobody cares about that huge pimple on your face, or about your big nose, or about your thick legs! Whoever likes you, likes you the way you are. And the most important person that has to like you is yourself! If you like yourself, the others will see that and overlook your little defects.

5. Where are your friends?

When you’re having a good day, a way to make it perfect is to be surrounded by your best friends. No matter they are part of the family or simple mates, they will surely notice that you’re in the mood. So take your chance! Make them part of your joy and you won’t be disappointed. You should always remember that the most important things in life are friends and love. Take care!

How to Say No And Still Be Liked

We're all been in this situation. Somebody asks us to do him or her a favor and, though there are a gazillion other things we should do first, we find it difficult to turn the other person down because he or she has done us a favor in the past, or is a close friend or a family member. The concept of gratitude prevails and we find ourselves trapped in something we really didn't know why we committed to. We can sometimes be so worried at causing disappointment in other people, often at the expense of our own activities and interests.

Frankly, knowing how to say 'no' requires skill. Others might say that it shouldn't be hard to do. But, let's face it. We live as social beings and acceptance often occupies the number one spot in the list of virtues we want to achieve. Despite this, there are actually ways we can circumvent this difficulty using the tips that are mentioned below.

Here are five friendly, pain-free and reasonable ways to say 'no'.

1. Say 'no'; then show what the other person has to do to get a 'yes'

For example: An employee is asking you for a raise but you hesitate to do so because lately he's been skipping work and picking arguments with co-workers. Yet, he looks like he really needs it and has been working for your company for three years now. You want to give him a raise, but his recent behavior is a little disappointing. How do you say 'no'?

Tell him that you can't approve a raise right now, but will do so once you see an improvement in his work ethic. You can say, "I understand your need for a salary increase, but in order for me to implement that, we'll have to work on strengthening your work habits. Now, let's see how we can make that happen…"

2. Make it impersonal.

Make it sound like saying 'no' was a matter of circumstance, not of choice. An example of this is: "We've just paid our mortgage and my daughter is going off to college in two weeks. I won't be able to lend you money."

3. Say 'no' in a way that will make the other person say 'no' to himself or herself

Instead of saying 'no', teach the other person to say 'yes' to what you want. Do this subtly, of course. For instance, your fashion conscious sister wants to get a pink iPod while you want a blue one. You can tell her that while pink is a cute color, it's more difficult to match with her clothes. Once you level with her and link what you want with what interests her, she'll give in and agree with you.

4. Say you want to say 'yes', but…

Like tip number two, make it sound like you had no choice but to turn the other person down. This way, the relationship remains intact and no one gets hurt. Just don't involve other people, like blame your saying 'no' to somebody else, as this could result in conflict and ill feelings.

5. Say it nicely.

You're giving negative news, so you might as well do it nicely. Let the other person down easy to avoid misunderstandings. It's the least you can for the disappointed. People tend to be more accepting of bad news if it's brought in a polite and sympathetic manner.

Sex In Relationships: Is It Worth The Wait?

Gone are the days of the conservative approaches, wherein couples would usually just go out, watch a movie, attend parties and gatherings or even just have a quiet meal in nearby restaurants. The trend today has become entirely different. Pre-marital sex has become a common happening that people will engage in despite various warnings. Testimony to this is the growing number of people who have become young parents due to uncontrollable circumstances. Because of this, young people are forced to take on responsibility and a different approach towards life, owing to the fact that what they find themselves into is no laughing matter.

Thus, relationships today require a certain amount of discipline and patience. It is a test for most couples in young relationships to consider the various things they might consider doing and the aftermath of engaging in such. A true test of the strength of a relationship is measured through the waiting time that both individuals are willing to undertake. For most people, especially the males, they use sex as a means of getting immediate satisfaction and tag it as a sign of love from their female counterparts. This is such a lame excuse for measuring how much a woman would love a man, especially if the former would have second thoughts of giving in to the demands of the males. It is only fitting that females want to maintain their virginity to the proper man that will truly deserve them, not only for a temporary moment in their lives.

Hence, waiting for the proper time before engaging in sexual activities should be approached in a mature way. Love is not measured by sexual intercourse, but rather the ability of people to respect the decision of others, especially during doubtful times. A woman can only lose her virginity once. A man who is unable to respect this right is truly not after a true relationship, but rather for personal satisfaction. It is only fitting that sexual intercourse will take place at the time when both parties are sure that they are ready to take on the possible results from such an act. It should not be purely for satisfaction but also being ready for the consequences of engaging in sexual intercourse.

Is it a Habit or Addiction?

The oxford dictionary defines habit as a settled or regular tendency or practice or alternatively an addiction to drugs. Ok that was what the books told us, but lets see what I understood of the word habit, Habit is word or tendency such that when I remove the starting letter from it (i.e. H), I still have a-bit, if I remove the next letter (i.e. A), I am still left with bit, when I remove the next letter from that, I am left with it, I still keeping having it, now in my desperate attempt I remove the next letter from that (i.e. I), I am still left with T, i.e. tea or coffee whatever you prefer. So habit is one such word so well defined in the English literature that it doesn't make you feel like an addict nor does it sound insulting, an extremely polite way of saying, Yes, I am addicted to something.

How can I differentiate between a habit and an addiction? Well the answer is very simple, you can't, and you just can't differentiate between a habit and an addiction. They both mean exactly the same. Socially or rather politically, the word habit is considered to be more polite than the word addiction. In most cases, if not in all, habits are formed unknowingly and people involuntarily get habituated. Now why did I say that? Well in most cases you never understand your body and why is it demanding something. You just do it because your body demands it.

Accepting that you are addicted is the only way to conquering your fears. You need to realize, not assume, what you are habituated to. Getting rid of an addiction or a habit starts from knowing your body, understanding its needs. Bringing discipline in your life, is a more practical way to word it. You need to know that your body is not like any other machine that processes your food, but is way much more complex. You need to balance your sleep hours, eating habits, and recreation timings.

