Monday, January 31, 2011

10 Simple Steps Toward a Better Life


Here are 10 simple things you can start doing to work toward getting even more balance and control in your life immediately.

1. Stop Tolerating
When you stop putting up with things that are within your control, you will have a lot more energy for yourself.

2. Make Everything Simple
The simpler you can make your life the more space and balance you will have.

3. Save / Stockpile
When you build up reserves in every area of your life, you can leverage oppertunities as they come more quickly.

4. Polish Everything
When you buff up and make a point to shine in every aspect of your life, you'll be happier and feel better.

5. Orient Yourself Around What Matters
When your life is oriented around what matters to you then you will naturally have more clarity about what's next.

6. Get Complete
Finish everything you start or completely walk away. Through doing this you will experience peace of mind.

7. Strengthen Your Foundation
When your needs are met, and your personal foundation is solid, confidence replaces fear.

8. Integrate Your Life
When you life blends and flows naturally as it you seeing how it should, then you will experience effortlessness. Everything then just feels like it's falling into place.

9. Experiment and Improve Continuously
When you try new things or ways of thinking you become a more naturally creative and open minded person. This is another way to begin replacing the emotion of FEAR with CONFIDENCE.

10. Get CoachingBusiness, personal, life, fear and phobia removal and more.  It works, and if you're committed to being your best, and quickly changing your current situation into a better one then you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Failure Is Not An Option, It Is Standard

NASA proudly claims that "failure is not an option." For self-employed professionals, failure isn't an option either. It is standard. Success is the option!

You may believe that failure is a powerful motivator, but all-too-often it's not. Many, if not most of us, have become accustomed to failure -- learning to accept it from the time we began trying to accomplish things. When we learned to walk, we failed at first. As we tried to master our first words, we uttered gibberish. When we struck out at our first at bat, we were told, "That's okay; you'll get 'em next time." During these and many more failures, we were often rewarded -- sometimes with words, sometimes with more. Consequently, even though we say we are afraid of failing, I believe we are much more comfortable with it than we realize, often opting for it over the uncertainty of success.

The Amazing Effects of Your Affirmations

"Psychologists tell us we think 50,000 thoughts a day... between 1,000 and 5,000 thoughts in a single hour. Many of those thoughts are about ourselves and about our performance, about our lovability, our capability and our significance. So the key is to control those thoughts, making certain they're always positive." ~ Jack Canfield

Affirmations refer primarily to the practice of positive thinking—fostering a belief that positive mental attitudes supported by affirmations will achieve positive outcomes. More specifically an affirmation is a carefully formatted statement that should be repeated to one's self and written down frequently. For an affirmation to be effective, it needs to be present tense, positive, personal and specific.

Affirmations can be used in any context of life whether it is our love lives, our health, relationships, or our careers.

Wherever you are in life you can benefit from developing a positive mindset. Using powerful positive thinking techniques such as affirmations, it is possible to achieve whatever you want. Professionals and business people can use these techniques to develop personal power or gain a competitive edge. At a personal level it will transform your life, your health and renew the joy and passion for life. Imagine waking up each morning, bursting with excitement, energy and joy for the new day

Some classic examples of affirmations you can start with for relationships are:

"I love and accept myself as I am, and I know that by doing this I can love others more fully and they can love me"

"All my relationships are now loving and harmonious"

"I now attract the perfect partner into my life"

"I deserve love and happiness"
"I attract only loving and uplifting people into my life"

Practice saying these things to yourself, writing them down, and verbalizing them throughout the day. You will see the effects in your life almost immediately.

Put Your Destiny In Your Hand

Manifesting wealth and abundance should be easy.  However too often people are full of fear and anxiety and if you're constantly worried about how things will turn out you are closing off the ways that money and abundance can actually come to you.

You shouldn't have to struggle to make money or attract wealth.  Having more money makes your life easier and allows you to do many of the things you want.  But if you don't have the wealth you want, if you're not making the kind of money you want, if you're not manifesting  wealth and abundance then you're simply not sending out the right messages to have more of what you want.

Those messages are your thoughts and beliefs.  And whatever thoughts and beliefs you have about money and manifesting wealth will become a part of your life.

Unfortunately most people don't believe they can make the kind of money they want and they don't believe that they can be wealthy.

Why does this happen?

Well at some point in your life you developed a negative thinking pattern, This pattern was planted in your subconscious mind when you were younger and in all probability you're not even aware of it.  You just know that you believe more in lack than you do in abundance.  That no matter how hard you try you just can't ‘get ahead'.  That you don't deserve it, you're not worthy of it, that you have to struggle to succeed – and so you never achieve.

What's happening is that your subconscious is creating your life based on those thoughts and beliefs.   You're putting out the wrong signals.

Your subconscious simply follows your beliefs.  Negative or limiting beliefs about money have no purpose… they don't let you get ahead or live the life you want and they certainly won't let you become wealthy.

Those who succeed and enjoy their lives control their fear, they eliminate anxiety and panic by changing their focus and by thinking of how things will or can work out.   They have a belief in themselves and what they are worthy of.

If you're crippled with fear it's because you're thinking of how things won't work out or what could go wrong.

You don't have enough information to be confident so your mind immediately focuses on what could go wrong.  No wonder you get scared.   Anybody would be crippled with fear if they focused on what could go wrong all the time.

So what do you do?

Change your thoughts.  Start thinking about how things could work out.  Push your mind to do things differently.  As your mind goes into a negative tailspin you feel trapped, you're worried, uncertain, then the panic takes over, the fear cripples you and the anxiety overwhelms you. And if those worries are down to money – not having enough, not earning enough, not enough customers, whatever it might be, the more you think like that the worse it will become.

It's not a way to live.

So what can you do?

Focus on what you want.  Think of how you would like things to turn out and fill your mind with thoughts of success.  If you stray, if your mind comes back and give you negative junk that leads to fear and anxiety change those thoughts.

Your subconscious mind will then pick up on these new thoughts and allow you to overcome the fear…  eliminate the anxiety and get rid of the panic attacks.

You need to eliminate and change any negative beliefs about money even if times are tough or if there's a recession.

The truth is that in a recession people still make money.

People still find jobs in recessions.

Businesses do grow.
New businesses form during tough times.

Keep Changing those negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. Get rid of them.


When you have a thought that supports you those beliefs change .  It really is that simple

Getting rid of those negative beliefs once and for all, empowering yourself with positive powerful thoughts, doing this on a daily basis (the way you do when you worry !) going over and over things is THE ONLY WAY to bring changes in your life; bring you the life you want rather than what you're struggling with.
Focus on what you want.  Feed your mind positive thoughts and create positive beliefs about making and building wealth quickly and easily

Negative self-beliefs thwart your self-image and cloud and shroud the light within.  You cannot live like that – You need to let your happy loving nature shine; let it out and be free.

In doing so you will find your life will change in all areas, and you will begin to manifest all your dreams with ease and start experiencing more of the love, happiness and successes you desire and deserve.
The truth is, you always deserve, whether you believe it or not, so you may as well believe it! Because…

The more you believe you deserve it all, the more you will receive

I can help you change those beliefs; I can help you move on, improve your life, make more money, give you confidence and self belief which will in turn bring you a brighter future.

Remember what you think about today becomes true for you tomorrow.

Get rid of those limiting beliefs before they cause more damage to your life.


4 Wonderful Ways To Save Money

Looking for saving money tips? Here are 4 wonderful ways to save money. As you all are aware that the world is in the state of recession. Almost every country has fallen victim of this global economical crisis. This crisis has been the major cause of the downfall of the economy in many countries. The rate of unemployment is rising day by day. The only option which is available to the people is to save money as much as they can because no one knows what's coming in the future. In my article I will discuss 4 ways to save money.

1. Update Your Self: If you want to make or save your money
 you should be updated and you must be aware about the current market situation. It is important because while you are saving you must also be aware of the opportunities which market is offering in this hard time.

2. Budgeting: if you don't have a habit to measure your budget, then now it's your duty to maintain your budget on daily, weekly and on monthly basis .This will help you in getting rid of your unnecessary expenses. When deciding your monthly budget consider your debts. It is important to get rid of your debts a quickly as possible and try to remain debt free as much as you can.

3. Eat less: from the last few years it has been noticed that people are spending lot of money on their eating habits. I am not saying you must not eat, but you have to cut down your excessive expenses in order to save money. Home made food must be considered by you and dining out must be avoided.

4. Sources of Income: If you want to save and want to earn extra income then you have to work additionally. Doing additional work will enhance your income. The more you earn the more you will save. You can increase your income by doing over time, part time, online work and many others.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My 5 Ways To Combat The Words "Im Overwhelmed"

Some of the greatest challenges our society faces today is overwhelm and distraction. It seems like most of us suffer from an inability to maintain our attention and focus on getting our dreams and goals across the finish line.
1. Break the Spiral and Get Grounded

When you are stuck in the spin cycle of SOS, you get into a mental and energetic churning state. Worry, doubt and critical thoughts start to run around like 3 hamsters on a wheel, creating a lack of clarity and confidence.

When you feel like you’re in that spin cycle, the first thing to do is stop. Move you body, whether by doing 10 jumping jacks, going for a walk or dancing to a favorite song. Changing your physical state in order to shift your emotional state can work quickly, and allow you to get grounded and see through clearer eyes.

2. Connect

Once you’ve broken your spiral of overwhelm, you’re ready to drop into your own wisdom. Take some deep breaths and imagine connecting to the Brilliant You that you are. Then ask yourself, “What is the highest expression of my brilliance now, in THIS moment?” Stop and listen to what your intuition has to show you or tell you.

Connect to your dreams and vision and remember WHY they are important to you. You want to connect to it not just intellectually. Connecting to your WHY on an emotional and visceral level and let that energy helps move you forward.

3. Braindump Everything

Feeling overwhelmed is often caused by mental gridlock. There are so many thoughts and ideas whizzing through our brain that we get stuck knowing what to do next. You hear the Visionary voice, getting interrupted by the Critic, who then drowns out your Executor voice.

Every voice is of service and brings something to the table. To break the gridlock, do a brain dump of all the thoughts and ideas you are having and write them on individual sticky notes. You can then group like thoughts and ideas together. This exercise will help you to listen to the voices, but in the order in which they need to be heard, so you can avoid the mental gridlock.

4. Choose Your Leverage Point

Once you’ve detangled your traffic jam in your consciousness, you’ll be able to look at things with more objectivity and clarity. Now it’s time to identify where your best leverage point it. Consider how you can best leverage your time, energy and focus to get the maximum impact.

5. Take Inspired Action Immediately

Now that you’ve identified your best leverage point, it’s time to take action. But not just any action. You want to take inspired action.  Decide on ONE inspired action you could take immediately. Choose it and do it right away. Don’t defer it and let procrastination or distraction slip in the side door again.

Friday, January 28, 2011

How To Stand Out The Corey Way In a Conversation

Standing out is one of the most intriguing and attractive traits a person can have. It reflects confidence and uniqueness; it makes people curious and wanting to know you better. A conversation with another person is a great opportunity to stand out and rip the benefits.

Standing out in a conversation is not easy. Many people in our society are educated to try and fit in rather than stand out.

However, standing out can be partially learned. Here are some of the most effective ways to stand out in a conversation.

1. Peacock. Before a face to face conversation starts, a person gets to see you. This is the first opportunity to stand out, through your clothes, and it will have ripple effects throughout the entire conversation.
Peacocking means dressing in a way that is out of the ordinary. It draws attention to your person and in a subtle way, it communicates status. You don’t have to overdo it: wearing a colored scarf or a shirt that stands out will do just fine.

Sidenote: I've been told that I am so over the top but that is because I am naturally a peacock and naturally that way. *Do not try at home*

2. Start conversations differently. Most people start conversations in almost the exact same ways: “How are you doing? “, “What’s up? “ It’s predictable and kind of boring. This is your second chance to stand out.
Use out of the ordinary conversation starters and you’ll immediately attract the other person’s attention. For example, ask them what’s they’re opinion on apple pie, or make a creative comment about their clothes. They will surely remember that and you with it.

3. Disagree. We usually learn to avoid contradicting other people and to try keeping a conversation smooth. It has its purposes, but it also has the huge disadvantage of making it hard for you to stand out.
When you disagree with a person, they remember you. You don’t have to pretend you disagree with somebody even if you don’t. However, when you truly do disagree with them, instead of shutting up, assert yourself.

4. Express unconventional opinions. We all have unconventional opinions, which differ from those of the majority. It is common to be afraid of expressing them, but it is these opinions that make you stand out the most.

Focus on identifying those opinions that make you unique, and consciously express them more in conversations. A person with a unique perspective on things is one people don’t forget easily.
When you stand out in a conversation, you get noticed and remembered. Next, you can use this advantage to generate all sorts of results with people.

4 Ways On How To Talk To Shy People

Talking with shy people can often be even harder than talking with loud, intimidating people. Because of their hesitance to open up, shy people create quite a challenge in conversations. However, face this challenge successfully and you’ll often discover an extraordinary person inside the shell.