Loosing your addiction or habits is only half success, but maintaining it for life is your final success. So once you have won yourself against addiction, it is very important to maintain this victory. The key element that would keep you going on in this battle is that fact that you love yourself and you love your life. Boys like their toys and girls like their boys, a phrase that displays relation betweens the oddest of elements. Raising the bar is a very good thing, as humans are competitive but one must know when and where the word enough, in their line of life. You may not be the best but you are not bad either.

So, let me end this one here by saying, be in control of yourself and your life. They just give you one life, so don't let any habit manipulate it cause this is one place you never get a second chance.

Solve Problems With a Word List

To creatively solve problems you need to get your mind looking in new directions. You can systematically do this by using a list of words, primarily adjectives, to create "what if?" scenarios. You start with the question, "what if it was..." and then insert a word from the list. The "it" in the question is the problem you're trying to solve, or the solution or situation that exists now.

Using "What If" To Solve Problems

An example will help explain the process. Assume your house is too crowded because you're running your business from it. You ask, "What if it was..." and insert from the word list, "smaller." The house is already too small, but could the business be smaller? The word "divided" might give you the idea to keep the business in just one part of the house.

Most words on the list won't help, so you can go through the irrelevant ones quickly. Don't automatically dismiss them, though, without a few seconds consideration. "What if it was hopeless?" may seem like a useless question, or it may make you realize that you just can't keep the business in the house any longer.

As with most problem-solving techniques, it's important to allow ideas to flow without judging them initially. Don't stifle the creative process. Evaluate your ideas later, when you're done with this part.

The Problem Solving Word List

You can create your own list of words. Use adjectives, descriptive phrases, and words that can change your perspective. These could include the following:

What if it was... larger, smaller, farther away, closer, sooner, later, easier, more difficult, higher, fat, rich, short, black, certain, hopeless, newer, boring, casual, subtracted from, cheaper, common, divided, more interesting, extravagant, subtle, or fun?

Your Very Own Palace

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The 5 Pieces to the Happiness Puzzle

I believe that there are five pieces that fit together to make happiness an automatic result for you.

You can be successful in any one or two of these areas and still not be happy but if you are simultaneously successful in all five then your happiness is assured. Let's take a look at each of these pieces and why they are important.

Element 1: Time
Time is an amazing thing. Each second that ticks past is gone for ever and we will never have the opportunity to use that second again. Once our "time is up" as they say, our life is over and this magnificent opportunity has passed.

How you choose to use this limited time that you have is probably the most important decision that you ever have to make! Yet most people never give it a thought. They just let it trickle away and never really do anything of value with it. At the end of their day they discover that they have been just one of the "also rans".

The happiness secret of time is to use your time developing and following your passion.

Element 2: Money
Money is financial energy. It is what determines, to a large extend, the quantity and quality of the choices we have in life.

If you have a passive income sufficient to meet your desired lifestyle then you have the choice to have and do the things in life that you really want to have and do.

The reason why a passive, rather than an active, income source is desirable is that if you no longer need to work for your income, then you have the choice to work or not work as it pleases you. You also have the free time to pursue whatever passions you desire without having to find a way for them to produce a living for you.

Element 3: Relationships
Of all the relationships that you could have, romantic, family, personal, business or social, the most important relationship for you to master and develop is your relationship with yourself.

If you are truly content and at ease with yourself then it is easy to have good relationships with others. But if you have a poor relationship with yourself then all other relationships will be empty and unfulfilling, sooner or later.

Once you have mastered the relationship with yourself then there are many types of rewarding relationships that you can develop. Each of these can add something to your enjoyment of life.

Element 4: Health
When I talk about health I am referring to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of who you are.

By developing sound habits and lifestyles in each of these areas you can ensure that you can have a quality of life that you could never enjoy just from focusing on one or two of these aspects. We are not physical beings, or mental beings, or emotional beings or spiritual beings we are a combination of all of these and the healthier you are in that total combination, the easier it is for you to be happy.

Element 5: Personal Fulfillment
Personal fulfillment comes from setting and achieving challenges that are inspiring to you, particularly if those challenges also give you a sense that you are in some way enhancing the world and, in particular, the lives of those around you.

This is why we set goals. Not to get the physical outcome but to get that sense of fulfillment.

You can achieve success in all five elements that I have discussed here, and if you do, these pieces will neatly fit together to provide you automatically with a life of true and lasting happiness.

How to make this your best year ever

Far too many of us have become "life potatoes", sitting on the couch watching passively as our life goes by.

Waiting for happiness, peace of mind, love and satisfaction to come along without any effort on your part hasn’t worked up to now, has it? Instead, you can change your life through two simple strategies: You can redefine the way you feel about failure, and you can break your goals down into smaller parts.

We give too much power to failure. If you have the courage to keep trying no matter what, you'll discover that failure is neither fatal nor final. By changing your mindset, you can "fail" your way to the things you've always wanted.

Seeing your failures differently

Try seeing failure not as a result but as a step in a process. Look at it this way. A salesman makes calls on prospects and is met with rejection every time. But this is a smart salesman. He remembers the excuse every person gave him about why they wouldn't buy his product. He develops a logical, factual answer to each of those excuses. He's using those "failures" as steps to building a bullet-proof presentation. After a week or two, he's heard all the possible excuses, and he has an indisputable response for every one.

Now when a prospect gives an excuse, our salesman politely counters it with an irrefutable response. He makes a sale. He continues to analyze and refine the sales process. Because he was able to remain objective, he turned his failures from setbacks into lessons that led him to his goal.

Life is trial and error, too, but few of us are dispassionate enough to learn from our errors. Instead, we react emotionally, forgetting that each wrong step still takes us closer to our goal.

By doing something as simple as developing a thicker skin and learning from your failures, you can make tremendous strides forward. Each time you stumble, you're just eliminating another unworkable approach. When you rule out all the wrong answers, you'll eventually hit on the right one.

Success, one brick at a time

Now we go from our salesman example to that of a bricklayer. The tallest skyscrapers in the world are put up one brick at a time. The bricklayer doesn’t try to put up all the bricks at once, nor does he become discouraged because each brick is so small in relation to the size of the building. He knows that the bricks add up, first one story, then another.