Taking with shy people requires a special approach. You need to help them trust you and get comfortable with you, in order to have a meaningful conversation. Here are the most effective ways to do so:

1. Be positive. It’s hard to stay shy around a positive person. The energy of a positive person is very contagious. Once the shy person caught it, it will naturally make them feel more conformable and open up in a social interaction.

Fortunately, even if you’re not in a positive mood, you can make yourself positive. The methods to do this include remembering positive experiences, moving/ jumping around and smiling.

2. Be curious. Shy people have a hard time opening up because they think nobody is interested in them and what they have to say. Show them this is not the case when interacting with you, and they’ll be a lot more talkative. Start with asking the shy person open ended questions. Continue with really listening to what they have to say and manifesting an honest interest in them.

3. Be nice. Shy people are afraid that others will judge them and make fun of them. This is why they hesitate to share their thoughts and emotions. So, when the shy person does open up, prove to them that you do not judge them. You do so by not making fun of their ideas, avoiding contradicting them, looking for the value in what they have to say, finding commonalities between the two of you and giving them honest compliments.

4. Have patience. Shy people do open up and enjoy social interactions, but they need more time than the average person. This is why it’s important to have patience with them and to keep making conversation until you reach that point.
Eventually, they do open up and they are usually very grateful that you’ve managed to get them out of their shell. Shy people tend to have few friends, but those they do have, they often value for life.

Learn to Say the Word No

My Four Pillar Philosophy of Saying No:

1) When you say "yes," be sure you mean it. There is nothing that eats away at your energy levels more than the resentment of not saying what you mean. It's easier to say "yes" than "no," and that's what gets us in trouble. Women need to learn to say "no" to others but also learn not to take "no" as an answer.

2) Treat every assignment as a negotiation. Don't be afraid to ask for things for yourself. You'll be amazed to find that it is respected if you confront things openly. Being compliant can be a negotiation strategy, but be sure you are doing it without contempt.

3) Practice saying "no" by getting your lines ready in advance. For example, you might try deflecting the request by suggesting someone with less on their plate. Have the name and argument ready.

4) Consider the source. Align yourself with those of influence by saying "yes" to them and "no" to those where the potential payback will be minimal. Choose to say "Yes" to activities that fill you with energy and "No" to those that drain you.

The goal here is to keep making deposits in our energy bank account and a good way to do that is to learn to shake our head from side to side!


You are the cancer that I want to provoke my body
Infect Me
Pervade Me
Engulf Me
And If I die, it will be with you

Become Best Friends With Failure

Most people view failure as something negative, as something you never would want to experience. The truth is that failure is a necessary aspect of life that is not at all negative, in fact it is incredibly positive. Failure is your greatest opportunity to grow. Many people give up shortly after failure, this is one big reason why so many people live a life of constant disappointment.

I am writing this article today to change the definition of failure in your mind. I want you to see failure differently so that you can move your life in directions that you never thought were possible.

So, what precisely is failure? Failure is when you don't get a desired result. There is a particular Disney movie that I am fond of called, “Meet the Robinsons”. In the film a young boy loves to create new inventions and he dreams of changing the world with science. His track record is filled with disasters and everyone around him knows to take cover or put on a helmet when he unveils one of his new inventions. His continued failure leads to him becoming disheartened and frustrated. Through a series of unexpected events he finds himself in the future and eventually learns about his future self. In the future the little boy has established a huge inventing company that changed the face of the world multiple times. The motto of his future self is, “Keep moving forward”. At one point the futuristic family that the boy finds himself with applauds his failure at fixing an invention. They tell him that he tried and that by failing he learned, whereas with success you don't learn as much.

This story is relevant because even though he failed he learned from the mistakes he made and eventually built the dream he always wanted. It is not common for something, especially our biggest dreams, to come true on the first try. In fact if you have something you want to accomplish that you have never accomplished before, and you do it on your first try you should consider it a miracle.

No matter what it is that you want to do don't be disheartened by a slip up, view it as a grand opportunity to get closer to what you want. Utilize your good friends why and how. When you find that things didn't go the way you wanted them to ask yourself why it didn't work out. Then follow your why questions with the how question of how can you make it work next time.

Be motivated by slip ups because if you have slipped up that means that you are trying to move towards something you want. Just trying to get to something you want is an accomplishment. So many people just dream of what they want while sitting in front of the television sets doing nothing about it. You are actually moving towards your goal. You can not fail if you haven't tried, and 99% of the time you cannot succeed unless you have had a few failures along the way.

So, from this day forth you will not be discouraged when things don't go the way that you hoped they would. You will be inspired by the opportunity to improve your technique and get even closer to the things that you want!

Are You Underestimating Yourself? How to Stop and Realize Your Great Potential

I estimate that 99% of people underestimate their own capabilities in multiple ways. This means that chances are likely that you underestimate yourself. Do you say things like, that's impossible or I can't do that, often? I imagine that you say it more than you notice about many things.

Many people use this limitation as an excuse to get out of something that they are afraid of doing regardless of the benefits. For example, going back to school is a huge step and many people make excuses to themselves about how it is impossible because of the financing, time constraints, they are too old, they haven't been in school for too long, etc. As far as we know we only get one life to live and none of us really know how long we get to keep it. Underestimating how much you are really capable of can hold you back from being everything you dream of being. Don't limit yourself. Imagine what would have happened if the Wright brothers had listened to everyone who told them they could not fly?

You are capable of amazing things and part of realizing that is reversing that negative internal conversation you find yourself having often. Let's think of something you want to do but think is impossible. Now, hold that in your mind. Think about what it would be like to accomplish it; really feel, see, and hear what it would be like. Put yourself in a state of accomplishment, feel good.

Now I want you to think about how you could accomplish what it is you see, hear, and feel. Don't limit your thoughts, think outside of the box. What are your options? Go online and google options, or get a small pad of paper and write down your ideas as they come to you for awhile.

if you really want to avoid underestimating yourself and limiting your possibilities stop every night and spend a few moments really getting back to what it would be like to accomplish your goal. See it, feel it, and hear it. This exercise alone knocks down the imaginary barrier you put up and helps you start running towards accomplishing your goal.

You can use this method with anything you think is impossible. Forget about why you think you can't do it and start thinking about HOW you can do it.

Mapping Your Dreams on a Dream Board

If you are already one of the many followers of dream boards you will already be familiar with the amazing powers of manifesting even a simple board has.

Dream boards are attracting large numbers of devotees these days, and maybe that is partly because of the amazing things that such people as John Assaraf, one of the Masters in The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, have said about them. In case you never read that book or saw the movie, John explains how he used a dream board to manifest the exact house that he currently lives in: Now that's just a little bit special isn't it?

Okay so John Assaraf is a big believer of dream boards but even ordinary everyday people are achieving results that would normally seem unbelievable with these boards as well. The thing to remember is that although these things are powerful, you still need to use them in the correct way and that means having really accurate photos or images; big bold affirmations, and of course making time at least twice a day to concentrate and focus on them.

There is nothing new about Dream Boards or vision Boards as they are also called, they have been around since the time when cavemen, all those years ago, drew images of wild animals on the walls of their cave before setting off to hunt them for food. This was the simple process of creative visualization followed by informed and positive action.

Is that making the idea of visualization and manifesting seem too easy? It's not really, because that's all there is to manifesting - positive thoughts and educated action. That's all there is to attracting even the most wildest dreams and aspirations your way.

If it is an over simplification of manifesting, then here in a nutshell is what happens; looking at the images and photos that you have selected for your dream board on your desired targets such as a healthy body, great relationships, winning the lotto, driving a Rolls Royce, sky diving over the ocean or whatever creates a fantastic, beautiful feeling within you.

From there an amazing process takes place; the feel good factor you get from looking at those images fills you with passion and desire, which is the very first stage of manifesting. This beautiful feeling of want urges you on into taking positive action, and that's so important because wishing and hoping alone is simply not enough. Your thoughts and aspirations need to be coupled up with positive action and that's where so many people fail with manifesting.

Let's look at it like this; imagine if you did not own a vision board but just had a thought going round in your mind that one fine day you'd rather like to get your hands on a new car. What the heck will turn that single thought into a reality? Keeping focused on one single desire like your 'car want' is almost an impossibility because there are so many other thoughts and distractions whizzing around in your brain. You have no point of focus and no reason to focus either, just a passing thought, so there is no driving force to keep you concentrated on and nothing to make you take action either.

Guess where this is leading yet? If you take that thought of a new car and turn it into an image of your ideal, brand spanking new car, put it onto your dream board and focus on it twice a day, it's not going to be too long before your desire almost power-forces you into doing something about making that car yours as quickly as possible, agreed?

My 5 Steps to Successful Negotiation

As an entrepreneur, I have to negotiate an innumerable amount of times daily. It is a multifarious, multi-headed monster. Here is how to tame it:

In business today, successful negotiation is extremely important and is one of the pre-requisites for achieving success. The following are 5 steps which should be followed in order to negotiate successfully in business.

The very first step is to place yourself in the shoes of the person whom you are negotiating with. Look at things from the other person’s perspective and evaluate what their objectives are. This will help you to understand what outcome they are looking for and hence could give you an advantage in the negotiation process. You will also be able to analyze how the other group views you and your proposal.

The next step which should be followed is to know everything about the business you are dealing with. You need to prepare prior to your meeting and find out as much as possible about them. Things which you need to consider should be how well the business is doing at the moment, whether they are carrying out the deal to meet some financial requirement and/or what the purpose is for them to be carrying out business with your company. The main reason for this step is to find out the motive behind the business dealing.

Always remember the person asking the questions is the person who holds the power.  Ensure you ask questions to clarify the outcome are required and what is required from you.

There are many techniques involved with negotiation and you should make use of the one you feel most comfortable with. There are generally 3 types of techniques which every woman should select from. These three techniques are:

-    Competitive/Conflict negotiation
-    Cooperative Negotiation
-    Problem Solving Negotiation

Each of these techniques is unique on their own and follows a different plan. Research them all and then select one, which suits your style of negotiation and which also, helps your company fulfill its business needs.

The fourth step is to prepare a strategy. In order to achieve your objectives and come out successful from the negotiation, you need to have a well thought out and planned strategy. You can never predict what is going to happen so being prepared is the best option. Prepare the things you need to say and what you want to achieve beforehand. Knowing this information in advance, frees your mind to concentrate on managing whatever happens on the day. 

Some of the tasks you should focus on completing before the meeting should be the time at which you will be carrying out the negotiation - is it suitable to both parties? Next, the duration of the meeting should be kept in mind, have you left enough time between meetings, so you don’t have to rush from one to another – staying focused is the key.  Where should the meeting be held to ensure a successful outcome is also very important?

The fifth and final step in negotiation is that you remain calm. There will be aspects in the meeting when you will not know what to do or say. At these moments the best thing to do is remain calm and patient. Do not let them know you are feeling pressured and most of all, do not let the other party intimidate you.  If in doubt, ask a clarifying question.

Is Bigger Really Better?

All I have to say is that Mother Nature plays no games. That must be why I don't see any squirrels anywhere in this picture; they are scared silly.

How To Build Your Self Confidence With Women

Let's look at the personality trait that women are most attracted and interested in when it comes to men: Self Confidence.

Confident men are highly sought after by women. It is the most important thing that you need to develop, behind masculinity and status. If you want success with women & dating and want to have the dating power, then your top priority should be to build an unshakable level of self confidence.

Knowing how to start an interaction with a woman is very important, but if you aren't confident you will find it very hard to get results. If you want your pick of beautiful women, then you will have to work on you first.

A beautiful woman knows that she can do much better than to settle for a meek, insecure man whom she'll have to protect from the world. She knows that she deserves a confident, masculine and high-status man who will allow her to be a woman. To develop true confidence, you will need to:

a) Perfect Your Mindsets: Personally, I have replaced all of my ineffective mindsets with effective ones. For example: When I walk into a social environment, I no longer worry about what people are thinking, whether or not people will accept me or if beautiful women will find me attractive. I know that I will fit in. I know that people will accept me. I know that beautiful women will find me attractive.

b) Swim in The Shallow End First: If approaching women scares the beegezus out of you, start by talking to more women in retail stores. For example:

Female salesperson: Hi, how are you today?
You: I'm fantastic...about a 9/10 today...and you - how are you today?

Vibe with her response and then start chatting about what you did on the weekend, or what you've been up to lately ensuring that you periodically bring her into the conversation by asking her some questions on the topic. You: Yeah, so last weekend was pretty cool...went to ___ bar with some friends - you ever been there?

c) Be Prepared to Stick it Out: The reality is that your lack of self confidence is merely a habituated way of thinking and a well-formed habit can take months to change. If you don't pay much attention to changing your mindsets or approaching women, then it may take years for you to develop true self confidence.

How serious you are about this area is your decision. Personally, I wish someone had introduced me to mindsets when I started because I would've gotten there years earlier. Things like thinking "Women want to be approached by guys" or "Women love it when I behave in confident and flirtatious ways around them" rather than "Does she like me?" or "What should I say, what should I say?"

How about guys who are confident with women. What is life like for guys who have the dating power? The fact is that the self confidence you display will determine how people behave around you. People take you at your own evaluation of yourself.