In the same way, you can break your goals down into smaller sub-goals, like the stories in that building. As you accomplish small goals, you’ll get the confidence to continue, and, using your new outlook on failures as merely lessons, you’ll learn what not to do, and little by little, you’ll build upon your successes.

Don’t become discouraged because progress is slow. As long as you stay with it, you are making progress. Meeting minor goals will give you the incentive to move toward major ones.

Taken together and applied consistently, these two strategies form an unbeatable combination. Don’t be a life potato this year. Do, learn, adjust, then keep building on your successes. You’ll be amazed at the good things you can make happen.

You are You

Beyond all, and pervading all, is the heart of being which beats steadily and irrevocably. This heart is you. It is who you are. It is the hub of existence. It is that in which all things, all of manifestation, arises. It is beyondness itself.

Without you - who you are - nothing would be.

Here you are - the cosmic ocean of life itself - attempting to confine yourself to the belief that you are a separated droplet of spray flying from an arising wave of this very ocean.

There is nothing for you to do and neither is there anywhere for you to go. You are. You already are. Not only that, you know that you are. You cannot lose yourself. You cannot get away from yourself. No matter where you turn you are.

Realize that, that which is peering through the eyes of the individuation that you are currently driving around through is you. The intelligence that sustains all of life is you. You are not wanting for anything, you already are everything.

Be at peace as this one that is already true of you. Now.

Who you are is this "motion of seeing," this "motion of aliveness," that is flowing through your very eyes right now.

So, yes, there is something that you can "do" to be who you already are. You can align your attention to where who you are is. Of course you can do this because you already are who you are.

Only a very complicated and deep thinking mind would come up with something as naive as "You cannot do anything about being who you are. You already are and you are being lost to or distracted from being who you are. You will have to wait until who you are decides to break through and reveal itself to you. Until then carry on as before."

The aberrations of the mind are endless in their capacity to distract you from simply being who you already are. That is what this mind that you believe to be true of you does.

You have to bend this mind of yours to go beyond the mind.

You bring your focus of attention to this "motion of seeing" that is flowing through your eyes now.

How To Be A Red Hot Positive Thinker with ONE word.

You only need to know ONE word to become a red-hot positive thinker and be an optimism magnet. You must make sure that this word stays in your vocabulary for a long time. Before I reveal to you that one single word, let me acquaint you first with the three words that perpetuate negativity.

Why do people indulge on negative thoughts? There is no need for rocket science principles here. Has it ever occurred to you that it is easier to become a negative person than a positive one? People indulge in negative thoughts mainly because IT IS EASY; and there are 3 simple steps involved here.

Finding Faults. According to T. Harv Eker, "whoever can point to as many people and circumstances without ever looking at himself is declared the winner!" When caught in a bind, some people easily point to someone else. It is the always the other person's fault. They take the easy way out instead of taking responsibility and finding solutions to the problem at hand.

They blame their parents for being the child they became, they blame their spouse for making them feel unloved, they blame their boss for the project that bombed, they blame their officemates for spreading gossip about them. They blame credit card companies for their numerous debts, they blame the sun for the uncomfortable heat, and they blame the wind for ruining their hair. What's next to blame?

Making Excuses. In this case, some people use their creativity to come up with innovative reasons and excuses just to get off the hook!

In work situations, some people would come up with excuses just to avoid doing the task assigned. Others would claim that the task is difficult or not within their line of expertise. Some would rationalize that it is hard to initiate change even before trying it out first! Their mindset is wired to give up easily. They would rather find one hundred reasons why it cannot be done, instead of finding reasons why it is worthy to purpose.

Whining Constantly. This refers to complainers who are dead set in finding the negative side of things.

Whiners have difficulty in finding happiness in life, for they focus on what they do not have, instead of being thankful for what they have. When people are complaining, they magnify and focus on what is wrong in their lives. When they complain about lack of money, that is what precisely will manifest in their lives.

There you have it, the 3 simple and easy steps for perpetuating negativity.

For a long time, people have been indulging on negativity. Many of us, in one way or another and at any point in our lives, have engaged in negative thoughts. The uncontrolled mind becomes the perfect breeding ground for pessimistic thoughts. Everyday, negative programming is being bombarded into our subconscious.

We already have lots of practice. To some, negativity is a way of life. Some infants are born to negative families. They are sensitive enough to absorb the prevailing atmosphere of the family. They easily imbibe the mental and emotional characteristics of the mother and the father since they are their first teachers. They grow up into teenagers and adults with negative mental attitudes then later on become parents themselves.

Some find comfort in the company of friends who indulge in negative thinking. "Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are." "Birds of the same feather flock together." This accounts for man's need to belong to a group. Peers have a major influence on some people's thoughts and decisions.

So now you ask me,

"What is the ONE word I need to know to become a red-hot positive thinker?"

That one simple word is STOP.

STOP finding faults. STOP making excuses. STOP whining.

Have a positively great day!


The Nastiest Habit of All

"The meaning of things lies not in the things themselves, but in our attitude towards them," - Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

A simple, almost trivial, yet immensely powerful way to empower every relationship you have is to change just one habit. The Habit of the First Meaning. What is the first place that you look for the meaning to understand what people do and say? Compare these pairs of actions and responses:

I smile. - You respond: "Are you laughing at me?"
I speak with a raised voice. - You respond: "Stop yelling at me."
I turn away. - You respond: "Are you ignoring me?"
I hold a steady gaze. - You respond: "Are you trying to stare me down?"
I say: "I want to spend the evening by myself." - You respond: "Are you tired of me?"

to these pairs of same actions and different responses:

I smile. - You respond: "Are you happy to see me?"
I speak with a raised voice. - You respond: "You feel so passionate about this!"
I turn away. - You respond: "Is that the cat joining us again?"
I hold a steady gaze. - You respond: "You are very much interested in what I'm saying, aren't you?"
I say: "I want to spend the evening by myself." - You respond: "You must have worked hard today and need some quite time."