If so, why not walk into a new situation as the confident, cool guy? It's up to you who you want to be. It is your life. You get to choose your personality and whether or not you will have self confidence in the situation. You get to choose whether or not you believe you should be with attractive women.

One of the things that confident guys do is they 'pause' during conversations and interactions. They take their time saying things when they choose to. Too often, guys who lack confidence rush to give their answer in fear that the other person may lose interest in the conversation. It's a silly fear. Every now and then, you should pause before and during answering questions. It creates anticipation for your words and also allows you to display composure.

In environments where you see women that you want to meet, remember that the #1 thing they want to see from you is confidence. Not your looks, not your money or anything else. They are attracted to self confidence in guys, so if you can display it and be that guy - then the world's your oyster.

Relationship Advice for Those Who Think All Men or Women Are the Same

If you are like many women who seem to experience the same problems with men from relationship to relationship, you are probably wondering if all men are the same. You have probably heard many times that "all men want the same thing." Some women even come to detest men because of their experiences. Many men think the same about women.

But, if all men really want the same thing, then how do we account for successful relationships? Are they because the women in those relationships are less concerned with men's behavior and so put up with more? Actually, quite the opposite. The women in those relationships have a high self-regard and would not allow their partner to mistreat them.

In fact, all men and women need the same things. We have survival needs such as those for air, shelter, water, food, etc. We also have emotional needs such as to love, feel loved, feel important, feel secure, and to feel like we belong. And sexual desire is not unique to men.

Some men have learned to get these needs met by being subservient, some by being dominant and some by being jerks Each of these kinds of behaviors attracts a different kind of woman. The reason for this is that some women have also learned to get their needs met by being subservient, dominant, outrageous, etc. Why else do you think they would behave this way?

What kind of man do you think a passive woman is attracted to--a domineering man, of course. Not because she likes his arrogant and controlling behavior, but because she knows how to be a partner for such a man. She knows how to get what she needs from such a man, even if at the same time she hates her relationship. She cannot stand him, but she will never leave him.

When these matched relationships do break up, both the man and woman find new partners who similarly match and thus repeat the same patterns in the new relationship. Having the same experience with men and women relationship after relationship, they conclude that all men and all women are the same.

These people think that their only hope lies in finding a man or woman who is exceptional and rare. They see good men or women as 1 in 1000. All the while, they are surrounded by men and women who are quite different from their usual partners. But, their attraction for these people is just not there. Equally, these people are not attracted to them. A man who is not domineering will have little interest in a passive woman.

For single people, the answer does not lie in finding a "rare" 1 in 1000 man or woman. For women, the answer lies in learning to become more like the women who have healthy relationships. They will then be attracted to healthy men and repelled by the unhealthy ones--a reversal of their usual trend. The healthy men will also be attracted to them. What seemed to be rare before will become abundant for the woman who has learned to live in a better way. The same answer is true for single men.

For people who are already in a relationship that they hate, the answer is neither to breakup nor to put up with the relationship. Breakup would just lead to continuing the same pattern with yet another person. Putting up with the relationship will just keep you miserable. Just as for single men and women, working with someone like a relationship coach will help you to change your way of relating to your partner. Your partner's bad ways of getting what he or she wants will no longer work, but they will still be able to get what they need by adjusting to your new behavior. You change, they change, and the relationship changes. In this way one person changing his or herself really can change his or her relationship for the good and break out of a negative pattern and into a positive one.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Exclusive Interview With CHAMP Magazine

Fashion: Yeroc Exclusive Interview W/ CHAMP Mag
Nathan “Hollywood” Adom
CHAMP Magazine

CHAMP Mag: We got Corey representing Yeroc rocking with us at the moment. What’s up?

YEROC: I would like to thank Champ Magazine, its stakeholders, and you for having me.

CHAMP Mag:  Now the name Yeroc. What’s the story behind that?

YEROC: The philosophy of YEROC is that one should be a reflection of who they really are in society; themselves. Therefore, YEROC is a reflection of who I am in society; Corey, which is the reverse configuration of my name. By being who I am at all times, my reflection will always remain the same.

CHAMP Mag: What product out of the line would you say is probably the most popular out of your line or the one you would say kinda put you guys on the map?

YEROC: There is a favorable equilibrium amongst all my designer pieces. If I had to select one quintessential piece it would be the classic YEROC Icon sunglasses. Ironically, this was the first piece of my line and also the first piece that launched YEROC to the world. After the YEROC icon was discovered on the faces of Kimora Lee Simmons, P. Diddy, and Amber Rose, brand awareness skyrocketed.

CHAMP Mag: Now when you guys first started off the whole eyewear line, what was the vision you guys had in terms of shades that you wanted to come out with and be known for?

YEROC: The vision that I originally hold and still hold is the notion that fashion should hold power; that power is maximized by the wearer of the brand. Each piece of YEROC eyewear is constructed using a marvelous mesh of exotic materials, optical brilliancy, and unique properties indicative of only YEROC.
YEROC revolves around the philosophy that one should be the one they are. When this is achieved, they become an icon. “Standing Out Is A Natural Consequence of Being an Icon”

CHAMP Mag: Now in terms of designs and artistic direction for the brand who comes up with the ideas?

YEROC: I am the Creative Director of the brand. I design the pieces as well as see to their full execution. I select the materials and test their effectiveness in the YEROC lab. I oversee the manufacturing process to ensure that my pieces are brought to the exact physical state that I envisioned. Those who I work with have dubbed me as “Chilly Chonka.” It is a spin on “Willy Wonka” except I’m much more domineering. If you are to be a captain of a ship, you should never adopt the attitude of the sail that is floating every which way above your ship. You cannot control the behavior of the wind but you can control your behavior. I am a very kind person but I will transform into Chilly Chonka if the Oompa Loompas in my factory don’t do their job correctly.

CHAMP Mag: Now are your designs made in-house or overseas?

YEROC: I select the best materials from around the globe. So if that means that I have to extract many different materials from a plethora of countries than I will. In fact, in the upcoming new YEROC collection there are pieces that have been made in Italy, Australia, France, Tokyo, and the U.S.A.

CHAMP Mag: Roughly how many pieces would you say you guys produce a year or per season?

YEROC: The YEROC eyewear Collection is ultra-exclusive. For instance, there are only 111 of the YEROC Icons in the world, all of which are now owned. In fact, every piece of the debut collection is now sold out-it’s a lot of pieces.

CHAMP Mag: Have you ever caught any celebs rockin’ some of your stuff?