For the first set of responses, you searched for the meaning of actions and words on the dark side. For the second, - on the light side. Most of us have habitual patterns in how we understand things - either we look first on the dark side or on the light side.

If you tend to look first for the dark side meaning using the question: "How can this be a problem?", then it might be really difficult to be in a long relationship with you. People with the dark side meaning habit are high maintenance and use up a lot of energy, their own and everyone else's. Once on the dark side path, you feel vested in it, and it is hard to reverse it. So you might spend hours rescuing the relationship from ever present dark side traps. (Have you ever had it happen when a sincere comment like "You look lovely tonight, honey," degenerated into a three hour ride through the relationship abyss?)

On the other hand, if your first impulse is to look for the light side meaning using the question: "What are just a few positive meanings of this event?", then other people will find you uplifting and energetic. And easy to be friends with and to love. You of course would reserve the right to change the meaning you had chosen as more evidence becomes available. (E.g. if your friend pushes you after speaking with a raised voice, then perhaps he really was yelling at you.)

At this point, a word of caution is in order - you might be tempted to think that the Habit of the First Meaning is obvious and simple. Yet, don't let the appearance fool you - like all in science, the more profound is the truth, the more obvious it sounds. You might think: "Sure, I am on the light side." Truth be told, most people are habituated to getting lost on the dark side.

Why do some people prefer to look first for dark meanings? After asking many people this question, it is clear that the predominant reason is to avoid being hurt. And that does make sense, doesn't it? If I first think of a really bad explanation and imagine it vividly, then whatever happens will be on the bright side. As Mark Twain said: "I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened."

So, the habit has served a useful purpose of protecting. And just like an overzealous parent who doesn't yet realize that the child has grown and is ready to step out on his own, the habit built up during earlier formative years is still here holding you back. Some people choose to live forever with their parents never adventuring out into the world - always holding back until the doors of their house rust shut forever. But most of us now find the right time to move on and while honoring our parents search for new ways to express ourselves. Step by step allowing ourselves even if temporarily to test new ways of the light side by asking "What could be the positive meaning behind these words and actions?" And opening up to the delight of immediately noticing so much light in actions and words of others. Wouldn't that be lovely?

Pause for a moment to think now of something that happened to you last week that you didn't like. And ask yourself: "What positive meanings could have I thought of back then?" A seemingly trivial question like that can often immediately heal hurt and anger. Now imagine a similar time in the near future when you will have a chance to practice the light side meaning. Get a good sense for how that will change how you feel and the whole interaction, and how differently people will react to you. And every time you communicate with people now, begin noticing how light the world becomes with one simple question.

Love It or Leave It

I would like to discuss another reason why many people are set up for failure. It's because they don't love what they're doing.

To succeed in any endeavor, you must venture into one that you love doing or something that you're good or skilled at.

That doesn't mean you have to quit your job if you're not satisfied with it, but use it as a temporary channel to help you arrive at your desired destination.

For example, you can think of creative ways to make your hobby a lucrative business or occupation. You can do this part-time while still being employed.

Instead of watching TV, chatting nonsense, or drinking at the bar, use your time productively. Read books, listen to audios, attend seminars or classes, or do anything that will propel you forward to your goal. Aim to be more efficient than you can ever be. Brainstorming, or even just discussing, with people who are well-versed in the field of your interest can be very helpful.

Don't get stuck in a life with no direction or purpose. Step out of your comfort zone and just do it. The sense of achievement is an awesome feeling.

Here's another piece of advice:

Don't get stressed out over things you have no control of. If you guess that something undesirable will happen in the future, think of ways to solve the problem rather than worry about it. As the saying goes, "Focus on the solution, and not on the problem."

Center your attention on the things that you can change or control. You can do it.

My Tips for Communicating Effectively

Effective communication skills are necessary for smooth relations with other people. They can be your family, friends, colleagues or even strangers. Communication is engaging in an exchange with another person. Knowing how to communicate effectively will help you get across what you mean more efficiently. This can also help you minimize friction and misunderstandings. The following are some tips for communicating effectively. This can serve as starter course for effective communication.

1. Count 1 to 10. When you get in the middle of an intense argument or when someone suddenly lashes out at you, don’t get mad right away. Count 1 to 10 before responding. This will make you aware that the person you are speaking to might just be experiencing severe stress and does not intend to attack you personally.

2. Recognize that you don’t know all the answers to all questions. If you don’t know the answer just say that you don’t know. You don’t have to make other people feel and think that you know everything.

3. Listen to other people’s concerns. People need to be heard just like you do. More importantly, take the initiative to share in other people’s feelings.

4. Always remember that what others may not mean the way we think they mean it. Our values, beliefs and judgments may have altered the meaning of what someone has said. Always allow for the possibility that our impression of what someone has said may not be true.

5. Focus on common interests rather than differences. This will help you direct your energy to promoting the common interest and making everyone happier, and will also help you avoid frustration.

6. Be aware when you impinge on someone’s space. Personal space is very important for most people. When you impinge on their space try to ask them respectfully. Tell them the reason you have to impinge on their space.

7. Think positive. Always see the glass as half full rather than half empty. Doing so will help you reduce stress. Also it can keep you motivated and pleasant when you deal with other people.

Communicating can be a pleasant and enriching experience when you try to do it more effectively. These simple pointers can help you moving towards more effectively dealing with others, and will save you a great deal of stress and energy.

Get More Dates: Be a Good Guy – Not A Nice Guy

Guys who describe themselves as the nice guy are always saying things like, "Why do nice guys finish last?" The answer is - they don't… Weak guys finish last. Very often behaviors that you call nice are perceived by women as weak. And they are usually right. So Mr. Nice Guy, get ready for a rude awakening - You are really Mr. Weak Guy. The gauge you are using to qualify your "niceness" is way off.