YEROC: Yes, there are many celebrities rocking my product. I am grateful to have Amber Rose, Kimora Lee Simmons, P. Diddy, Ryan Leslie, and Loren Ridinger rocking my YEROC eyewear. There are many more that you will see this year, but that’s a gargantuan secret. [Smiles]

CHAMP Mag: In the game now, who do you think has their fashion swag up that where you’re a fan of their particular style?

YEROC: I appreciate the styles of Lady Gaga, Kimora Lee Simmons, Tom Ford, Anna Wintour, David Beckham, Oswald Boetang, Karl Lagerfeld, Peter Martin, and Andrea Perez. Those people stand out in my world.

CHAMP Mag: What are your thoughts and views on the Rugby pandemic going on?

YEROC: Fads are Fads. I believe that if you follow your own natural trend, you will stand out because you are truly comfortable and therefore truly yourself. The reverse is false; you cannot become a style icon by dressing up in trends that do not suit you. If you do this, you become a mannequin for society.

CHAMP Mag: Are there any other areas of the fashion world you guys wanna explore or already in the midst of exploring at the moment?

YEROC: Absolutely. There is a massive YEROC surprise that I will announce during New York Fashion Week that will leave everyone breathless. I’ll make sure CHAMP mag gets an exclusive.

CHAMP Mag: Where can people follow up and be up to date with any new collections or anything happening with Yeroc?

YEROC: People can follow me and YEROC on twitter. It is:
Also they can search for YEROC on Facebook and become a fan. For the most comprehensive resource on all my brands, everyone can visit the official Corey Woods blog at

CHAMP Mag: Are there any exclusive yeroc spots in Toronto?

YEROC: I have been in talks with several store and boutique chains in the U.S. and abroad, so you will be the first source to know when they are on the shelves of Toronto storefronts. Until then, YEROC eyewear can be purchased exclusively on my interactive boutique at

CHAMP Mag: Anything else we can expect from yeroc for 2011?

YEROC: There are an innumerable amount of new YEROC developments that will be released this 2011. All I have to say is this, and I’m sure we can both agree on this: The CHAMP is here.

A Copy of My Exclusive Interview With Graffiti on the Wall Magazine


Below is a copy of the interview. Thanks again for working with us.

Kira Ming CEO-President Graffiti On The Wall Magazine

The following was published in the Lifestyle Section of the magazine, view the original here:

Everybody knows that Hip Hop and fashion go hand in hand. Hip Hop has always influences fashion and vice versa. From the video vixens to the artists themselves, what you wear definitely plays a major part in how you are perceived in the industry. Check out how young designer Corey Woods is changing the fashion industry one shade at a time.

G: What's up! Let's talk about the unique name YEROC. Does is stand for something?

Y: YEROC represents absolute self-authenticity from every angle. To be authentic, is to genuinely be you in every matter in every angle in every way. When you are authentic, you juxtapose mediocrity because you choose to only be who you are and no one else. Because you have selected to exist as your natural original self, you become an icon. Hence, YEROC's theme: "Standing Out is A Natural Consequence of being an icon."

Moreover, YEROC embodies individualism and a psychological rebellion against the conformist pressures of society to be someone lesser than your potential. Even when someone tries to rearrange your natural physical or behavioral composition, they cannot rearrange the mental composition of your thoughts. They cannot break that mirror inside that reflects who you truly are; it’s just a matter of whether you look at that mirror. When I look at YEROC I see the outward reverse reflection of what society sees: an absolute authentic version of myself. When I look into my mirror I see COREY; when society looks into my reflection they see YEROC. If they try to reverse my reflection in their mirror, they will see COREY. When you are yourself, you are an absolute fixed and formidable entity that cannot be altered into something that you are not.

G: What inspired you to begin your own brand? Was fashion something that was always a part of your life?

Y: I have always been a creator. As a creator, I can construct tangibly what I envision in my mind. I am thankful for the ability of being able to channel my creativity through artistry. What inspired me to launch my own label was the YEROC lifestyle that I live. I live a powerful life of purpose, philanthropy, personality, and through the projection lens of my own internal character. The Fine Arts were always a gargantuan portion of my life, and the aesthetic of fashion definitely drops into that magnificent niche.

G: Describe to us what makes YEROC shades unique? What was your vision for creating them?

Y: What makes YEROC shades unique is that the shades "are more than the eye can see." Each YEROC pair has a unique attribute and serves as a powerful symbol of the brand. Notably, a small number of each pair exists in the world, dubbing the pairs rare and treasurable.  In terms of the physicality of the pieces, they are a mesh of insightful design, supreme quality, and stark exoticism.

Just by the physical originality and characteristics of the YEROC eye wear brand, an onlooker would notice that the glasses are highly unusual, and something that is instantly distinctive and recognizable like the shape of an extrinsic car.

G: Describe to us your own personal style. Does your style reflect what you create for YEROC?

Y: My personal style is a chameleon that morphs with my internal environment; I dress according to my own style rules although I do respect some classic standards. My style reflects my personality which is over the top and grand but with a down to earth aura.This reflects YEROC in the name of proclaiming your individuality no matter how eccentric. I believe that a person's persona is what makes them fashionable.

I wear chinchilla coats, tailored suits, Italian leather shoes, powerful sunglasses, magnificent accessories, supreme jeans, cashmere, muscular polos, custom cotton shirts with enlarged cuffs, etc. The list extends, bends, and transcends every day.

I am always carrying a Louis Vuitton suitcase or luggage piece or some other spectacular refined business companion.

I wear fine shoes. If you are going to step up in this hard world and climb the ladder to success, you better wear shoes that can withstand time and the conditions life sets in your travels.

I am eclectic sometimes however. There will be times when I will slip into my custom and initialized Timberland boots. Rest assured whatever I put on, it is going to be identical to the natural locomotive movement of an eagle- FLY

G: Who does YEROC target? What is the demographic of people that will rock YEROC?

Y: YEROC targets the individual and iconic customer. I cater to a customer that is sophisticated because he or she knows exactly who they are with every stitch and seam. The YEROC customer is a knowledgeable, urbane, and fearless fashion figure. The YEROC customer appreciates luxury and accepts that it belongs to him and to her because they are worthy. Demographically, anyone can rock YEROC just as long as they are themselves individually; I'll never discriminate against a “type” of consumer.

G: What else are you exploring creating under the YEROC name? Is branching out in the near future?

There is a major YEROC expansion that is going to leave people breathless. It is massive! And it launches this spring with a special preview during New York Fashion Week.

G: How does it feel to know that celebrities like Amber Rose have worn your shades? What did that mean to you as you were developing your business? I can assume it was definitely a sense of achievement.

Y: I remain humble and thankful that Amber Rose, Loren Ridinger, Kimora Lee Simmons, P. Diddy, among other celebrities are wearing YEROC.