You need to think in terms of being a GOOD guy, not a NICE guy. Women really don't want jerks. They want many of the qualities that a jerk portrays but they don't want you to really be a mean jerk. Take a look at the classic hero in most action movies. Let's look at Indiana Jones for a minute. You'll notice that for the most part he isn't a nice guy. He has no time for silly games, he tends to be rather abrupt with people who can't keep up with him, and he doesn't kiss any one's ass. To the amateur eye he may even come across as a jerk. But, here's what makes him the hero. When it comes down to it he really is a good guy. He really wants to help people. He has a big heart and even sacrifices his own life to help others around him. This is what women want. It's okay to have a big heart and to be a really good guy. In fact, women LOVE that. It's one of the main qualities they look for in a man.

You need to learn to separate the concept of what you've been calling the "nice guy" from the "good guy" . The nice guy tells everyone what they want to hear. The nice guy doesn't stand his ground or voice his opinion when people offer adversity. The good guy isn't concerned with catering to everyone around him and isn't interested in telling people what they want to hear. He is however very caring and really wants to help people when it comes to serious issues. The good guy is the one who sacrifices himself when it really counts. He has a genuine love for people. You can and should be a good guy without being a weak "nice guy".

Negative Energy - How To Avoid It

Where does negative energy come from? Some of it is from the other people we spend time with. Don't we all know people who just suck away our energy? However, it also comes from our own thinking habits. Here are some examples of both sources of negativity and what you can do about them.

Negative Energy People

Perhaps you have a friend who needs to challenge everything you say. Some people you know may point out the negative aspects of everything. Then there are those who are just plain depressed and who seem to want the world to join them.

What can you do about these "negative energy people"? First recognize that it isn't always just that person. It is often the way you interact with that person. For example, a critical person can be a useful person if critical analysis is what you need at that moment. However, such a person may drain your energy if you waste your time defending yourself from their petty and unnecessary comments. Ignore them or ask the person to stop!

There are other ways to change the negative energy between you and another. One way is to talk about something you both have a common interest in. This can dissolve the negativity, unless it is a very depressing topic. Another simple technique is to ask negative people for some good news. Get them to tell you about anything that is going well in their lives. It's hard to maintain negative feelings when talking about something good. This one really does work most of the time.

If the above ways don't work, or if the person is just always depressing, the solution is simple, but not necessarily easy - spend less time with that person. You have to spend some time with unpleasant people, of course. They could even be people you love. However, you have no obligation to take part in their negative thinking, and you can reduce your exposure.

Negative Energy From Our Thinking

At times, don't we all produce our own share of negative energy? It comes from primarily one place - our thoughts. You may have heard the saying, "change your thinking, change your life." Don't believe it? Start to imagine all the things you need to do and all the things that could go wrong in your future, and see if you aren't feeling more stressed. The lesson here is obvious: Drop your negative thinking.

It is a simple, but not always an easy solution. Start by watching your mind. When does it indulge in negativity, and what triggers it? What can you change to trigger it less or discourage it? You don't want to ignore problems that you need to pay attention to, but how often do you do the same five minutes of thinking about a problem fifty times over? Just do what you need to do and drop it!

The flip side of negative thoughts is positive ones. This doesn't mean you need to be overly optimistic. You can change your state of mind by simply recognizing of all the good things you already have in your life. Continually thinking about the advantages you have, the good things about your character, and the wonderful things you have seen and are seeing, makes it difficult to feel very negative.

Start doing what you have to. For example, if it's difficult for you to remember to think positively, write a list of the things you are grateful for. Then put it in your pocket and pull it out and read it from time to time. Maybe you can experiment with affirmations. Start watching for things that are going right in your life and pay attention to those. Positive and negative energy come from where you aim your mind. Why not choose better places?

The Importance of Letting Go

There once was a happy monkey. He wandered through the jungle, happy to be alive. He stopped to eat delicious fruit when he was hungry, and resting when he was tired.

One day he came upon a house, where he saw a bowl of the most beautiful apples. He took one in each hand and ran back into the forest. He sniffed the apples and smelled nothing. He tried to eat them, but hurt his teeth. They were made of wood. They appeared beautiful, however, and when the other monkeys saw them, he held onto them even tighter.

He held his new wooden apples proudly as he wandered the jungle. They glistened red in the sun, and seemed perfect to him. He payed so much attention to them, that he didn't even notice his growing hunger.

A fruit tree reminded him. He squeezed the apples in his hands, and couldn't bear to let go of them in order to reach for the real fruit. In fact, he couldn't relax, either, if he was to defend his apples. A proud, but hungry and less happy monkey continued to walk along the forest trails.

The wooden apples became heavier, and the poor little monkey began to think about leaving them behind. He was tired, hungry, and he couldn't climb trees or collect fruit with his hands full. What if he just let go?

Letting go seemed crazy, but what else could he do? He was so tired. Seeing the next fruit tree, and smelling it's fruit was enough. He dropped the wooden apples, reached up for his meal, and was happy again.

Letting Go Of Wooden Apples

Like that little monkey, we sometimes carry things that seem too valuable to let go. A man carries an image of himself as "productive" - carries it like a shiny wooden apple. But in reality, his busyness leaves him tired, and hungry for a better life. Still, letting go seems crazy. Even his worries are sacred apples - they prove he's "doing everything he can." He holds onto them compulsively.

This is a hard thing to see. We identify so strongly with our things even, feeling pain when our cars are dented. How much more powerfully do we identify with our beliefs and self-ideas? Yet they don't always feed our souls, do they? And we become tired of defending them.

How else could the story end? The monkey might be found dead of hunger, under a beautiful tree, with fruit within reach, but still grasping his wooden apples. I chose to end it with him letting go, because only with open hands can we recieve.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Exclusive YEROC Press Release



New Eye-Catching Fashion Frames will showcase the Lure & Fascination of Fashion

Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo (March 16, 2011)-- Designer Corey Woods has announced that the highly anticipated collection of YEROC eye wear will launch early on April 4, 2011. The date also marks one year in fashionable business for the YEROC label. The collection celebrates the transformation of YEROC from its inception to its ascension while conveying the enchantment of fashion. The Magician’s Collection® - “Now you see me, now you don’t.”


The YEROC fashion label intertwines individualism with majestic syncretism. It channels the energetic boldness and confidence of the lightning bolt; the most powerful exclamation point. The wearer of the YEROC brand understands that standing out is a natural consequence of being an ICON.

YEROC eye wear is a diverse line of premium eye wear fit for the urbane individual. Photoplex® technology has been infused in the YEROC lens. This exclusive technology will protect your eyes from every single ray of the Sun. Each piece of YEROC eye wear is a unification of style, technology, exoticism and a divine appreciation of nature. For more information about YEROC, please visit

Media Contact:

Corey Woods

Friday, March 4, 2011

Exclusive: Private YEROC Sale. 50% OFF now if you preorder. Shop the new YEROC collection before everyone else. Limited quantities available. Full collection launches on 4.3.2011

 Click the YEROC logo to purchase after selecting your model from the Drop Down Menu

The YEROC Parzin
Black Refined Wood
with Stainless Steel Accents
$199 retail

Pictured above Model Andrea Perez and myself in the YEROC Parzin

The YEROC Lepora

The YEROC Lepora
Oblique View
Transculent Pattern with Superior Lens
$199 retail

The YEROC Hive
Killer Fashion
Bullet proof
$199 retail

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Types Of Girls That You Should Avoid

In general, men are looking first for physical attraction at a woman. Many of them consider that if she is beautiful and well dressed, its the perfect partner they are looking for. But they don't know that behind this appearance its hiding something worst.

Maybe this happened to you too. After you began a relationship with her you found out that she is not exactly what you want and what you expect. She hurt you and dumped you when you last expected. Many men are chasing after a woman who lied them and used them. But, in order to stop this, you should know from the beginning which types of girls you should avoid for to not be hurt again.

Desperate girl
-it is the type of the girl who spend all her life laid out, looking for a perfect life, and suddenly she discover that she gets old and she doesn't get married yet because she hasn't met the perfect man for her

-she wants desperately to get married no matter who the guy is or what he does

-she is pressed by the time and is ready to marry with a jerk as long as he has marriage material

-watch out because if you marry one of this, you have to spend the rest of your life with her

Materialistic girl
-usually is good looking and well dressed

-is looking very well outside but inside it is a bunch of money hungry taker

-she is looking all the time after boys which are staying very well with their wallet

-she expects that a man should finance her entire life just because she is biologically female

-she is very friendly, nice at the beginning but after some time you'll see that no matter how much you give her, she wants more

-she is greed personified

-she is interested only in what she wants and not others feelings

-stay away from this kind of girl because she will dumped you after she spend all your money

Angry girl
-she is the type of the girl which sees life like a battle

-anything what is happening or is told to her is seen as a insult at her address

-has also a bad opinion about man, sees only the wrong sides of a man

-she is always upset and angry

-usually she likes to take out of context everything what is said to her and to interpret the words like she wants

-you don't have any future with her, she has a simmering anger at men which can explode at any moment

Insecure girl
-she is very nice and treats men very well

-but she suffers by frustration

-is wracked by anxiety about making the wrong decision

-she has to think twice about what to do, what to wear, where to go, what to eat

-she needs constant reassurance that she's attractive and worries incessantly

Stupid girl
-this type of girl likes to speak a lot but she doesn't say nothing smart

-she likes to say always gossips about the others, but when you want to talk something important with her, she is not able to make conversation

Uptown girl
-she is very rich

-everything she has is better than yours and she wants to make sure that you know it

-she only dates the best of best

-is entirely focused on herself

-she is very selfish, self-indulgent grown up as '' daddy's little girl''

-needs to be constant center of attention no matter what she does or where she goes

Childish girl
-everything in life hurts this kind of girl

-is the type of girl who cries a lot, every innocent comment or criticism will upset her

-avoid this kind of girl because if you are dating one you will have to spend all the time apologizing even if you didn't make any mistake

-avoid also long term relationship with her because she is capable of suicide if you want to leave her and all the blame will be thrown on yourself

Elusive girl
-is the type of girl who is afraid to start a relationship

-she might be hurt in a past relationship and so subconsciously avoids or sabotages new relationships in the present

-she look interested at the beginning but after a while she runs away

-is the type of girl who likes to send mixed messages so you'll never understand her

Talking girl
-it is a big difference between somebody who is able to make good conversation and have sense of humor , and somebody who always have to make a comment about everything

-it is the type which is very hard to please and always has to say something about everything is happening or speaking around her

Romantic girl
-this lives in her own world, of movies and romance novels

-she is very dreamy, imagining things, expecting Prince Charming to come after her

-she doesn't know how the real world is

-she was grown with the idea that she is a princess

Dragger girl
-this kind of girl will always make you feel bad even there is no reason to feel that

-it is always worrying and she can never be happy, everything around her is a total drag

-even if a wonderful thing happen to you, she will make you feel like it was the worst thing that could happen ever

Controlling girl
-she likes to have the total control in your relationship and on you too

-wants to control you in everything you do, you wear or eat

-if you try to control her too, she will get angry, cry, scream or use any deceptive female tactic until you give up

Flirting girl
-she flirts with anybody and flaunt her sexuality at every opportunity

-has a big power of attraction

-exist the risk to dump you in any moment if somebody better comes along

With all these types of girls you should avoid, it is now more easy for you to make a good choice about your next girlfriend; but remember that not all the women are the same, maybe there is somewhere a good, carrying woman just for you.

2 Best Ways To Keep Conversation Ongoing In Your First Date.

To any guy – especially one who has never dated women before, the first date can be very awkward. Awkward in the sense that not only you but your dating partner is feeling just as nervous as well. Especially since both of you are trying too hard to create a good first impression on each other.

If keep the conversation flowing in the first date is a problem, the chances of you dating your partner the second time will be extremely slim. So to prevent that from happening, it is critical to create a spark that will make this encounter unforgettable and not the other way round.

Here are 2 essential ways to keep your first date conversation ongoing.

Asking Questions

The first way is to ask questions. As a guy, you should take the initiative. Begin by asking what she work as, her family background and hobbies during free time. Based on what she tells you, you will know more about her and maybe have an idea on how to make your second date better.

You need to be attentive when she tells you about herself. Please do not yawn or get distracted by another beautiful lady as most women do not like that. If she tells you something you also like, give positive comments.