YEROC is not even one year old and yet it has made a bold statement in the worldwide runway of the fashion world. I remain grateful and receptive to future successes.

I developed my brand YEROC for individuals not only in a fashion but across a myriad of spectrums. That vision is being materialized each and every day because people are seeing what I see on themselves and on other people.

G: Who are some of the people that have inspired you within the fashion industry? Any of them you'd like to work with in the future?

Y: I am inspired by Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, Kimora Lee Simmons, Tom Ford, LaureLuxe, and Ralph Lauren among many creative others.

Absolutely. I would work with every last one of them in the future.

G: What is the best part of being the CEO of your own company? Hardest part?

Y: I am the CEO of two companies, The YEROC fashion label and The best part of being the CEO of your own company is that I can control the creative initiative of the company; I can steer my brand in any direction I desire. This adaptive dexterity is so freeing and enables me to mold my company into the exact shape that I see fit.

The most challenging part of being a CEO is that my job is a never ending shift; the 9-5 work hour period does not exist when you are a CEO. It's more like 9 to eternity (laughs)

G: For all the upcoming fashion designers and brand creators out there what advice would you give them to become successful?

Y: My number one principle in life is the same principle that I've woven into the infrastructure of YEROC: "To be you, be true." By being authentic you cannot fail because no one exists exactly in the form of you.

Just recently, I launched the official Corey Woods blog on New Year's Day, it offers my powerful insight and serves as an advisory capacity for people. Budding entrepreneurs should check it out the Business section, the url is

G: What are you currently working on that we can watch out for and where can we find it?

Currently, the second eye wear collection of YEROC, the "Magician's Collection”- “Now you SEE me, now you don't" is in full factory production. Be sure to preorder once the pieces are up for the exclusive preview. My debut collection sold out and this one will too.

I launched a massive nationwide contest that you should all enter. It is called the YEROC "Are you an icon?" contest. It is all over Facebook, Twitter, and the official Corey Woods blog. Search for it and enter.

One last thing before my photo-shoot, this will be the first interview where I announce a clue to the massive YEROC revolution that will unearth in the spring.

Two words. YEROC NATION.

G: It's definitely been a pleasure and we can't wait to see what YEROC is gonna bring to the fashion world.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5 Powerful Reasons To Smile

When people are in the depths of loneliness and depression, it seems impossible to even think of producing a smile. Usually, half-hearted attempts end up in a bucket of tears at the end of the day. Nevertheless, it is important to keep trying. With each attempt, it should become minutely easier. Besides, there are 5 powerful reasons to smile.

Smiling is much more than causing the corners of the mouth to turn upward. Overall mental and physical health depends on the ability to smile. Something as simple and complex as a smile can make a world of difference-literally.

Although a seemingly simple act, a smile is complex in the fact that the action:
1. Has Positive Health Effects
2. Releases Endorphins
3. A Positive Career Move
4. Affect Looks
5. Promotes Self Confidence

With these 5 powerful reasons to smile, it is easy to understand why it is so important to keep smiling, even when inner emotions dictate otherwise.

Positive Health Effects

Studies have been done to explore the physical benefits of smiling. According to the results, individuals who strive to have a positive attitude and smile are less likely to suffer major life-threatening diseases. The studies show people are less likely to suffer from heart attacks, strokes and even cancer. If a smile can reduce the odds, making the effort seems a small sacrifice, even if a person would rather do anything but smile.

Releases Endorphins

Remember the thought that each time an attempt to smile is made, it will become easier the next time around. Well, there is actually a physical reason for the increasing ability to smile. In truth, a smile releases endorphins into the body. The naturally produced chemical reaction is basically similar to taking a happy pill. The more endorphins in the system, the happier an individual feels.

A Positive Career Move

Are people less likely to revisit a store, if the help seems grouchy and short-tempered with the customers? In fact, it is fairly clear, workers would rather be any place else rather than assisting consumers. On the other hand, what about the store where the employees are friendly and smile a lot?
Of course, met with negative response, customers are much more likely to take their business elsewhere. Conversely, individuals will even go out of their way, and even pay slightly higher prices, if the service is met with a friendly smile. The same can be said for corporations or the person who works from home.

Affects Looks

A smile not only changes a persons countenance at the time, it can also affect looks over the years. For example, check out some people who have a few wrinkles to mark their sojourn on the planet. Look around. It is not hard to recognize the individuals who have spent a lifetime frowning. Likewise, it is also easy to pick out the people who smile and try to maintain a positive outlook. Personally, having happy wrinkles are preferable to having small children scared of the old person next door. In addition, others are more likely to make an effort to know a lonely person, since a smile is somewhat of a magnet.

Promotes Self Confidence

Think of a smile as putting on a game face. Sure, it may not feel like the thing to do, but it can still have the desired affects. Smiling promotes self confidence. How? When approaching anyone professionally or personally, a smile is like a mask or an emotional suit of armor.

Who will know if a person is lonely, nervous, or scared, if they are met with a smile and a handshake. The act of smiling will result in a growth in self-esteem. The more life is approached with a smile, the more acceptances in life. Thus, confidence increases accordingly.

So, when it seems hard to smile, make the effort anyway. The benefits far outweigh the struggle. Plus, the effort will get easier over time.

How Rules Rule Our Life

As we all have values that we live life by, whether we live up to these values is determined by a series of rules that are attached to the value. For example, we may value success, and the rule that we have attached to success is that to be successful we must earn more than $1,000,000 a year. Another person may have a rule for success saying that if they wake up each morning then they are successful. Yet another person may have a complex web of rules relating to success that ensures they never are successful by their own rules.

Most of these rules are lodged in our subconscious and we are never really aware of them on the conscious level. So you can see that it is incredibly useful for us if we become aware of these rules. It is even more beneficial for us if we can become aware of these rules and then change them to ensure we meet our values.

When changing a rule it is important that you choose rules that are achievable, but also give you room to grow and move forwards. So let's start by finding out what some of your rules are. Write out your rules for each of the following points. You are writing down what conditions need to be met in order for you to feel a success, a failure, or so on.

10 Ways to Enhance Your Life After The Breakup

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Breaking up.
The End.
The journey is over.
You feel rejected.
You don't want to go back in the jungle again.
You may even have that dread feeling of failure.
Suddenly, all the love songs at the radio seemed to have been written for you. You want to stay in bed. Shut all the doors and the windows. Bring the kids to your relatives for a while. You don't feel like talking now. You swear to yourself that you will never get involved with someone again.

Life is much more exciting than that. Besides, you are not the last and only person experiencing a separation. And, it might not be your last breakup either. With the proper mental tools, break ups could be less painful.