By asking questions, you control the conversation. So please use this to your advantage.

Make Her Laugh Or Smile

The second way is to make her laugh or smile. By doing so, you can remove all the tension and nervousness between you and her.

If you are not good in jokes, go to the bookstore or online and read about them. Once you succeeded in breaking the ice and injected her with humour, she will immediately see you as a charming guy and want to ask you out again.

Dating Advice for Single Men: Get an Exclusive Woman

Are you a single man looking for a girlfriend? There are some who want to play the field but most single men want a steady relationship with a woman. Is that what you want too? Are you one who considers that it is important to have a special and exclusive woman in your life? You can follow some steps to have more chances of meeting that exclusive woman to date.

1. This is one of the best things you can do to find the girl of your dream. Check and enjoy your life first. If you are contented with whom you are and what you have then you are happy; your tendency is to look for a woman with the same quality as yours. This way of finding the right qualities of a woman will pay off later in a relationship.

2. Socializing is a good way to meet people. Family and friends gatherings are places where you can meet new acquaintances, increase the number of woman friends and make your social circle larger. That will provide a greater number to choose from to get out on a date. You can also increase the possibility on finding someone with the same interest and taste as yours. Having things in common is a good factor.

3. Try to take time dating different women. That is not because you want to play around but to find the right fit for you and vice versa. By dating different women you can learn their qualities, goals, interests, desires and needs that you will be better equipped to understand how to choose the woman to be your partner.

4. Make it different from ordinary. After choosing a date, you may want o deviate from the usual classic films, visit to the museum or dinner at a classy restaurant. It?s more memorable to have a dinner at your place with candlelight and flowers on the table. Imagine a different approach from what women are used to; things that she will remember long enough to look forward to the next date with you.

5. Take the initiative to end the day. At the start of your dating, don?t wait for her to tell you that it?s time for her to go. Instead do it while the date is still on high note by saying?? I hate to end the day because you are having a great time but it?s getting late.? This will come up a surprise to her because most guys would hang up until they end with more serious business, you know what!

If you end the date before she does, you make yourself different from others. You will continue to have control on the date and over her. You make yourself hard to get and that?s intriguing to a woman. It shows that you are not desperate for action in bed. And she would think that there are other women in your life so she needs to work harder to get you.

And finally, you may want to get on online dating for single men which is an extremely safe way to meet potential matches; without getting to know each other in person. It will make you feel comfortable and allows you to be more selective in the process of finding the perfect match to date.

How Narcissism Breeds Evil In Our World Today

In his bestselling "People of the Lie", Scott Peck claims that narcissists are evil. Are they?

The concept of "evil" in this age of moral relativism is slippery and ambiguous. The "Oxford Companion to Philosophy" (Oxford University Press, 1995) defines it thus: "The suffering which results from morally wrong human choices."

To qualify as evil a person (Moral Agent) must meet these requirements:

1.. That he can and does consciously choose between the (morally) right and wrong and constantly and consistently prefers the latter;
.. That he acts on his choice irrespective of the consequences to himself and to others.
Clearly, evil must be premeditated. Francis Hutcheson and Joseph Butler argued that evil is a by-product of the pursuit of one's interest or cause at the expense of other people's interests or causes. But this ignores the critical element of conscious choice among equally efficacious alternatives. Moreover, people often pursue evil even when it jeopardizes their well-being and obstructs their interests. Sadomasochists even relish this orgy of mutual assured destruction.

Narcissists satisfy both conditions only partly. Their evil is utilitarian. They are evil only when being malevolent secures a certain outcome. Sometimes, they consciously choose the morally wrong - but not invariably so. They act on their choice even if it inflicts misery and pain on others. But they never opt for evil if they are to bear the consequences. They act maliciously because it is expedient to do so - not because it is "in their nature".

The narcissist is able to tell right from wrong and to distinguish between good and evil. In the pursuit of his interests and causes, he sometimes chooses to act wickedly. Lacking empathy, the narcissist is rarely remorseful. Because he feels entitled, exploiting others is second nature. The narcissist abuses others absent-mindedly, off-handedly, as a matter of fact.

The narcissist objectifies people and treats them as expendable commodities to be discarded after use. Admittedly, that, in itself, is evil. Yet, it is the mechanical, thoughtless, heartless face of narcissistic abuse - devoid of human passions and of familiar emotions - that renders it so alien, so frightful and so repellent.

We are often shocked less by the actions of narcissist than by the way he acts. In the absence of a vocabulary rich enough to capture the subtle hues and gradations of the spectrum of narcissistic depravity, we default to habitual adjectives such as "good" and "evil". Such intellectual laziness does this pernicious phenomenon and its victims little justice.

Note - Why are we Fascinated by Evil and Evildoers?

The common explanation is that one is fascinated with evil and evildoers because, through them, one vicariously expresses the repressed, dark, and evil parts of one's own personality. Evildoers, according to this theory, represent the "shadow" nether lands of our selves and, thus, they constitute our antisocial alter egos. Being drawn to wickedness is an act of rebellion against social strictures and the crippling bondage that is modern life. It is a mock synthesis of our Dr. Jekyll with our Mr. Hyde. It is a cathartic exorcism of our inner demons.

Yet, even a cursory examination of this account reveals its flaws.

Far from being taken as a familiar, though suppressed, element of our psyche, evil is mysterious. Though preponderant, villains are often labeled "monsters" - abnormal, even supernatural aberrations. It took Hanna Arendt two thickset tomes to remind us that evil is banal and bureaucratic, not fiendish and omnipotent.

In our minds, evil and magic are intertwined. Sinners seem to be in contact with some alternative reality where the laws of Man are suspended. Sadism, however deplorable, is also admirable because it is the reserve of Nietzsche's Supermen, an indicator of personal strength and resilience. A heart of stone lasts longer than its carnal counterpart.

Throughout human history, ferocity, mercilessness, and lack of empathy were extolled as virtues and enshrined in social institutions such as the army and the courts. The doctrine of Social Darwinism and the advent of moral relativism and deconstruction did away with ethical absolutism. The thick line between right and wrong thinned and blurred and, sometimes, vanished.

Evil nowadays is merely another form of entertainment, a species of pornography, a sanguineous art. Evildoers enliven our gossip, color our drab routines and extract us from dreary existence and its depressive correlates. It is a little like collective self-injury. Self-mutilators report that parting their flesh with razor blades makes them feel alive and reawakened. In this synthetic universe of ours, evil and gore permit us to get in touch with real, raw, painful life.

The higher our desensitized threshold of arousal, the more profound the evil that fascinates us. Like the stimuli-addicts that we are, we increase the dosage and consume added tales of malevolence and sinfulness and immorality. Thus, in the role of spectators, we safely maintain our sense of moral supremacy and self-righteousness even as we wallow in the minutest details of the vilest crimes.

Is Sexting Cheating?

Is sexting cheating? In this article I will discuss the topic of sexting and hopefully get to hear the views from others.

Today, pretty much everyone has a smart phone with internet access and in most cases a camera. That is all the tools you need to get involved in the new revolution known as “sexting”.

If you are single then this becomes a new avenue that takes you closer to the big score; but should you be going down that road with someone else when you are in a committed relationship?

I visited various forums today and the opinions were mixed across the board. I was quite amazed at the reasoning for some answers.

I expected the answers to be skewed one way, but I am sure you will be just as surprised as I was when you see how it was answered.

So, is sexting cheating?

My personal view is, sexting should be considered cheating and I will explain below:

Sexting is Cheating and Here’s Why:

Deceitful - When you engage in sexting, you are clearly doing it without your partner’s knowledge, and you would never willingly admit to it because you know it will be hurtful. The blatant deceit undermines your partner’s trust and therefore crosses “the line” in the relationship.

Opportunity – When sexting, you are actively engaging yourself in a situation that goes way beyond flirting which puts you in a compromising position when it comes to your relationship.

Attachment – Because sexting can be so stimulating, it often clears the path for an emotional attachment that will ultimately take away from what you have with your committed partner.

In summary, the above are just some of my reasons why I think sexting is a form of cheating, and ultimately it is nothing but bad for those involved in a committed relationship.

I really want to hear the view your view, the question is yours:

Please take the time to continue this discussion at: Is sexting cheating?

YEROC by Corey Woods Feature Interview on Style Amore

Recently I was featured on the Style Amore blog. Below is a transciption of the interview, to view the interview in its orginal format, click here:

Can you give us a brief bio about your company YEROC?  When and where you were established and your inspiration for becoming an eyewear designer?
I have always been a creator. From my inception into this world, I revolved around my own creative core. The core is comprised of an eclectic, artistic, imaginative, and productive nucleus that spawns original output. So my inspiration to design an eyewear line comes forth from an internal deep-leveled well of virtuosity.

YEROC eyewear serves as a symbol, a prelude to my story. The eyewear represents my ever-changing metamorphic vision. When you see life through multiple lenses, you heighten your perspective and comprehension of the world.

YEROC by Corey Woods was established on April 1, 2010. Despite being less than a year old, my fashion label has undergone incredible growth. I am fortunate to have landed in this fashion world on two modish feet.

How is YEROC pronounced?
There are two acceptable pronunciations for YEROC. My European friends pronounce it as Yee-roc whereas others pronounce it as Ya-rock.

In a competitive market what makes your brand stand out from the rest?
I believe that absolute authenticity is the antidote to a poisoned and monopolized market. I follow the same laws in which I live by; I stay genuine to my true nature. When you exist in the form that you are, you don’t ponder about what other forms you could be or how those forms compare to your own because you are satisfied with your original form. Therefore, I don’t compete, I defeat.

We noticed there is a new collection called YEROC Chu which includes items such as bracelets and mirrors.  Can you tell us a little about it and what to expect?
The YEROC Chu was a special limited edition collection that sold out within its first weeks. The collection was composed of charms and mirrors to link and reflect the future upcoming collection of YEROC: “The Magician’s Collection- now you see me, now you don’t.”

How would you describe the YEROC man/woman?
The YEROC man and woman are beings that know exactly who they are and aspire to be. The YEROC man and woman cognize that in originality lays authority that in authority lays responsibility. The YEROC man and woman understand that standing out is a natural consequence of being an icon.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced so far?
The most gargantuan challenge that I’ve faced occurred at YEROC’s birth. The economy stunted YEROC’s growth at first; it induced a premature newborn. The tubes of entrepreneurial death were attached to YEROC immediately after it was born. However, I ignored the odds and told YEROC that it would make it. And then suddenly, YEROC began to breathe on its own through its own lungs. Now YEROC sprints and leaps over hurdles.

What has been the most rewarding moment so far?
The most rewarding moment should be renamed as the most rewarding moments. The very fact that I’ve beaten the crushing odds of first year entrepreneurial failure and that YEROC is not even a year old is my personal crowning accomplishment. There is a 95% failure rate for first year businesses. I enjoy and revel in every second of business survival. In this Darwinian world of fashion, I am determined to not only survive but THRIVE. If I consume organic creativity, then can I can defy gravity and never fall.

YEROC on the Step and Go NY Fashion Week

Is your brand only purchased online or can they be found in any boutiques?
The YEROC brand is ultimately exclusive. The brand is purchased online to satisfy an international market. However, YEROC can be found in both boutiques in Tokyo and some in the United States. YEROC is set for further expansion this year; it will be in even more boutiques and stores incredibly soon. Also private selling and private trunk shows are also available for urbane clients.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to venture into this industry?
I would tell someone venturing in this industry to stay on course, driving with only their vision. I would tell them not to get distracted by the attractive signs hanging overhead or the bolstering billboards that offer big flat dreams. I would tell that person that there are exits everywhere, and to think twenty times before leaving your dream stranded on the side of the road.

Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to share?
I have an exorbitant amount of upcoming projects but I want to draw your focus on one powerful project: YEROC NATION

**Bonus Clip**
Check out Amber Rose Rockin' her YEROC Eyewear!

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