Breaking up, I prefer to call it an opportunity for a change of habits. It's like having an addiction and you need to cut yourself from it. It's painful but necessary. The good news about it is that it doesn't have to be Hell.

First, you absolutely need to stop thinking of the great moments that you had together. Chances are that those moments happened a long time ago, not to mention, not that often either.

Keep in mind the reasons of your break up, until your mind is in sync with your heart. And don't keep in touch with that person for now, if you can. Or reduce the frequency of contacts at its bare minimum.

Write a letter

You need to let the emotions out. Write everything that frustrates you, made you angry, sad, etc... You don't necessarily need to send it to your previous partner but at least, this is a proven healing process for you to calm the storm inside. You can choose to keep it somewhere to read for yourself later, when the healing process will be over. You might discover some strength that you are not aware about you.

Make new friends.

You need to socialize more the ever. How do you do that? Go to fairs, reading clubs, sports clubs, art clubs, etc... ask questions, make conversations, and exchange phone numbers with people to do activities and keep in touch. Offer to help with something.

Don't jump into another relationship to avoid facing your feelings of emptiness. Chances are that there will be other disappointments. You need to finish the process of unblocking all of your emotions to freely open your heart again to someone else, and increase the chances of success.

Pamper yourself. Treat yourself.

Take naps in the Sun. Get a pedicure. A great massage. Read the bible. Read inspiring texts that will give you strength ( Like the book "Chicken soup for Soul"). Go jogging. Do some Yoga. Listen to Jazz music. Eat well. Go pick apples with the kids. You know what I mean; do all the activities that help put your soul to calm.

Stay away from unsupportive people

Neutralize your mind and heart from some comments of your family and friends. Maybe they are a little bit .... "clumsy" in the way they express their caring for you " When are you going the get married? You can't go from people to people like that! You are getting old, you know?" or " There are other people you know; 1 lost, 10 found!" Hang out with people who are taking your mind off things, who understand and give you the support that you need. I remember reading this about hardships that " It is not only time that heals the heart, but also all the warmth and love around us."

Get a Pet

A pet doesn't replace the love and attention that a boyfriend or girlfriend can give, but, it's all part of the process of having a full life. So get a dog, a cat, a turtle, whatever provides that added value in your life.

Find at least 3 Passions

You will need to get all the strength that you can possibly have to open your heart to fun. Fill your life to the fullest with different passions. Take cooking lessons, try other sports, try painting, etc.

Learning a new thing will keep your mind busy, you will have a new skill and will feel good about yourself and, you will be more interesting for a future mate.

Date Again.

Yes! You read right! Date again! Jump right back on the Horse again! You need to rebuild your self-esteem and being in situations where people from the opposite sex find you interesting will prevent that you go down into that whole. You don't need to get deeply emotionally involved.
Date to have fun. Keep the relationships light and simple. Where do you find those people? Go on dating sites, classifieds, friends, and acquaintances. Since you are not out to find a husband and wife yet, you won't be threatening.

Get to the stage of feeling great being single

Take the time to truly feel fulfilled in a single life. This is a powerful way to find true love because if you are having a great life alone, you will be willing give up your exciting single lifestyle for the person that is really worth it.

Be and Feel Successful

And if you are out for revenge the greatest revenge of all is Success. Take this opportunity to develop your personality even more. Your children, if you have, will be proud of you and people around you will admire your strength and more opportunities will occur.

If you were to consider coming back with your partner, start considering it not before 6 months to a year after the break up. This has given time to you and your partner to reflect on your mutual faults and strengths, and to heal.

Experiencing loss is a difficult moment of our life to pass. But you can take this opportunity to prove to yourself, once again, how much of a winner you are; take this opportunity to transform yourself even more. If you transform your life while you are not in a relationship, with a partner, you will collect the fruits of these initiatives.

The most important thing: laugh, laugh, and laugh. Laugh at every opportunity that life gives you. Feel good and be happy.

Wishing you great success in finding happiness again.

9 Ingredients to a Healthy Happy Relationship

For Healthy, Happy Relationships, here are some basic guidelines for reference. They are in alphabetical order only, not order of importance.

Acceptance: Don't try to change someone. This is a must. If a person really wants to change, that person will need to be motivated and take action. Period. Also regarding acceptance, accept limitations. He is not Superman; you are not Wonder woman. No one is perfect; so do not expect perfection. Accept the little flaws that come with each person. You accept theirs; they accept yours. That's life!

Bonding: Bonding with another person generally does take time.

Communicate: talk, listen, share the good and the bad, ask questions, compliment instead of nag or insult. In short be a friend; make a friend. That is healthy. If this bonding is lacking, it may mean professional help is needed (like a counselor or therapist) or it may be time to move on to healthier relationships.

Communications: Be open to the other person. Check judgmental attitudes at the door. And give chances. Be fair, flexible and friendly. If and when things get out of hand and it is your fault, apologize and ask forgiveness and move on. Similarly, be acceptable to apologies and grant forgiveness, too. Life is too short to stay focused on the negative too long. No need to deny it; face it, deal with it and move on past it to improve and strengthen your relationships.

Be a friend; i.e. be dependable. Things happen from time to time and cancellations are a part of life. But on the whole, if you say you'll do something, do it. Take responsibility for your own actions.

Movies, romance novels and television shows often portray life, especially human relationships, very differently than it is in the real world, this is no secret. How many people really always look like movie stars, have zero health ailments, endless income without hardly ever going to work, fabulous cars and homes, friends and family who totally adore them and come to their beckon call, no long-term problems because they all end so quickly, etc.?
And who can battle serious issues like one person having an affair with someone else, and wrap the whole storyline up in two hours? Get real. Expect a little less than the media portray and learn more about humans by joining the real world scenario.

Be Flexible:
Keep a little mystery in the relationship. Juggle your schedule and invite the other person to a surprise picnic or walk at a local public park area.
Goals - People usually have some goals together over time. Develop some together. Toss what no longer works, what you outgrew or what may no longer seem important or is finished. And then inherit or create new goals. Working toward a common cause like saving for an annual vacation or a new garden area can help people grow together.

Take care of your own health and encourage others, too. Even in this day and age of cable television with movies and the Internet available 24/7, it's still amazing the number of people out there who can't "Just say no" to unhealthy behaviors like smoking and drug abuse. Don't be afraid to share your healthy views and encourage healthy choices and living.

Closeness with a person takes time to develop. And there's more to intimacy than physical contact. Intimacy can mean a hug during a tough time, a smile of encouragement in the face of adversity and compassion when you least feel like giving. Don't abuse or take advantage or the other person. And don't let yourself be abused or taken advantage of. Intimacy takes commitment and sharing.